How to Groom a Grouchy Shih Tzu – Part 1

hi I'm June with rific spa and we have here I don't know his name and the volunteer didn't know volunteer from small dog rescue her name is Cindy very nice lady brought them over here but anyways she doesn't notice the image doesn't know anything about them I don't know anything about them I do know that he's matted if you look right here these mats here are gonna have to be shaved off off the legs and because they're just way too tight you can see they're just big balls on his skin so we're not gonna be able to take that at the end of to comb those out so we're just gonna shave that but we're gonna try to keep his coat as fluffy as possible you have a nice cute cut so hopefully you gets adopted out hopefully he doesn't bite me all right actually let's try 7 I like to try the longest blade Orko impossible to get under the mat but still try to leave as much code as possible you know I don't like to use a ten if I don't have to so let's see here and you don't want to force it you want to push into the mat two lashes you might accidentally cut the skin so so when you're doing a matted dog you want a light touch light touch because if you just force in just keep pushing through then if there's a good chance when you're going through it really hard the skins gonna get caught up in that blade just like that and it'll cut the skin so be very careful go slow it's not a race we can you can shave that's the fastest and when you're doing this but area make sure you never go at it like this make sure it's always the blades always pointing out a little bit you can always clean it up with scissors later and we're just trying to get you know this area look cleaned up a little bit but we're not going to go at it because if you clip that buttonhole then you gotta get a lot you probably can't see it I didn't see it actually come up this angle you can see it better here oh that oh my goodness what is this man see that skin underneath it look how red that is because it's constantly pulling at that skin and irritating it so we're gonna go in and take that off hopefully he doesn't turn around and buy it but you know he does we'll deal with the dentist just his reaction it's how we react to it that's important that's not so Shh no Johnny mo well that's a good tip when a dog is acting like that doing stuff you don't appreciate or you don't it's not acceptable then you do want to correct it but and or you know or ignore it but you don't want to give them affection see it's okay you know that's okay none of that because you're actually encouraging that you're giving affection when the mine is not balanced season one season my long baby you know look at this I didn't do that with the Clippers I was already there because the mad look at all this so I actually did this dog a huge favor just took all that off that was all matted up right there all inside the legs everywhere you see that what that's Jerry just now was where the mat was pulling at that skin irritating it so there is not shoot okay it'll be patchy his name is Geronimo yeah Geronimo sit oh yeah did you fart all right okay okay and they might put their mouth on you but you know like Cesar Millan says that's them touching you and I'm touching him a whole lot right now so you know you know I shouldn't freak out because he's putting his mouth on me you know [Applause] okay so you bit me right here here got me pretty good that's fine you didn't mean any harm just trying to get me to stop but you gotta check your emotions when you thought when they do that don't take it personal they did what they did to him that was just one touch that he delivered to me I have been touching him this whole time that's what he sees it so you know just can't take it personal don't get angry overset just go [Applause] well you know he saw the even if he does bite me it doesn't matter well yeah even she's but the small little mouths they bite hard do you take back what you said earlier but what's this is he gonna do he gave you a sample of what he could do yeah exactly my foot my kungfu still stronger okay so now we're about to do the face you know he bit me a few times you know he's growling he's upset but you know they don't belong on that they're not thinking about that so at this moment you know we're tight we're but now when I start to do things that he doesn't agree with that's just the way he's gonna react probably what probably what I did well I ended up at the shelter but anyways I'm not gonna make any assumptions you know I'm gonna judge you buddy there you go so I'm gonna start doing the head here see what happens there's a big mat right there it's probably not gonna let me comb it out so I'm just gonna snip it off right there and bam bam okay so that mat is gone only that Wow so this one here in the ear that'd be very careful this one right here let's see we're just gonna go and look for him here I'm just trying to make sure I run to the least amount of snags as possible when I go comb through it that way you know it reduces the chances that I'm gonna get bit while I come and face out you know I mean we should do what we can to prevent it because I feel like gods they don't like to bite us and so whenever they do bite us it does cause them some stress as well wow that's so tight I can't even cut it off okay that's real nice so I'm gonna pedal with it a couple times get comfortable with it oh it could skin either no we did you hear that talk when they fell on the ground mm-hmm good see so he knows I don't hold any hard feelings against him either gonna put a 1 here and put him in this news his whole demeanor changes he's already this is this doesn't represent relaxation for him this represents you know a war zone you know a battleground so I won him I'm gonna change that for very good that's what I want good boy I'm gonna do the feet pad clean up the pads and then once we play that the pads we're gonna do the nails and on a larger dog I usually would say you know go ahead and muzzle a larger dog just just because of the bike the dogs are so powerful that when they deliver a buying it's not like a shoes or shoes it hurts and it you know sometimes it draws blood but with the larger dog like a German Shepherd or something you know it can do a lot more than just draw blood so you always want to muzzle a large dog if you don't know that dog you know if it's like this I think it's it'll be nice if we can go slow and kind of get them used to this procedure you know even though he doesn't look so good just you know kind of help him go through it and then have them come back often and just keep going through the process over and over and just you know not really strive for perfection but just help him get used to how to behave during the process but we don't have that option with the rescue this you know like this is a one-shot deal hopefully and he gets adopted so we need to help him get over it today he just yeah in the situation so you always have to be ready hey relax and just be fun you don't to be rough or angry but you do want to be the authority figure to let them know hey that's not acceptable sir you

24 thoughts on “How to Groom a Grouchy Shih Tzu – Part 1

  1. what happened? do the owners not care for their own dogs to leave it to a point of matted and dirty like that do you?

  2. is it you partner/liason with rescues animal hospitals to get work?you would never get animals untreated with mange, parasites, fleas and ticks rite? at what instance would you come in contact with a animal that would have it? you can choose to accept or not accept work rite?

  3. if you are in pain and have someone healing your wounds.. do you want them to say.. FUCK THAT? no.. he is upset because it hurts.. no different than you or I

  4. Worst dogs on earth other than maybe chows… idk why anyone would get one and yes prob why it’s in the shelter.

  5. Mr. Jun, I have 4 shih tzus of my own. After an unfortunate incident of over dosing of some drug to one of my shih tzu, I decided to groom them my self. I know the difficulties in ur profession. You r so calm n collected. I am impressed with the Patience u show towards the pets u r grooming. I don't have that much of patience with my pets while grooming them. But I am learning from your videos. Thank you.

  6. I never use a noose. Seen to many almost hang themselves on it. Been grooming for 3 years never needed it otherwise i love your patience that how i am and groomers should be. Unfortunatley places like petco treat them like line work.

  7. Somethings happened to dogs hair near skin it's not knotted at all. But blade works but can't seem to cut the hair the dog's blood or somethings changed what is it how to fix. I bathed and dried it . It made no difference

  8. You are so sweet with him! My little Shih Tzu is not not at all with being groomed and I wish I could have you do my baby! We need more patient groomers like yourself! I hope he has found his forever home,❤️

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