How to Groom a Miniature Schnauzer

all right so before we're grooming take them to the dog park you wash them and they're really tired right now or at least they should be so it's perfect time to start so going over the stuff we have Clippers we got a target think those were $60 forty dollars lower than that 30 it was 30 something dollars anyways because it is the cheaper kind you have to take breaks because it heats up in it you know you have to be careful and make sure that it doesn't burn them also you have to clean them using the solution or think it's some sort of oil before and after use and you even may have to lubricate it during because their skin is other hair is very oily it could actually Jam this thing up make it to where it could hurt them so just count the the less money you spend the more you have to clean this and the longer it will last we use a half clip or larger to blend the sides and the front so that looks like like a better transition and then a regular comb a human comb for any kind of knots scissors if we encounter any of those knots and their eyebrows and their eyebrows and like most of their face and then after we're all done we use Frontline put plus it seems to be the best uhm for us for us we've actually seen tics but none of them have ever been attached and we've never had a flea problem so those are the two that two kinds of things that we're going to encounter here in California so let's get started okay I start from the back so by the time I get to his head he's tired from standing and again a tired puppy is easier to work on an energetic one so you turned it on for a while to get them used to the sound and then once you start cutting from behind it'll be much easier so if you've noticed there's kind of like a swoosh a line here and once you cut that line the first time then what you do is just cut by by lines so to start if you notice that he has a back and then it starts to round around you want to trim him when it starts rounding just below where it rounds so that his hairs on the bottom shooting out this way versus cutting it right there to where it makes them look fat and furry out to the side so and once you establish that line you can move it around a little bit and it's much easier once you get that time so start from the back always go against the hip always go against the green and very slow increments because you don't want to rip out his hair and that'll be very painful and if it hurts them you're going to have a tough time working with them just kind of shake it off every time because their hair is very oily that it'll it'll mess up the Clippers you you be very careful in this but because you don't want to cut his foot hole I find it easier we're holding the tail up to kind of get the hair out of tension you IVAs haven't used clippers before you never go like that like this because that will be kind of these parts are kind of sharpen and be hurting them so you like you do multiple passes like this to get the hair down don't go like this you pinch and hold their skin so you're cutting on a flat surface if you pinch it it could get nicked in the Clippers all right cut my we cut our schnauzers a little bit shorter hair than normal but if you notice it's just just the Clipper itself extended all the way using the side out not the closest but the furthest from this and then from the side you just go straight down look go straight down you go straight down that line perpendicular short strokes you may look kind of bushy now but we'll come back and fix that you make sure that you clean your brush add oil if needed but this seems to be working pretty well right now because if anything like dirt or grime or anything gets in there it's going to damage the blades and then not cut as well and possibly hurt him most important now you're looking at the head the neck so by this time you just tired probably exhausted from standing here so this is the perfect time to to cover now the number-one rule about cutting you NEPA Schnauzer head is you have to be extremely careful in the ears because once you nicked their ears once or twice they hate getting their hair cut and then it's forever going to be a battle so lots of encouragement even treats if necessary all right so hold his neck up now with this chess a lot of people like to go straight across I kind of like to do this little not star pattern but almost like a trail – so doesn't look weirdly straight see how it goes straight kind of over that and then down so does it look weird to straight yeah I always like to just grab their ears and one he won't be able to turn away and hurt himself we have good good control not harming him with his ears just should always play with their ears so that their are used are you touching them because this is where it benefits right here okay oh boy oh boy good boy good point you have to grab on or he's going to move it and chop his old beard off okay what good boy good one he's fighting me but I'm not letting him win because I don't want to lose an eyebrow it's okay good one good good boy so if you notice you trim straight up to just under the eye is usually how I measure it and then try to take off a little bit of this right here this part right here just so that his face isn't big and round see how this face kind of this chisel too because a lot of smiles or faces are being puffy so if we take out the sides inches ears are probably the most important thing on this entire body so you desensitize it by just grabbing and pulling and just playing with his ears so he doesn't care that if this thing's touching it so the important thing about in the air is that you always start from the base where a skull is and going out towards the tips because if you go the other way you have a potential of getting the edge cop in this thing now if you haven't if you don't know his ears very well there's a really weird flap on the front here that curls up like this always it's really hard to see so you have to just really notice it and it's kind of hard I'll show you after we're done cutting but you'll know what I'm talking about you might not take a lot off but you just do it a whole bunch of times it's pretty much the only way to guarantee that you don't Nick one of their their ears and then forever their whole life they're never going to like this so that flap I was telling you about you can kind of push it over and hold it with your thumb so you don't get it in Hey you as you can see he got really tired he laid down so he's been much easier to deal with so I just went over the ears because you have to pass over them quite a bit so this is it's off but just as an example sit down let's sit down sit there you go so as an example you take his ear you squeeze it between your hands so it flattens out and you just go out to the edge out to the edge if you need to you can start in the middle of the ear and go out to the edge this way now a couple things on this little guy because every year is different but here's that flap I was telling you about it's up like that all the time so you have to be careful if you were to go this way you would cut his ear right along here and you may even Nick that off which will traumatize him also on the back of their ear they have a flap it's okay baby they have a flap right here that if you go that way you'll hit it right there so that's why you always start in the middle and go out so you're always going that way and you just do it a whole bunch of times and you'll get all the hairs and they're all going to be a little furry on their ears anyways but I'd rather have that then potentially hurting them and what you'll do is go back with scissors later as we'll show you and you pinch the edge and you you pinch the edge and you feel the edge and then you cut the hair around it so it'll be good so just after you do his ears just play with his years and say good boy good boy and he'll know that you did it was a good thing that he did so we're going to continue on with cutting the rest of the face you you'll probably hear some flower cuts because you're cutting his uh whiskers all right just clean up around his ear beautiful is your back you're some hair under there remember very careful because he's got a lot of sensitive areas underneath users how does he look his chest looks good yeah a little bit yeah good boy yeah yeah good boy rub them all over good boy more you do this more touching the more he gets used to it and by now he doesn't really care about anything because he's so lasting get some dog parks some some bath time now I've been standing here for like a half an hour 20 minutes you just get it over with okay so now I'm in a clip so now this is where you use that clip so you put I usually use the largest right now we only have a half but the concept is the same sorry baby you guys stand up alright so what you do is you go to down motion you do like a scooping not in but out scoop out so you'll do a blend don't you be taking a little bit off but it's mainly to get rid of the crazy wild hair is it make him look like he's a big puffy dog you can even use these clips on their leggings – you're supposed to use scissors but for times sake you can use these as well just I would do a lot larger than half an inch if you were going to do that you okay lastly we're going to trim this little area up so he doesn't piss on himself and so this is just clean for when he lifts his legs and doesn't drag it into your house so same clipper be extremely careful because of heat as well as this is kind of a sensitive area and remember if your dogs fixed he has some extra skin because of if they're boys now what I do is instead of like this I like that so you're just taking that extra angle just takes off most of it and you're nowhere near the skin obviously if you have a cheaper clipper you take a break in between because it may it may be hot and the reason why I also angle up because remember he's got his nipples down here so you don't want to hurt him we're going to next to the eyebrows you oh by the way the reason why you cut is eyebrows at the end is so that you can match the new haircut because you can always cut the eyebrows the beginning and it looks really good compared to the really long hair and then afterwards they look long again so we usually do it afterwards so obviously separate the eyebrows yep so this part you're going to hold them real quick everybody loves to eyebrows good good boy yeah alright and then we just do the other alright we're gonna do the other one off camera and then we'll come back and show you the end result okay there you go see you can straight look right at his eyes because mousers have such good personality in their eyes and they're sneaky too then you can tell that they're looking at you when they need to so that's the schnauzer um what else we got to do with them just comb them a little bit and you should be good to go oh oh and we got to put his um sleep fleas stuff on oh yeah actually a quick tip on combing when you comb down and you feel a knot can you do the grabbing of the hair on the other side if you were to comb down you feel a knot right there you grab here and then comb it out because obviously you don't want to pull their hair out and that hurts but it looks good that's how white you are good boy

38 thoughts on “How to Groom a Miniature Schnauzer

  1. I have never commented on a video in my life. But this poor dog. OMG. Please disregard 100% of this video. The title should be changed to "How NOT to groom a Schnauzer." THEN, you got a winner.

  2. so for all those that are saying that "this is NOT how you groom"…. HOW DO YOU GROOM SMART ONES? how is it that its done? show me a link ….. because, all I hear is HATE coming out of those finger tips.

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  4. He is beautiful and thank you so much for the grooming tips, I have two mini-schnauzers and will be taking your tips when grooming both of them. Thanks again!

  5. yikes! a reverse 10 blade isn’t ideal for an amateur, i usually only go as short as a 5f on a pet schnauzer, being a groomer i wouldn’t advise trying this at home

  6. STOP RIGHT THERE….NEVER, NEVER do you trim a Schnauzer like this. This gorgeous dog has been scalped and looks horrendous, you've ruined it! The guys don't have a bloody clue…IDIOTS!

  7. There are some useful tips here, but I have to agree with the other responders… NO professional groomer that I know of advocates going against the grain of the fur, ever.

  8. I had no idea how hard it can be to cut a schnauzers hair. I take mine to the groomer. Perhaps I should tip more next time
    around. Mine has eye lashes that are 2 inches long. Beautiful eyelashes on these dogs. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful dogs you have there.

  9. Please go to a pro Groomer to get your schnauzer done. I hate to Sound rude but this is not how you do a standard schnauzer breed clip. Always go with coat not against it using a 7F blade If you wish to do the appropriate method of grooming them properly.

  10. We just got our first Miniature Schnauzer and the wife and I want to do our own grooming .. Thanks for the video!!!

  11. I can't beleive he hasn't changed the blade!! It must be damn hot. Cutting that close sure to cause clipper burn

  12. You are supposed to go with the grain! Down the back – poor baby!!!! PS I am not a professional groomer but I have been lucky enough to own two. I'm trying to learn how to groom and I can't believe you are the only one that goes against! That's a gorgeous schnauzer btw.

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