How to Groom a Poodle: Sanatory Cut

hi guys welcome back to the dog that saved me today we are giving Ramos a haircut you ready you before we get started I thought I'd show you guys my setup I have two combs a brush the Clipper set with all of the different attachments and then the set of clippers themselves also on the other side of the table is a Walmart sack for me to just brush all of his excess hair off on so remus is getting his sanitary haircut trim it back down which for those of you who don't know the sanitary haircut is his face his feet his butt and his underbelly we're gonna trim those down and brush everything out really nice and then after he gets his hair cut he'll have a bath let's get started now I usually start with Remus's face and I usually let him look at the Clippers before we even get started and then I pull if I'm left-handed I hold it my left hand but I pull both of his ear back so I usually do both of them almost like a fun and then I start from the side of his face I usually start on the left down to the left and not come back over to the right the reason I pull his ears back and so I didn't have wrinkles in his face now we can get a smooth even cut and not Nick any of the skin again I'm not pulling hard I'm just pulling enough to pull the skin back you can still move around I'm not forcing him to stay like this as you can see if you didn't really like something he's able to move around pretty freely [Laughter] I try and rest his chin on the bottom of my head that way less likely to look down and I'm barely holding them if you wanted to get out of this you have really easy in really it's more like an l-shape Durst holders head there doing I was homeless extra for away so we have about half of his face done the part that he really doesn't like goes around here round his nose trying it's that part quickly now I'm gonna turn I'm gonna gather up all these years and I'm gonna turn them around the other way so I get the other side of his face so now we're gonna work on the other side of his face again pulling his ears back and working from this side I always go against the hair when I'm doing the really short cut cuz it gets a lot closer and if he wanted to move he could pull out of this really easy I'm holding it just gently enough took full of skin back I'm not pulling hard I'm not forcing them to sit here like this and like I said earlier the part that's very difficult is the part closest to this down the bottom is towards his nose it looks like you guys can't Sophie I'm laying down so normally when I'm drilling when he does like to lay down but this part I do have to a little bit tighter she does like to flinch [Laughter] so you can see there's still some spots on his face and under his tomb that we're going to get that's what we're gonna work on next it was when I hold the top of his nose they're quickly Interpol is in back that's I can and let him have a break you'll notice I'm moving as he's moving I'm not still healthy wholesome in place but not not forcing yes and see I got back to his ear came straight across over to his eye I got his snout underneath his chin and between his office some people don't like to go back this far on their eyes but I like to keep it back a little bit further to help keep the excess out of his eyes plus it gives him these cute little eyebrows so that is getting his face trimmed which there's a few spots on this under under lashes here that we're gonna get really quick and then we're gonna move on to his feet all right so now he's face handsome face is all nice and trimmed looking really nice so next we're gonna start working on his feet which I believe you guys can see just fine he does not like his feet getting done he'll probably lay down and avoid me doing it but it has to be done so to start with his feet I start close to the front row toes and I just go back a little ways it's already I want to lay down which is time I don't mind him laying down can you see everything else it see I go up to the last point where I trench yeah you don't want to go up too high on this because it'll look like they're wearing capris instead of that we're going to start going I'm the water here in between the toes since the party really does not so far so good right in between their toes possible you so long who's getting fidgety we're gonna go ahead and do this underbelly no way I do their underbelly I have them stand up on both paws and then I quickly trim under here and since he's being a little more fidgety this time and then he was last time getting to be a little difficult right so he's struggling have a break it's always good to go up there please I know sometimes that can be really frustrating but going at their place definitely helps make the session less stressful on him and it also helps with future grooming sessions less stressful front paws are wooden alright they're not perfect but they're all right all right start working on his back paws Remus who shows up laying down during this and he'll start fighting you and when I started really getting in between this toes sometimes I sit now it's important but if you're starting to bring a dog for the first time really take it at their pace do this part of the haircut that you're going to do if you don't used to get them used to the sound of the Clippers the way the Clippers feel against their span of good thing to do and just set it on their skin like this and let them get used to the feeling of it and the sound and then slowly all right now we just got to do this was the hardest one cousin wants to move I hold on to his tail but I don't pull on his too it's only been a week and a half since I did this last time in our head soon you you I am NOT a professional groomer this is just what I wanted how to do with my own dogs I have been grooming my own dogs for about six years now so I do have a little bit of practice on it but again I'm not a professional groomer alright guys that's all I've got for you today I hope that you learned something if I completely define if I completely put you're teaching how to give us into that please let me know in the comments maybe give me some tips on things that you've learned if this helped you let me know as well anyways that's all I've got for you guys today I love you I'll see you next time

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