How to Groom & Color Dog Fur : How to Color a Large Dog’s Fur

Hello! I’m coming to you from Dogma Premier
Dog Spa in Wayne, Pennsylvania and today we’re going to do some demonstrations on how you
can do creative coloring for your pet. We use completely safe nontoxic materials. One
technique you will see we will wash off pretty much immediately. The other technique fades
over time and it may take up to 6 weeks to wash off completely. This is Sam. he is already
finished. You can see what we have been able to do with the coloring. Sam’s a therapy dog
and he goes to hospitals and visits people, and gets quite a bit of attention with the
unique grooms that we do on him. He gets groomed every 2 weeks. We change the color about every
4 weeks. It takes 4-6 weeks to fade out completely. He is done completely and manic panicked.
The color on most of his body is called atomic turquoise, and the color on his ears and his
tail and his legs is called shocking violet.

100 thoughts on “How to Groom & Color Dog Fur : How to Color a Large Dog’s Fur

  1. @animelover828 Pfew., I had to remember this…2 moths ago….If I knew anything about poodles…I know about dogs, I studied animalcare inlcuded dogs behaviour,so please dont start about that. I really dont make the generalization that just because my dog freaked out when it saw a blue poodle all other dogs will. Its also the haircut etc etc. And my dog sees more poodles where she reacts prefectly fine on. A blue dog is just not natural, you cant ignore that. A dog is a dog…

  2. @animelover828 …poodle or not…a dog needs to play, walk, think, run, hunt , swim, dive in the mud and be dirtyetc etc a lot of it depends on the breed. I know the Poodle is a wonderful breed with a great character. I know a large poodle who is not been trimmed the way poodles used to be trimmed. And thats a wonderful dog, I dont see why people have to make such silly haircuts. And why use dogs for it? Tell me, has it any use to cut a dog that way, or even paint it?

  3. @animelover828 By the way, a poodle is a hunting dog for waterbirds. My dog is a munsterlander, also a hunting dog for birds. It would be torture to a active dog like mine to be busy with the 'looks' all the time. And I think that is for all dogs. Af course this dog is used to it, but I really hope he can also play and run for hours everyday…

  4. @animelover828 Sorry I react under another name, I have 2 accounts on youtube. But its me, hutseflutsel. You also wrote:they have to stand for hours for trims, shaving, etc., and are known for having strong legs. This poodle in particular is a therapy dog and is most likely used to standing or walking for about that time or longer.''
    See, thats what I mean, standing and walking are not the same. Standing still is killing for a active dog.

  5. leave the fucking dog alone it doesnt want to be coloured in it wants to be a dog and play if i see you il spray you pink you mad bitch

  6. @atomkobold
    Obviously, animals don't care what color they are. They could be hotpink for all they care. Also, dogs get strapped when you take them to the groomers if they're too hyperactive. It's not a big deal. Blues Clues dog ain't got a clue he's blue.


  8. @starrock779 Wow, this doesn't harm the dog. So you think that people can get haircuts and have their hair colored but animals just shouldn't get the extra cuteness? NO one is abusing the dog in any way. Why do you think this is wrong? If people get extra things for there pets, its for love not for whatever you think it is for!!!

  9. @MichaelJacksonLove14

    because it makes the animal look stupid same with ppl who really wants hair that looks like its been puked in!?

  10. @chunlired No different then buying color soaps for our kids to color their bodies in the bathtub, or putting makeup all over their bodies/faces for Halloween. Or the safe wash out dyes we put in our kids' hair for Halloween, or heck the dye we put into foods to color our white cakes lol I'm with you chunlired, it doesn't hurt them and all the videos I've seen, these dogs are gently groomed, I pay a nice dollar to get my dog groomed, AND we dress him up in a superman shirt with a cape lol

  11. lol guys chill. Because the dog is obviously VERY, very upset about getting hs fur colored. Just kidding, he doesn't give a flying fuckkkkkk

  12. @MissSixtiesPennyLane
    This dog is obviously not a fashion accessory. It is a service dog to cheer people in hospitals up. I would be really happy and surprised if a blue dog came to see me when I was sick in the hospital. Humans dying their hair and putting on makeup isn't cruel so what's wrong with doing it to a dog? I'm sure as long as they are loved and fed and get to play, they don't care what color they are.

  13. hello i have a question,a friend of mine lost her dog when she got her back she had hair dye all over her,how can you remove hair dye from a dog? or does she have to shave her short.

  14. I would like to know why people say abuse for coloring dogs? Have these people ever seen a dog get colored? They don't cry there skin doesn't melt off. There is coloring shampoos is that abuse also or just coloring gels? What about color enhancing shampoos? Someone that says it is abuse please explain:)

  15. I did that to my French Poodle named Roxette she is like Underdog
    She has a little red cape a little bit of her back colored red, her whole body except her feet colored blue, on her stomach I wrote U.D for Underdog, and her ears black and her fur and tail tan 🙂

  16. @zowo300 you can buy Top Performance CTFA-approved dye. You can get it on eBay or It comes in little 4oz jars and about 15 colors.

  17. I never knew manic panic was safe for animals. 🙂
    I use manic panic for my hair whenever I dye it and its soooo amazing
    it makes you hair feel soft (if not already fried)

  18. @emmastarfinder Are you getting your information right? Pet dye is organic and vegetable based. It'll never harm the dog or pet. I've been to animal cruelty sites and they don't say ANYTHING about pet dyes being a cruel thing to pets. :/ It's no different than the non-toxic paints for children and make up for halloween or soaps.

  19. your fucking stupid for doing these shit to a little dog!!!! did u ask then dog if he wants to do it!???? ur crazy i think you need to go for a check up!!! i will come up to u and colour your whole fucking ugly body with paint and see how it fells now!! u need to be in court!! by doing these!

  20. awesome! I'm going to color my dog for halloween. using safe non toxic organic color of course. she likes having clothes put on her so i thought i could do something different.

  21. I use special effects in my hair (I've done the complete rainbow) and I'm hopefully getting a poodle soon. This'll be amazing xD

  22. so cute! and its not animal cruelty.we don't even know if they like it or not. and its exactly the same when people put clothes on their dogs. my dog hates clothes, so i don't put them on her unless its cold outside. my dog hates getting groomed, but she stinks so i have to give her a bath. this is no different. and plus, she didn't colour the feet OR the face.

  23. 😀 I used to use that on my hairs 😀 Its very safe, never thought of dying my animals with it tho… o-o, I'll leave that to photoshop.

  24. If you lived in Florida you could be fined for doing this: 828.161. (1) It is unlawful for any person to dye or color artificially any animal or fowl, including but not limited to rabbits, baby chickens, and ducklings, or to bring any dyed or colored animal or fowl into this state.

    I wish all states had this law.

  25. besides that they dont care, dogs are color blind!!! DERP. they DONT EVEN KNOW dumb asses……

  26. how do you know if your pet wants a hair trim or not, how do you know they want a bath or not? you don't so every time you brush, trim, and bathe your pet your "abusing" it cause you don't know what it wants. maybe you should learn a thing or two dogs do not care what they look like there color blind and most pets can't notice them self's in mirrors the dye is a food coloring type base so it does no harm to there skin.

  27. Wow. I just notice the comment left on this video 11 months ago. I have never seen the video nor have I made that comment. My little sister must have written this comment. I apologise for the inconvenience.

  28. I Live In Florida ….. My Moms friend is a cop here and ……… yeah thats not true …. you own the dog so unless your not abusing it dogs dont look in the mirror and say "oh how good i look today" yeah dogs have feelings but dying their hair dont mean shit . so yeah

  29. I don't agree with using real hair dye I've used manic panic and now use splat on myself but never for my dog. Too many chemicals. For my dog I use food coloring. Red fades to pink and she looks adorable! It's not abuse if it doesn't hurt them. Food coloring can't hurt but actual hairdye might….

  30. Manic Panic is an all-natural Vegan/Vegetable dye, nontoxic. It's actually got less crap in it than a lot of dyes made specifically for pets.

  31. yeah i dont know much about manic panic but i know my friend dyes his hair with it therefore its made for people… i hope the manic panic you use is safe, whether its the same kind humans use or if they make it for dogs now or something..

  32. manic panic is VEGAN meaning for people who like all natural things i Always sye my hair with it since it is the best for your hair and it is safe for animal. I dye my pups hair every time I make my hair Atomic Turquoise

  33. it doesn't say humans only and it dose not effect the dog at all there is nothing unsafe about it it has less crap then most other dyes

  34. Good luck trying to sue someone because they dyed THEIR pet! You won't get a damn thing out of it because I doesn't affect you. You're such a twit

  35. It looks a bit much on the dog I just do the end of my dogs tail some times just a bit of fun but I don't think this is bad for the dogs but I don't like is all over the dogs it's ok just to do a little bit for fun and them there is just going over the top with it

  36. Leave it to idiot, oh sorry I mean expert village to show you how you do something stupid. Yeah it's real smart to use a dye intended for human use on your pet. If you want to dye your dog try food coloring or kool-aid.

  37. -.- how is it cruel to dye a dog? It's not cruel if you actually use dog dye and not human hair dye.. And I hate people who say it's cruel yet you eat meat like come on.

  38. Get over it people. Evidentially you people wouldn't know what animal abuse was if it was staring you in the face.

  39. PEOPLEEEEE!!! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU DO THAT? ARE YOU ALL FUCKING IDIOTS?????? this makes me so mad… poor animals…

  40. i thought this was a how to video. i know my colors, i see the dogs colored, but HOW, the techniques used was what i thought you you going to show. the video says "how to"

  41. This is disgusting, you disgust me woman. These poor dogs have no choice, they are living beings and should not be treated as accessories. Disgusting, cruelty.

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