How to groom a Morkie Puppy

hey thanks for watching TV with my favorite groomer on YouTube alright we've got this more key Maltese your key I think okay so we have them working and this is Lola and I was just talking to parents and she's really young so she's three months old and as we were talking they started telling me what they wanted to do with the haircut and everything and and I hadn't even touched the dog yet and looking at the dog it didn't look matted at all and then after I was like touching how much hair that they wanted to take off I realized wow it's puffy it's real puffy here so I said whoa hold on let me go get my comb and if I cannot run my comb through the hair you know that I may not be saying hey as much as I'd love to leave all this hair fluffy if we're not brushing properly then maybe we need to go with the summer cut so the dad I showed on the brushes and brush and comb that I use and they are gonna buy both they are brushing they were just brushing like this just like this so we're missing a whole lot in the skin here it's all matted in the underneath all that fluffiness out here so I started showing them how to brush I'd like to start here take a little down take a little down draw a line take a little down go all the way over here and then I start over here and do the same thing cut the body this way and then brush here and then brush here not just like this you literally need to do little by little push this hair up draw a line pull it down and check with the comb okay you can find this on the how to brush a dog video and as I'm working with her hair it's actually coming pretty quickly unmad 'add so I told him he said he'll work with the mats leave it alone and I agree if he wants to do that at home that's great and then I can do trace trimming trim up her feet to her nails and stuff and I said if I can't work these mats out I'm not gonna touch the body he wants to leave it long he's gonna work them out but I'm not gonna bathe the dog either so I'm gonna see if I can work these mats out without causing too much pain for her if I can't then I'm going to skip the body so the brushing I'm barely even touching the skin you guys the brush has angles let that work for you you just want to kind of do this if you're really dragging you're gonna be scratching just like yourself scratch yourself so you know what it feels like and then I'm just kind of doing this so you're barely getting anything off of that well I don't know if you can see if this scratches if you do it real hard you're gonna scratch anything including yourself so let that comb kind of reach in there and grab for you you don't need to be all up on the skin because it's summertime here I don't really want to shave her down but I prefer to do a shave down versus brushing all the way out if it's too painful you know trying to brush a month worth of brushing or three months worth of brushing in an hour is just I think too much so if I can make this work without making the dog this dog is different than the puppy yesterday right so if she can just pull through this then we'll just take care of it brush it all out and it's looking great and we're moving pretty fast too so we're able to kind of take out those mats that's great you can check on my store check on the links down below we have the kits built for you in her case I would get the kit with the brush the comb and the the D matter she I don't want her to cry and all that Sh if she's not going to I don't want to make her cry so kind of take it easy so now we do that side we clean out my comb we'll do this side they've had her for about one month and they've just learned how to do the right brushing so we'll see you know how it goes we're gonna leave her along the groomer can do the grooming but at home keep must must be happening he's got to upkeep the type of dog you have at home if you don't have the time like me make sure you know you get a haircut you shave like I'd like to do a summer cut every two months on our girls and their short-haired dogs and I don't even have to touch them for two months David likes to bathe in them a couple times a month but if you're busy and you're working just do a low maintenance groom which means a good haircut that's why I work with a lot of clients that work a lot single clients so listen to their lifestyle and then make it a judgment based off of like well how often you're gonna come in how much do you want to spend what's your budget are you brushing at home all these things I ask the client so we can decide how often they should come in and what a haircut we should get so I'm not digging too hard I don't want a brush burn brush burn is like really using that like I could still feel the burn here on my skin a little bit got some pretty good mats right here I did ask him if she's wearing clothes dad was like yes mom was like yes no not really no she doesn't so whatever that means clothing also is if the clothing is on the body for quite a while then it's just moving around teasing the hair and causing some matting so we're just gonna cut through here and this this puppies doing so great compared to some of those other puppies isn't she she's like she's got this down so far so hopefully we don't want to have her remembering a really bad experience and change her whole outlook on it so you guys saw that can see this do the ten down on just the angle here I'm not actually trying to cut the hair but I am putting through these locks if she is moving around a lot I would not leave my clipper right there use your 10 just have an angle there just go with the hair just the edge of the 10 there just cut birdies not it's just too much to go through with just the the blade breaker the Matt breaker I mean it's a lot in here on this side compared to the other side she's doing great real lightly barely touching the skin there you can hear the tangles in there I'm frosting down a little bit just really making sure I'm getting to the skin oh we're doing good the comb is telling me we are good come down through this arm here check over here good great oh gentle on the head here fast but gentle clean your brush who is gonna prevent from using the bristles all the way me are you doing what's that big thing mmm what's that over there super cute face here they want everything trimmed up and I'm liking the the roundness that already has naturally so I'm gonna try to keep it as natural as possible going here feel some of those knots and I'm gonna do a 10 down the tummy anyway so I'm not gonna spend too much time on that alright so they want to keep all that great okay hold that jaw in the back like I got a finger on the back of her head here in mind letting the rest withdraw here so this I'm just not really going to push it today with the base so I'm going to come back with scissors and this getting more useless number so later I'm gonna do me that big machine let's go under here come forward so you can see the skin first I'll come back a different way it's pretty hard during this crusty right there so I'm gonna come back and clean that up sideways maybe all this not if you have to she's a puppy strike doing some puppy pad stuff you know not even touching the skin they're just real lightly okay so watch your clippers no reason I'm laying those airs just for quickness but also because she's hardly moving on the legs here where urine is you can see where the urine is building up the hair is getting hard so just clean all that up you know good sanitary here opening that up so she can just learn how to pee see were killed that got a little nub now so I'm going to keep the tail long that when a king under the tail pretty good so poop is hot stick I can smell a little bit I tried in Fresno rushing emerges go this way with my Cooper and then come back this he's got a little time here so be careful hold the crack there I'm not going to take off too much like my big haircut we want to just kind of do an introductory and keep the cute he's got my 40 we're doing the pass real light here okay create your roundness with the 40 on your own and now saves me a trip time all right come on you clean up your station here come back into my toenail trial here I don't like this guard thing we move it out of the way these toenail clippers are my favorite I've tried all different kinds you can order them on my store but these are the best I would say the best and strongest guard though I don't use the guard on these at all if you know how to do a nail trim which you got to watch for my nail trim video it's coming soon but you won't need the guard on these things how can you use the card you can't even see the vein when the guards in a way Tohno trim on puppies is you know you don't have to take a lot but you do want to trim them off them because they're constantly growing especially if you're giving puppy food that's like prenatal food you know for a mom so they're growing puppy food is helping them grow so their nails are gonna be growing pretty fast so there's not much to take off don't take off too much I'm feeling for a Duke law so actually I'm gonna come she's so tight you know don't forget your dewclaws if you think you forgot go check again like it's worth it cuz sometimes they'll grow all the way around and in on those bigger dogs that are are you going to eat go forward oh she's doing so good you're doing so good until your mom you did great so I'm gonna check for Ducasse back here too sometimes there's random one two or three dewclaws back there this kind of still looks matted right here I'm gonna double-check yeah I got some double check your own work it's okay you're okay you're okay I can feel the snagging much better looking good there double-checking some stuff here okay so now we're gonna come around the face I'm gonna just point tip the ears keeping them up cute here hold that skin flap so you don't cut the ears I'd rather you accidentally leave more hair on the air then take more than just the hair on the ear does that make sense so if you can't see the skin if you can't see just hold this skin and take just hair and just keep inching it down don't just take it and just take suzerain without holding knowing where the end of the skin is just point tip what it means like just making this this a full tip from the skin right okay there we go so we're just going to round out some of the face here that's looking cute and you can keep your scissors closed and kind of work it but she's doing good it's just a noise of the Clippers probably a little different watch that ear as long as your scissors are it can cut pretty far tuck that ear back the noise that's primate scaring her a little bit so I found like pet the dog here kind of get him to click like look if I get sleepy almost you can kind of trick him in it just scissoring one or two a little bit easy again I'm not gonna take a lot out the face I want to just clean it up come down inverted V here like you can do this and this or this and this right to trim but Barry are you gonna take stuff out here watch the eyeballs my pointy pointy side is out this way okay I think I'm liking this right here I think we're wanting to keep it kind of full and then see if they want to come like every week two weeks or three weeks and tidy up thanks for watching DDR we're going to come back with it yours in just a minute okay here we are back with Lola and we're gonna do some clients out there on YouTube we're asking us to do ear plucking this would be the same thing on a puppy versus a shih tzu March so if you're watching and you wanted that ear plucking video this one's out for you guys thanks for subscribing thanks for watching she's a puppy though so if I can't get a lot today which there's a lot of ear hair if I can't get it all here we're gonna do it in stages because I don't want to leave her impression a scary one okay so I'm gonna use ear powder just shake a little in there she doesn't know what's going on she's never had this time so she's a little nervous let's just say we move this down shake some it doesn't matter you're gonna clean the ears anyway you can use your fingertips or the hemostats and right now for a puppy I'm just gonna use my fingertips because I want to take out a little tiny bit by a little tiny bit the ear powder I sell it you can get some I can portion it out smaller so you don't have to buy such a big bottle and I know I know I know soothe her but if she's continue crying we're just gonna get a little bit and move on you just want to focus on what's in the ear canal so all this other stuff if it's not in the ear canal don't try pulling it out because though that gets more painful get your fingertips in there and just work a little bit kind of if you're moving around a lot and not pulling it almost feels like you're tricking them like petting too like I'm kind of just doing this number but I'm not pulling anything there's no pain associated it too associated to it so it lets me kind of get in there and move and barely take a tiny bit out at one time but there's actually quite a bit of hair here if I did it all at once it would be pretty painful puppy right baby it's okay would you a little bit a little bit I just did a little bit a little bit yeah okay so see how that your canal now opened up really well there's tiny bit more I know I know let me just okay see I got that yours are a little dry we're gonna do okay so there's quite a bit of hair on the inside that's here which I sell hemostats the ones I have our on my website as well and I could be wrong but there may be a kit for you guys out there with ear powder hemostat stuff like that okay so bear I know baby Shh I'm gonna just move it there so I can move quickly I'm just gonna let it stop there's just a tiny bit down this year can L see look at that just a tiny bit watch your ear you don't want to grab skin that's just a tiny bits down there see just a tiny bit so we're just gonna move on now I'm gonna go to the next year got to know what you're looking at if you can't see what you're looking at you're definitely gonna grab skin can you grab skin yes you can grab skin just like when you're plucking your own eyebrows you can grab some skin sometimes so just be careful so I'm kind of slowly just working that just like I did on the other side just working a little bit at a time personally I don't think the powder does anything except for give me a grip so doesn't take away pain or anything like that just a little by little if she's screaming we would have stopped already but she's doing great she's letting me really get in here and I'm not taking out chunks here I'm just literally taking out slivers and stuff if you have a puppy you should start this at home and they would it wouldn't be so thick so much it to take out at once because I mean this was already growing right she's three months old so this is our first groom see we got that much out so I sell everything the powder the hemostats everything's on my website if you don't see it please email me and ask me but go to my website it's down below go to the shopping center oh yeah we got a bunch out there it's a lot of dry skin in the way I'm not really all the way down that you're cannot I'm just where I can see hey there's a not a hole there there's hair in the way right doesn't require a lot of digging okay that's good enough for me it's really dry like the hairs really his skin is really dry in there okay so your Ma's will finish up sorry baby here walk in cuz I gotta get this stuff so we're gonna do an alcohol base ear clear and we sell this as well on our website we're gonna clean the ears first just using a cotton ball with the cleaner you can also go look at my ear cleaning videos there's some really infected ones so cleaning that yours look how clean that's looking so far we're actually gonna come back with a q-tip here in a minute and I didn't do do any digging here it's just kind of like that right usually I pulled this cotton ball in half it's kind of chilly it's kind of cool to liquids kind of cool so she's probably moving her head cuz it's kind of cool there same thing think that yours took longer than the grooming itself didn't it but it got a nice you just want to see a nice ear canal dirtiness here so just right here scoot back let's go back and scoop forward scoop forward here and then there's a lip right there going back some of that doesn't get that out of the way is kind of chunky stuff over here we're gonna scoop for you doing so good you're doing so good just goop forward just here pretty dirty waxy I'm gonna flush her ears now so you can see it in one but I'm not charging the client I'm just gonna do it for the video sake but it'll help her – so I'm gonna flush them while we're in here and scoot back there okay so one of the colors that we're seeing here was this color here it's a little light brown and we can get you another picture of how much browner it can get we'll show you in a second but while we're sitting here I'm gonna go ahead and just as mousy – got it I'm gonna hold the ear here in trickle here not a lot just to maybe like it would be like three drops right and doing it from the top so it doesn't suck it right back in and same thing on this side go to do a couple drops let it go down the ear canal that's an ear infection preventative it's great okay and me and Dave but we're gonna go over here to grab this I'm gonna put her in the tub for one second all right so these are other dogs I've done over the years you'll see like the the color that she had that little tiny bit it's just a very tiny bit but this it turns into where it can come out really thick and heavy thicker and chunkier it looks like red tar there's two different colors that come into the ears that come out of the ears that I have this is my opinion I'm not a veterinarian I've just been doing this a long time this tar roots red brick red or tar color versus yellow gunk it's very yellow a almost green like snot there's two different colors if you've got the green color usually I would say that that is probably an allergy issue allergies and the food allergies in the environment you can call me I will brief you and we can talk about it the burgundy bread or tar is usually what I've seen in dogs like especially Labrador Retrievers or golden retrievers that love the pool love the water love the lake love the ocean there's constantly getting water in their ears they'll have a major ear infection this color water in the ears is what I have found is usually related to this color in the ears yellow again is allergies allergy based or allergy in the environment okay now we're gonna go to bath and we'll be back with you thanks for watching hey thanks for watching dee dee with youtube my favourite groomer on YouTube alright so David knocked out the bathing the drying and she he's like she is the best puppy ever so we're blessed to have her grooming today with her calmness so now we're just gonna redo a little bit of everything I'm actually gonna do a little bit of this leave-in conditioner I just love this stuff it's called this stuff and I've got it in my favorite bottle the aerator sprayer so it sprays long isn't that cool it's so cool so we sell these I think it's 15 dollars not including shipping and handling a couple bucks for shipping and handling I think it is but it comes with the stuff in there for you but we only have like three or four different uh looks to those bottles but definitely look check our site I love that sprayer so I can just do a tiny bit and I'm brushing the wrong way okay so we're gonna start down here we're just gonna re brush everything after the bath and dry and since we've already done so watch yourself sweetie she's got this on so she's good but she's got spooked there for a minute just want to brush everything double-check everything she's so small I'm just kind of towering over her for getting my spot okay okay okay okay I'm gonna go through real fast brush everything down I'm not digging real hard on what you can't hardly tell on a video but I'm not really digging I'm just kind of shaping and moving the hair and kind of giving it a little tiny abut brush out cuz we've already done the bulk brushing kind of straightening everything out and I'm gonna go check with my comb in a minute and that the stuff can leave in conditioner is a great detangler but it also just leaves the hair silky smooth you just could see I didn't even apply it so the hair is like even still not even wet anymore so it's not that you need to use a lot it really helps on those big dogs those German Shepherds and stuff like that when you're bathing them and drying them brushing them out but conditioner during your grooming process will actually help as well so if you're not using a conditioner let me know let's get you some we do I used to charge you know for different things in my business at early on hold on you're okay come here used to charge for conditioner I used to charge for a higher quality shampoo I just took my prices a little higher and just said everyone's getting conditioner everyone's getting high quality shampoo period the cheap stuff has got to go so we use the pet silk is my favorite we sell it the pet silk shampoo and conditioner so if you're needing gallons you're not going to see those on the website just email me and we'll get them to you I just love the how the pet silk shampoo can smell for days after the grooming it's one of the best ones okay come through move this get all her neckline here ah she's so doing so well she's doing so good you're doing so good yes you are you're so sweet put this back on puppy's moved pretty fast so help me make sure she will come back through and just double check her coat here with the comb if I've been doing this for years and checking with my phone don't be afraid to double check your own work we are all humans we always forget something you never know just double check quickly going through you can see really the brushing is not that long of the process when it the hair is in good shape cuz we knocked out that brushing real quick there three minutes right three or four minutes okay I'm just gonna tidy stuff up I'm actually not truly giving her a full full full on haircut this is exactly what I want I want them to come in get a brush out we'll come back and do the pads with a forty-minute I don't like to really scissor the pads I'm just creating some shape they are going around all the way in I took a little bit too much here so now I'm gonna have to come back a little bit and sometimes it's the best way to make it more rounded you make a little tiny bit of mistake and then just sometimes you need to take more to get it just right so don't think of it as a mistake but just go it go with it yeah but this is what I like they come in we get some trimming done they get used to it they hear the sounds I could play with the Clippers around her face a little bit and we're not doing a full haircut although she we almost had to you know if we can work those mats out I would rather had done a full haircut then do you matting on a puppy I would have got rather done a summer cut quick and easy just go around again I'm gonna come back with my 40 I've seen some hairs on the pad still kind of left there and sometimes that happens because you've got dirty hair and hair sticking laying down did you just leave the face just like that what do you think oh you're so cute you're watching me watching that took a little bit and look forward forward just some tiny little shapes that we're doing here nothing big I like that what do you think I like that forehead you smell smell yeah okay okay good to go I think we're gonna end it here thanks for watching DD with my favorite car on YouTube thanks for subscribing subscribe so you get the next picture videos updated in your email watch for the toenail video it's coming out soon and take your puppy seriously brief the clients let him know shop with us that supports us and what we do for getting all this free education training and stuff like that and what else you need my missing evening alright we'll see you soon thank you Merry Christmas

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  1. ty for sharing how brushing these teeny delicate fur babies must be done gently…I have to be super gentle brushing my yorkie/pom…and it has to be done daily for high maintenance long haired doggies…this sweet fur baby is soooooooo good…she has a good start with grooming and will be more relaxed the more she is groomed…mine, actually will lay down and sleep while I groom them lol

  2. My sister owned a Dog Grooming business for 20 years. Anyway I noticed that dogs who were groomed from the start like this puppy were all well behaved and trusting. It's when they have bad experiences with bad groomers that causes them to become terrified.

  3. LOL Yes agree, she's a good puppy, but so is the groomer (good) because the worst thing you can do is sooth and comfort a puppy when she's scared. As Cesar (dog whisperer) would say, "calm assertive human is what they need". When we treat puppies like human babies, they're confused by us soothing them while they're scared. The groomer's calm and assertive attitude helps the puppy overcome fear. But, what do I know? I'm no expert, rather a pet owner and avid fan of Cesar 911

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