How to Groom a Samoyed Dog Part 3: Shedding Blade (step by step) Yeti’s Place

Hi guys, this is Yeti the Samoyed and I’m
Yeti’s Mom. And on today’s Yeti’s Place, we’re going,
we’re going to talk about Yeti’s grooming. This is episode 3, of a 4 part mini series. How we go from getting him to be not soft,
poofy and beautiful. To being very soft, very poofy and very very
pretty. Up next, on Yeti’s Place. On this channel, we talk about the fun and
crazy things that Yeti does on a daily basis. If you’re new here, please subscribe, click
the notification bell and let’s get started. The brushes that we used on day 1, was this
brush. The swivel heads help prevent the brush from
getting caught in his fur and from pulling on his fur and his skin and hurting him. And then, the other brush that we used, a
rake, which has a little bit of texture and that is used on mats. During the second round of grooming Yeti,
we used a conditioning spray and I brushed him, using this brush. This is a traditional slicker brush. So on today’s video, we’re going to do step
3 of the grooming process, which is using this brush. No idea what this brush is called. So, this brush, has little teeny, tiny serrations
along the bottom edge. And then, it’s just a metal band that comes
out, like this. So then, with this brush, I’m gonna rake it,
along Yeti, to remove any of the loose, dead fur and just to finalize his body fur grooming
procedure. Of course, the bag is getting full. So, I’ll show you what is in the bag, on tomorrow’s
video. So, on the next video, I’ll dump the bag out
so you guys can see exactly how much fur we get off of Yeti just in a regular grooming
session. Ok Yeti, you’ve gotta sit up. So, with this brush, I go down his body, like
this. I have to be careful of that spot where he
lost all that fur. Up. Ok. He doesn’t really like this brush very much. Well, actually, Yeti doesn’t really like many
brushes very much. This brush doesn’t take as long to groom him
as the other brushes had. This brush kinda helps loosen up the remaining
loose fur. Sweetie, you cannot eat the brush. No eating Mom. Yeti! No eating Mom. Quite a bit of dog fur. Little bit. Excuse you! Pigmalion! He ate a bunch of his crunch crunch right
before filming. And of course, he gets treats. And then, after this filming, he’s gonna get
more treats. Because every time his Mom grooms him, he
demands treats. It’s good to reward a dog, for sitting still
for so long and being such a good boy. No! Come on, stop. Hey! No bite! No bite! Well, Yeti dog will probably not let me get
his belly because I have struggled with getting his belly on the previous 2 videos. He loves having his belly rubbed by people
hands. If those hands contain brushes, well then,
he doesn’t like having his belly rubbed. Join us on the next video, to find out the
final steps of how to groom a Samoyed, or any other dog for that matter. Thank you so much. Be sure to subscribe and comment on our video
,as well as click the bell notification. Thank you for joining us.

9 thoughts on “How to Groom a Samoyed Dog Part 3: Shedding Blade (step by step) Yeti’s Place

  1. Grooming Yeti the Samoyed is a wonderful challenge. He doesn't care much for grooming, because there are other things he would much rather do. Will he be patient for me, or will he be sassy and rebel?

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