How to groom a Maltese Live Dog Grooming

my neck and my back my back pop pop hoo you have my back pocket my back please me okay can you pull the file now I'm really not on my game today Hatta chilly on a chilly chilly okay so this is have you guys seen Zoey before say yes please do you guys who knows a little bit about her backstory do you guys remember who could tell me a little bit about her backstory there was a big deal that happened with Zoey what do you think I know our Tara we came back I was like I really love you guys man let's just do the last doggone live just get it back up and he's like okay last dog final dog of the day and as Callie said I'm gonna go get some rest rest she's fine she's multi-sheet did you see the other dog she's doing the same thing I have been grooming Zoey since she was a puppy I was her first groomer no not a seizure keep going keep on going does anybody know okay thanks a lot David he was over there handling it does anybody know the backstory on Zoey I guess I'll have to do a little bit of quick lowdown here so I've been grooming her the first time she came in for grooming she's gonna do this noise for her whole groom she always has even as a puppy I mean a little tiny puppy in her hand in my hand okay she's been grooving with me since 2017 she is actually a very sweet Maltese in her behavior and her demeanor she's not aggressive at all if she doesn't like something she has not tried to bite me that has never been the issue the issue has always been getting matted so she was a regular groom so let's just go back a little bit okay I'm gonna take some time and explain some stuff so March 2017 first groom puppy walk in okay I want to say okay so that was this guy – yup she wasn't mad or anything at that time so that was March 2017 so then May 2017 came in bath brush ears nails had one large Matt needs to happen EADS to brush all idea was a shape up I said she was getting larger at this time so she was probably like 8 to 12 weeks old in March 2017 and she did the whole whimpering thing she's on YouTube she's on my youtube go watch her you might just have to type in my favorite groomer Maltese and she'll pop up I have known her since she was a puppy she does the whole talking thing she moves around a lot you know not as bad as cotton so then in June 2017 I did a seer guard we left her legs her body really long then July 2017 she had fleas we only did a bath brush ears and nails then August 2017 so now we're on monthly right she came in extremely matted and 2 to 10 mats or so so like a lot of mats and I just D matted her I just got the mats out and I did a bath brush ears nails shape up okay then two months later she comes in we did a one guard all over really lightly and she didn't want a haircut but I know what that means it means if I don't do something it's gonna be really bad when she does come in so I did what I felt like was like it's kind of like a secret way to do is this so I did my own lines very lightly zero got or sir sorry very lightly one guard barely like taking anything off but still taking something off right because she didn't want a haircut then I started doing that for myself to try to prevent mats from forming she always would come in and say I don't want a haircut I don't want a haircut you have to your you ha so then she came in a month later 11 2017 same thing I always did this like one guard all over next time light one guard over that was ten eleven twelve now we're into January 2018 so all this time I tried to do everything I could try to prevent Matt's we're talking giving her a light haircut that she didn't really know about and not being charged for it either she was not charged for a full haircut I did that for myself and the dog okay so those of you saying she's all about money yeah little little do you know about my character so that was behind the scene to prevent her she's like holding my arm to prevent her from getting matted and preventing me from having to shave her okay so then we're here in January so I'm tired now amber I told you about understanding your value I'm tired of helping and in January 2018 the pets dad brought the dog in and she was extremely matted and I said I'm not gonna be able to work these out it was it was on YouTube and at that point I lost them as a client because I chose to give them an option and we did to shave down and the pet parent father was pissed so I said there's nothing I could do I got the mats out we did at in all over and then I never saw them again and that's okay I gave them an option their option was I don't help her today and this was in – this was January 2018 or let me see here higher over here done with it I'm done with it done with Matt's is what I wrote so they okay this is funny to watch read some of my notes so January 2018 10 all over mattad dad was upset and okay can I have my arm here let me help my arm let me on my okay okay I mean you want to hang on to the arm you can hang on to the arm okay so then she went somewhere else like I reached out in April or she reached out for a groom in April and texted me and said can I come in for grooming but I don't want to shave her down and I said if she comes in matted I will shave her down we're not saving it anymore and because I had spent some time and I showed the mom how to brush and she brought a brush you know she bought a comb so through that time period she had gone somewhere else and then I remember she had walked in one night with the pets vaccinations and basically said they'd be going to Petco and she's not happy and please please will you take my dog back and I was absolutely as long as we were on the same page I was willing to do so right so and this was February February 2019 so the beginning of this year we're back she came in out of the blue it took a month to get back in so she probably came in in January we did looked at her vaccinations we scheduled her for the entire year monthly so we tried right here and we went February for guard all over March light guard light to guard all over okay cuz now we're I'm hearing this again I really want to leave her longer I want to leave her longer April 2019 she came in matted brush out first very light then I did a to guard all over so then May first extremely matted and I did a 10 all-over shaved down done deal and after that so now we're here at 6 5 June 5th 2019 and since she came in matted last time I said we're not going backwards I'm not doing that again we're gonna do a 10 all over and then we're gonna keep her short and that is what is gonna work for these clients ok so here this is where I want to keep her right here anything longer seems to get out of hand I don't know why I don't know if she plays with the kids so much and they sleep in the bed and roll or I don't know why anything longer becomes matted like in a month I couldn't believe in one month she came in as made from a two guard haircut right and in 30 days later comes in extremely mad and I was like we have got to fix this so keeping her right here is where I want to be okay so this to me is like a cleanup for guard all over every time that's kind of where we're at so here we go you ready to do this girl and I have known her since she was like a puppy go watch her groom she had a flea running around on her one on one of the grooms it was so sad like she was so young she was whining like this when she is like a little handful your dogs make these kinds of noises like this pop constantly tell me what kind of dogs you have it see if your dog does this if you watch all her grooms she loves to do this whole thing she's doing this little talk for doing you know will do your face after all to go to the dog park this makes you wonder like what a dog's doing that gets him so mad if I were wrong oh man she's gonna be mad at I'm gonna cry why is that yes you definitely have to watch the nipple here every dog has different nipples you got to be careful we're gonna do exactly what we just did a few minutes ago so a little bit the same every time cuz it's maintenance that's why it monthly groom makes the dog so much easier on the groomer it's not like a full-fledged room every single time you're maintaining the codes Ivan's enjoying a full-fledged every fire the work about is huge it's a big difference watch we're gonna be in and out here I'm not gonna have to spend a lot of time here unless I'm talking you know all right let's get our 40 blade out separate your blade so you can figure out which ones you really need a clean leader once you're already clean and already used through the 40 blade on the pads only it's got some real beaut pods here make sure you trim those you guys have a dog that talks a lot to you those of you guys who have a lot of questions that I did not get to answer please make sure you book a coaching class if that doesn't work for you I'm gonna actually do a question answer booking you can book the question and answer booking that will come out on the business section of my website and we'll start doing little shows if you booked a question answer site excuse me if you book a question answer then I will print your prettier question and answer it for you on our question answer feed and we'll start doing that so make sure you look out in the next day or two for that on the business section so you'll go pay for your question to be answered send me the question in an email I'll see that your name has already paid for that it's like a DJ right here let's play your music so you you can actually do video requests too I will spend time doing the video you want to see so watch for that under the business section and some of the folks are out there on my website you got to click on the arrow I mean you don't click on the color you click on the arrow one lady was like none of that your colors are working I was like you're not clicking on the arrow but she didn't leave any no David David I don't know how long he's younger then no he knows how to click on what to click on I think maybe he just goes and clicks on everything and maybe he goes to try to click on everything until it works right not me I'm like I can't see it is like right in front of me yeah you do you totally click on everything man click click click click until it works something something on his page is clickable no you down your clicking clicking looking for something you don't know where it's out you're just clicking so faster I know what you do don't try to hide it man you are you out there don't get mad at me hey hey why is that you never tried to do that before or did you cute dogs to show their teeth real fast can't they don't you think for one minute that it's not gonna be you hey let me see okay this is really loose it's just to kind of keep her from biting me and I don't need to use a muzzle but you should have a cone head order one from me it's always good to have one around obviously I don't want to say she's ever done ever what are you looking at me like that I still got it I did I have a question then so I know they have kids in the household here do you think that her hanging out with kids doing something something might cause her anxiety like I already think I know the answer but do you think that could affect the dog what kids are doing with their pets this is new aggression fast – do you think I have time to react she might get upset here if you remember cuz I was just messing with her feet so be ready this really needs to be pointy here you need your point these scissors here so you can get in there if you have bubble-tip you're not gonna love it cuz the bubbles in the wind right so really get in there but she won't might bite me here I just want these pointing and fast get it get in and out maybe somebody can explain it's not iya that you fear getting bit it's that you know the Pekka bite you and you don't want to get bit so I can't say I have fear I kind of look at it like work and I look at it like how do I not get bit by this dog so I have worked with a lot of aggressive dogs and it's not like I fear I don't want to give it you know you mean like I don't know what what gives you anxiety is not having enough reaction like a dog well you don't know they're gonna do it right so when you know you're gonna do something you can prepare to be quick about it can't you so I know I'm gonna trim her face I'm gonna go fast she doesn't know I'm coming at her that fast so she wants to bite me I don't know she's gonna bite me so she can level off how fast she needs to attack whereas I'm over here I had no idea that was even in her brain you know like I didn't know she's gonna attack me so there's just there's a maybe somebody else can answer better than me it's not like fear maybe I'm sure 1% of it is fear but it's the unknowing it's like you don't know it's gonna happen and all of a sudden it happens I am grateful that I go into something thinking always that it definitely could happen even if this dog is my dog and and this dog loves me okay any dog can bite you no matter what and that included your own dog and they can buy it at any time without fair warning because you're not planning for it okay we're gonna come in and do her face in the tub here stop so back and forth arguing thing which is not going to tolerate it no not tolerating it today especially you know here showing me teeth same thing a good dog walk every day would fix half of this problem if not all of it do-do-do-do-do just got some food stuff going on at that okay I'm gonna come in and just take that I'm thinking that looks kind of cute you don't saying like this is bubble it up come fix it after the groom here I mean after the bath and dogs will change on you sometimes their attitude as they get older they all start to change so you better be ready for that flexible okay so let's do this that's looking good there don't bite me dude you know how I like to get that out of the teeth all right let's go to the bath well did you not ready to record at Hercules I got crystals man I got rose crystal right over here rose quartz okay ready up I don't know who you might be talking to somebody else I would report it so I have raised crystal we're on all four corners of my salon this is to help my the energy coming into my salon be a Love and pinus if you need to some rose quartz or something like that let me know I'll sell it to you it's been all four corners of my salon alright let's clean this up how about it we're about to wrap everything up here David's gonna bathe I'm gonna kind of wrap it up kind of clean my station here it's a good time to do confirmations for tomorrow do a little bit of cleaning we could look at each other for a minute if you want I'll do that okay wrapping this up here I love it how you guys have made some connections out there really means a lot to me some good connections a good healthy connections out there sometimes you go places you don't know where you were to go you know your life has changed and your social life has changed and you just get an idea where could I go we're gonna have friends that we all relate to something and feel it's healthy and safe I think some of you guys have some really great friendships out there oh my goodness I'm ready for a break we're almost done we're almost gonna wrap this up okay make sure you get a face mask you can see this one I am wearing but it really doesn't fit my face I prefer the complete rectangle ones these are my ultimate favorites here and I wear this one a lot though don't I it always goes above my chin here I prefer the the rectangle one I don't know I don't wear that more often I have had a lot of different face masks and you see I have four or five million over there it's really important that you were a face smacked in my opinion okay protect yourself protect your lungs the best you can this is not even a hundred percent but it's better than this okay while you're grooming or doing anything if I go out and you do well yard work you know I got a mask if I go shopping and someone starts coughing oh you know I got my mask a different mask in my purse okay you know where I'm at let me go show something okay well I actually do on guard in my mask when I'm out and about or if I'm not feeling well and I have to say I haven't had the flu in like seven years now and I feel like that has a huge impact on me taking care of myself as well as drinking the oregano and Karen cranberry juice at home you guys have seen me do that one they me a new gaming channel if you have a bit bad allergy day or you feel like that scratchy throat because you were recognizing that people around you at work we're not feeling well then doing that oregano I think that has also boosted my immune system and has kept me pretty healthy so if you need any of that on my website under the Twitter doTERRA oils if you need a diffuser someone's talking about that right now make sure you get one through me it's a really cool diffusers out there smell diffuser I see about that much welcome the interesting part about oils is that you need to Annamma Tutera salesperson but I'm not here to sell this to you I haven't posted if you want it great if you want education on it great don't great I use it for myself I use it for my dogs I have them drink lemon water and I have them have a stainless steel water bowl with regular water in it and my pets drink the lemon wanted away faster than they drink the regular stainless steel water and you just have to make sure that's the real stuff if you're buying an essential oil because some of these central oils aren't diluted down with other products that are not real so you need to really read the package tip it says don't touch it on your skin or don't something where you know you don't want to put it on your skin without a liquid buying agent like coconut what is it what am I trying to say coconut oil you know the one that you rub on your body you have to dilute it down there's some things you don't it'll say don't even touch it to your skin because this is not even real stuff it's just imitations so be careful how you use the products you use if you get it from my store then it'll say on the bottles what you are able to do with that product okay alright um yeah carry your oil thank you sue says hey Dee love my little table brush and found another use for the little dustpan today had a dog starting to poo did you grab this did you grab and put it right under the butt let's see on the table and I slid it under its booty and scooped and let that the dog pooped on this this that's so awesome that's so awesome and then boom it's gone right okay are we ready wow that's fast UK's I think UK is gonna be Canada and we're gonna see you guys in December yeah I hope you get say it start saving your money so you guys to see us more come up there December it's probably the month right yeah we don't have the tickets yet but we're working on it yeah a little bit wet here still okay I think it'll be alright we'll do a little leaving conditioner you were sitting down when he's blow-drying yes I didn't get your boo-boo hmm remember she could whip back and bite me just because of something something now so we'll see lightly brush here I'm not doing anything she's not hairy like she's not tangled and stuff so just real lightly get this all down okay so don't you think this is just a perfect place for her it avoids Maddy it's not a ten shaved down it's nice and low and we shouldn't see any matting in a month right and since it's a maintenance crew look how much detail I had to put into it not a lot and we're done in like 50 minutes right well shoot it's only been 27 29 30 they ought to do like I don't know what for less than 40 minutes right now nice and calm now right where's the whining where's that where did that go it's all quiet does she know we're almost done about the deal can hear the knots you do have to burst I don't want to brush her nose I want to brush all around her nose though the brush work for you don't want to piss her off cuz we know she will bite me if she's upset she too would not be max in the brushing she would not let someone do this for her whole body for three hours well three people for three hours I cannot believe we did that there's a knot I'm gonna cut it out it's in there well sure bite me right now let me just cut these out man get your chrome if she bites me I'll be very disappointed you must believe these dogs trying to bite and everything we're already licking her lips you see it know if you guys can see that well that brushing for that little critter there let me see don't move your face good that's what we want okay come this way now I think there's another one over here I'm gonna use this little one here just to get in there like a fleet up there it is see here work it until you can figure out kind of words at okay I still don't like that side of the console let me see there's a few come in here get that out a little tiny one see little tiny little thing still there jerking on the brush okay let me see here come over here another one there comb doesn't lie okay hold on look at that isn't that crazy how little sudden so little can just cause some eight issues nice very nice so we worked all those men all those not mats but all those eye boogers out look how that looks great I mean do this here don't where we got here okay here's how clean they are see that's how dog ears should look nice clean and pink in there just gorgeous nothing in the ear no gunk no smelliness check your dog's ears ear stuff to watch dude my favorite groomer ear videos go to type that in there my favorite from her ear in youtube and you'll see all kinds of different ears that we've done together it's still a little wet that's kind of part of the problem here but that's fine it'll just air dry later sometimes you need to get down there and kind of squat a little bit to kind of see the edge if you need to just go out in front of her let's see it felt a little snag okay looking good and consider where the groom loop is adjust and then to go back and trim again let's squat in front of you here I should keep looking around what's up Zoey what's up doing come on here let me see go here you go here you just take all this off do that whip thing so that hair just goes flying off the face not back into the eyeball those are lashes down come here and scoop around do route around to right here don't like that yeah come back down this way try to get this little tiny shorter but not too noticeable so that maybe they won't get those knocked in this next time around these are really simple and affordable shears so I mean this is easy-peasy you can get some $300 shears the cut might be a little bit more buttery but you can see it doesn't matter but it doesn't make a huge difference it does make a difference but it's okay you know to have a more affordable shear I use them all the time someone asked me would you buy it you know this and that this and that for this much and I said well you know not really depends on what I'm doing maybe if I was in a contest for brush and just touch up on her bet her feet here a little bit oh don't freak me out girl you're freaking me out man I forgot about your feet let me put a cone hat on I forgot you didn't want me to touch your feet girl move you're spitting this through they're expensive get the cone head on want to mess with our feet gotta have that I guess notetaking let me just run here freak me out she's not like a seat mess with I got nowhere I told you she had dewclaws back here and make sure you touch I'll make sure they get trimmed yeah okay trim that one for sure double-check they're not always there so you might see some of these hairs stick it out well she's gonna do claw back there yeah I'm sayin okay you guys aren't even watching the feet here why don't you tell me that stuff do you pay attention what you're doing man okay sorry about that okay if you need a cone head whether it's a copy cone or the plastic kind oh please go to my website my favorite there on there hey you guys so if you have a partner you know I'm saying you know I'm sitting here thinking like she's gonna try to swing up she's gonna freak out she's gonna jump fast she's gonna do all these things right you guys are you guys on my game our gaming channel and you watch this like mess around it's been a while since I really messed around with David but have you guys got watched a gaming channel yet have you guys seen me like really mess around with David okay so an example right like a dog reaction it's not fear right it's like the unknown it's like no warning okay let's take loan take that baby off okay and sweep the table get a quick picture here see you utilize that dog up stand every groom right especially feet and pads nail things like that you can utilize it every group just get in the habit of using it don't let it sit there no don't be not used to creating that habit and just let it sit there don't do that yeah that's a good one that's a good picture I'm gonna try you I'm gonna tell you guys what to do real fast at home to give you just two I got something funny for you I'll be right back say bye we have she came in with no leash collar okay are you guys ready for this okay so you know how if you have a partner or like a kid or something okay and you know that where you have the unknowing and you're not you're not expecting something so you're laying in bed right take your pillow and just go BAM like on the partner's face you know it done hurt right it doesn't hurt it might be sudden and like Oh like boom I'm gonna do this to day bit later I'm gonna be like human that's exactly what it feels like when a dog is like standing there and you're grooming it and all of a sudden he goes ah you know it's like duh it's sudden it freaks you out you hope you didn't get bit because if you did it's too late and it everyone's freaked out it's like boom oh my gosh you had no idea what's coming you didn't know it was gonna be that way and you know just do that tonight okay be like Dee Dee's to do this and if you can record it oh my gosh even the better send those videos to me so I can publish them all in a compilation of that sudden impact of slamming a pillow in your partner's face okay try that oh my goodness okay so let me see here we've got arterioles still doing powwow powwow hang for me so Angie tonight if you have a partner a kid or somebody that you could do this to and it doesn't have to be tonight okay so in the next week work on this like you're you're just watching TV and all of a sudden you have your pillow and you're just chilling and all of a sudden you're like right and that person is like you know and they had no idea that this was gonna happen that is the same feeling that a groomer has when a dog is about to attack them cuz the dog isn't gonna give any like did she give a warning when she went to bite no it was just so like did you do it all of a sudden you just hit something that bothered them you just triggered a reaction and the reaction wasn't like hey I don't like it the reactions like right you know like and you're like holy crap you know and your heart is beating fast you don't even have time to have fear you're you're your reaction is I oh my gosh you know like oh and then you get mad like I can't believe you did that right so do this and if you could set up a camera or your vid with your phone on record and turn it around and start it and then just let things happen and send that send that totally put a compilation together okay cuz I have really mastered David bad are you watching the feed did you hear what I said I'm still gonna get up he's not gonna remember she doesn't remember stuff I'm still gonna get him really good okay okay dee and David makes me pee myself especially when Dede gets frustrated with David oh boy do I get some frustrated okay not only do you have to worry about things at work you have to worry about those same things that you hate at work at home it's definitely frustrating I know if you guys could you guys work with your spouse could you work literally live and work with your spouse and not argue and not bicker and not be like are you ever gonna pick up after yourself I mean like what and they like don't touch my stuff man groomer to groomer we don't share tools because if you drop my $300 pair of clippers you likely are not going to buy them for me so I don't like sharing my tool tools at all so David using my tools it's a no-no and he does it all the time and then he leaves my tools just randomly wherever he decided to find a new home for it oh gosh okay Arturo I am giving you a free gift so make sure you do email me your mailing address okay so thank you so much for I saw everything you did on the first feed which I didn't know was six hours long okay who's a long time you guys and then I was like me I really I really don't want to let him go like I don't want to let you go so I came back for our last room of the day and I should actually text a pet parrot so she can know we've done hold on so it's like 2:45 so less weight less than you know an hour we were done with Zoey here so let me text mom and let her know hey we're done even though she tried to bite me she she did pretty good otherwise okay David did you do a teeth gel on her yeah would you mind doing that oh yeah great she's gonna be sitting outside she's gonna walk in and we're not done okay I know you guys watched the groom but did you guys really pay attention to the before and after picture I mean let's take a look here look look it oh wait what's up what is that up there oh it's this okay do that before well sorta right after so cool man it's so cool to see that we got a couple different ones here before I have to hurt so cute right oh here here's another after like what cute right oh wait hold on here we did another Maltese didn't we oh okay back up I'm really losing my mind here this was the first one we did the one that was really wild okay and then we saw we did it before here wish I could get this glare off maybe if I go down a little bit here there we go and then okay so that's that remember that first dog the first Maltese so then this is our before here now with Zoey and then this is our after oh yeah look at the ears pop out like that oh yeah it's cute right silly phone oh yeah super cute okay all right how to share that I texted those to mom I always take some pictures back to that because hey what if they want to share like hey you guys check out my dog's groom it went well my mom's here hey mom I mean mom's here I think no I guess not what's that man sorry okay parent parent is not here false alarm alright um payroll company one of one of the payroll companies we had called okay okay you guys Arturo make sure you email me your mailing address Arturo did I like to give things away and I really like to value people's time and so Angela Turk she got a gift for me she's out in Canada and I really valued people who powwow for me I mean if you're out there I see you makyo she's got a gift from me for powwowing I mean you guys going above and beyond it really means a lot to me because you could just be watching or you could be like protecting and watching all at the same time or being my like advertisement out there so Wow Thank You Arturo I'm gonna send you a gift I don't care where you live let's get it out send me your mailing address please thank you for your time today through the first feed and the second feed just saying hey please subscribe make sure you like yeah I mean he's doing that all in his own no one asked him to do that and I noticed it and so here you go I'm gonna send you a free gift so thanks a lot for being here thanks for being a part of what I do make sure you cherish those pets that you have and that you groom and yes chastity definitely send them a car do something make a door knock and bring them some flowers that you picked up at Albertsons or Walmart or Central Market do something that they'll never forget because then they may come back to you for their grooming and not that they wouldn't but that extra mile goes a long way especially when you have hurt with the pet parent in a pet loss okay it really means a lot to people and sometimes it's really hard to talk about but I promise you God will take care of you in that room of what you're doing going be above and beyond okay and sometimes you don't get that pat on the back by that person you do get that pat on the back by somebody else along the way so thanks for being here I really appreciate it I came back on just for you guys cuz I love you so much YouTube I couldn't do this without you Google I couldn't do this without you so thank you for being programs out there that bring this whole technology to connect the entire world by me to you in Australia Canada all these different places you're coming from Africa Thailand Vietnam I mean I see you guys all over the world riding me and reaching out to me and commenting all the videos and you guys mean a lot to me so thanks for being here be sure to share subscribe smash the like button and definitely hit the bell so you get future emails about us coming live and sometimes if we go back to back know that you might want to check and say hey let me see if she's alive cuz if it's the same day it might not give you another notification it's weird like that sometimes it's growing so big they can't keep up with it okay my favorite cooler comm check us out there and pick up your dog up stand at dog up stand calm we will see you later thanks a lot for being here I love you guys bye love you guys bye oh shoot Angela Brice do you want me to open your gift up now yes I'm gonna open Angela Brice's gift up let me see she sent me a gift yesterday I almost forgot this is the perfect opportunity all right here we go we're gonna open up this gift here from Angela Brice cool Angela Boise thank you so much for sending something to me I really appreciate that okay she sent me a San Diego Toby's candle and soap shop sugar scrub soap handmade whipped hmm that's so cool okay that's so cool okay now let's feel something else in here oh my goodness man so I had sense I check on Angela Brice a lot because you know she's she needs a lung replacement you guys and she's a pretty young woman so I heart goes out to her in her situation and alright Shelly thank you thank you so much she does she ever try to bite at home does she try to bite you guys anybody no really okay she tried to buy me today bad no I don't think so so she didn't like her nails in her feet touch today for some reason I don't know so we'll just keep an eye about it she was like her to her feet next appointment yeah you can check the file yeah to come in send me in vaccinations and then I tell you as soon as what I see that or what day to come in yeah we get it in by next week thank you okay so then she sent me here girl you went to San Diego without me or what sugar scrubs so handmade with love at Toby's candle and soap shop sugar scrubs oh so this is soap and this is soap too I can't wait to use it cuz you know I'll be using some serious soap I was hoping that this was not a candle because I don't really do the candle thing I view the doTERRA thing Royals diffusers so thank you so much let's see what these smell like how about that so me and Angela talked the other day emails and I told her a little bit about a butterfly story and she like melted because she has a tattoo of a butterfly and her pet visits her in butterfly forms – that has passed away and so do mine so we really really connected about that the other day oh oh girl this is it this is the good stuff so there was a restaurant down in Galveston that I walked into and you pour this stuff out in a bowl and then you take a spoon and you put that in your hand and that's your soap it does like this soap scrub thing this is a freaking awesome so yeah I can't wait to use this this is great this is awesome thank you so much so the butterfly thing is because I see this look at this so Sally Tsui and Duke and I really believe it's behind soui and Duke they visit me in butterfly forms and I told her a very long story that one day I will share with you guys so this is a beautiful thank you so much look at this butterfly beautiful oh my goodness thank you so much Angela Brice okay she puts a note in here hopefully she thinks I'm gonna read this out loud I would think hello Dede here is something for you and David David may like the eucalyptus spearmint shrub okay so this is rude a vyd thank you it smells really good and leaves your skin so soft I have man soap for David but I only I am scared of mailing it because of the Texas heat oh I see yeah cuz it melt that mug I got you a butterfly keychain due to our conversation we had okay our butterfly connection I hope you like it I absolutely love it I can't wait to meet you both to meet both of you all in person or even a road trip haha when I get my new lungs so God please please help Angela Brice get some lungs man can I donate a lung and you donate along is that a lie can we do that can we get her some new lungs how do we do get you some new lungs how does that work huh how does it work man if you have to get new lungs either they have to be made or we have to say goodbye to somebody else isn't that true you know how do we get you some new lungs how many Long's do you have right now Angela I think you can live with one long too because some people that have can't live lung cancer have you had one removed and they're living with one what your blood type and matching that's some serious stuff right there you guys so God please got to get her some lungs the Angela Bryce thank you so much I hope you get to watch this if you're not out there right now because I know she she might not have got the notification because I was like hey you guys I'm going on live right now I chatted that on that last feed so Angela Bryce thank you for your gifts I'll tell you I'm gonna text you right now thank you and then have you come out and watched the last ending part of this live feed so it may not be it takes a minute to actually upload everything – so I've gone back to watch a live feed but I went back too soon so she may not see it right away but man these gifts are just very heartwarming the gifts I got over there amazing from Tennessee Grant Tennessee granny granny Tennessee granny vet groomer Tennessee granny ok Tennessee granny sent me that guy I mean some of the gifts I've gotten from you guys Callie it's brain for our Diane Geary I mean some of the gifts that you guys have sent me the clock on my wall here is just so amazing ok so thank you so much for your friendship and the love that you have given me it means the world to me and I hope I can give it back to fold I love you guys thank you so much I'm so humble right now I love you guys I don't know about this spy cam video I'm not sure what you mean by that okay I love you guys we'll talk to you later love you bye please share like smash the like and subscribe button we'll talk to you later

11 thoughts on “How to groom a Maltese Live Dog Grooming

  1. Honestly I don't understand why people get pissed about this stuff. The groomer is telling you how painful the matting is. How can you be okay with your pet being in pain constantly? It's really awful and makes me so sad. Please please please put your pets' needs first. You're their human.

  2. Max is lovely, and the Maltese. Love your butterfly key chain, my 16 year old BJ (Shih Tzu) crossed the rainbow bridge in March this year a friend sent me a beautiful butterfly wind chime which the butterflies turn around the chime something to cherish.

  3. I have a maltese puppy as well. His name is Max. I brush him everyday in the morning but I 'm going crazy here because the next morning before I start brushing him, I find at least two spots matted. Now, I don't know why or how but I'm tired of this issue and I need to know how to solve this issue. Is it this breed or what?

  4. Was thinking maybe the Maltese didn't want her paw hair cut, cause you cut her nail too close to the nerve? she did Yelp…

  5. Australian Shepherd / blue heeler mix. She's only 10 weeks old but man she is a whiney little thing non stop.

  6. The Butterfly with turquoise key chain:: " the butterfly symbolizes joy, beauty, reincarnation, transformation, freedom, a new beginning and hope. A butterfly shows you that you can be whoever you want to be. Thank you Angela for my gift!

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