How to Groom Around the Eyes of an Uncooperative Dog

like this here and is Long's red right off and so I'm going to relax love doing something felt comfortable for oh hey relax buddy we just met yeah me home see if you're gonna cut just cut you know don't even get a chance to yeah don't hesitate if you're not gonna don't feel sure about it then don't even do it I don't but if you're gonna cut it just cut it you know just like just do it don't really think about it slightest and relax how is this happening I believe that it's because I'm visualizing and happening this way and because I'm thinking and seeing him calm down and letting me do this he's not bugging his head like crazy and I'm all crazy now I don't think it's gonna work every time but I do think that the first step in making this happen is making it happen in your mind first so that means that anybody can do this not just me you can do it as long as you have the abilities to imagine you know visualize that happening

20 thoughts on “How to Groom Around the Eyes of an Uncooperative Dog

  1. I have a almost 4month old toy poodle. And he needs his haircut bad. I tried doing it the way I seen in this video. But he start to flip out and tries to bite me. I did get the back of his body and that was not easy. I spoke real calm to him and when he did hold still at times I said good boy in soft voice as well. But his hair just came out looking funny. And he has all this hair I was not able to touch in his head and the rest if his hair on his body looks all messed up with some spots longer then others. So at this point I think I'm going to have to take him to a groomer. I'm afraid they will have a hard time with him as well or even bit and flip out. Another is i been trying to get him use to being on a dog leash but when I try that he flips out and is all over. I never had this problem with bigger dogs it was always easy to train them. This is my first small dog. So I dont know what I am doing wrong. Plz i dont need anyone getting mean on how I'm doing things. We have to many ppl that say rude things to people when it comes to pets. Just remember u once did not know much and it took you time to learn. Every breed of dogs is different. I just want some points and what I can do to make my dog feel I'm not going to hurt him and how to make him feel calm and comfortable. This way when I or if I take him to a groomer they are not having a hard time with him.

  2. Visualizing it happening that way????? Tell that to my Lhaso Apso!!!! No amount of visualizing will stop him from shaking his head left and right. Its frankly dangerous!

  3. The end of the scissors were way to close to his eye in my personal opinion. Better to use the mid section of the scissors as using the tip could easily result in the dog becoming pierced in the eye. I'm a hairdresser and I would never let the point my scissors go so close to a clients eyes when cutting in a fringe and they are adults who can remain still. Just wanted to suggest this just incase of potential future accidents. But yes very gently and patiently.

  4. Thank you for the helpful video. I only have trouble with our male dogs being jumpy and was looking for a new strategy. 🙂

  5. My shitzu grows hair in his eyes every 3 weeks it's back I have to constantly cut it when I can't afford the groomer. He pullls away and it's stressful but he has been getting better and just started laying down and dealing with it I hold his head firmly so he won't term his head with the scissors by his eyes it's very dangerous if you don't have the patience. It takes some time. But when I'm done he looks great

  6. Now YOU are a pro! …Just saw one of the worst grooming instructional videos. She handles very rough, shaves every matted dog, is loud and rushes through stressing out the fog to save time….Keep up the good work with peoples beloved pets. !

  7. Just like my dog, anything above her face or head is an aerial assault in her mind and she looks straight up. LOL aghhhhhh.

  8. Hey Jun! I was just talking about my furboy. He won't let me trim around his eyes. He'll bite me. I haven't tried combing it. You're definitely a dog whisperer. lol. Great job! I pray a lot! I hope I can get his eye hair trimmed. Hope you and your family are doing well! God bless y'all! ??✂???

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