How To Groom A Poodle …….Wow!!!

is its side carefully clip a straight line from the top of the ear canal to the outside corner of the eye then using a scoping motion clip toward the end of the nose from under the eye hold the lip tight so the muzzle is very smooth and clip the top of the muzzle toward the end of the nose now clip a straight line from the ear opening to 1 inch below the Adam's apple clip both sides to form a V run the clip or under the chin and follow the same step for the other side of the dog's face you may need to repeat these steps to achieve the finished look you want approximately 1/3 of the tail is clipped to create the pompon effect clip against the grain on the top of the tail and with the grain on the underside of the tail to trim the feet hold one foot between your thumb and forefinger clip to the narrowing of the foot but do not expose it for the toes use the corner of the blade to scoop one side and then the other side of each toe then clip between the pads using the same scooping motion finally lift the fruit align his hind legs and clip the underbelly to clip the foods body or any other dog with a coarse curly code use the quarter inch guide cone begin at the base of the neck follow the contours of the dog's body using a long even motion always keep the skin taut brush up and repeat for the best results with the dog facing you trim the legs with the longest guide comb hold his front paw in your hand and clip down the front leg now click the outside of the rear legs following the contour then clip the inside of the rear legs now you're ready to shape the top not the tail and to clean up any stray hairs with the scissors supplied with Euro stirpe

27 thoughts on “How To Groom A Poodle …….Wow!!!

  1. My poodle is so scruffy I'm fucking ashamed. I can't afford to bring her to someone and she's so old I don't want her to die looking like this.

  2. really? in the fucking kitchen,and yes i know it is part of the family but let's be real.i do not get my kids a hair cut in the kitchen,it's like me shaving my balls in there,gross!

  3. theres so many ways that you can cut or burn your dog when you have no grooming experience. be careful doing any grooming at home…experienced groomers still have accidents because dogs can be squirmy and unpredictable.

  4. The video never addresses the fact that blades get very hot when you groom and will burn the dog's skin. She never checked the blades even once. They did not mention changing the length of the blade even though the belly and cheeks and neck of the dog burn very, very easily. Nice video but ,they left way, way too much info out.

  5. This would have to be the best. I have tried other sites, but this one works. Not only that my poodle looks great, well a lot better than what he looked before hand. Not as perfect as the video but this is my first time, and I will continue to clip him like this every 6 weeks as he will always look great. Thank you soooo much.
    Kindest regards,
    Rita (NSW Australia)

  6. I always groom my poodle, I keep his face shaved more than the rest of his body so his hair doesn't grow in.his eyes, he won't let me do his feet so I use scissors to keep them trim xx

  7. I've just trimmed our little girl, but she looks nothing like that….. pretty sure she will be too embarrassed to leave the house (well she wouldn't keep still)

  8. so sick of people shaving their poodles face as if it needs it because otherwise it isnt a poodle lmfao

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