How to Groom a Dog : How to Express a Dog’s Anal Gland

Hi! I am Anne-Marie for Expert village and
today we are learning basic dog grooming. In this series we are going to touch upon
a subject, it is not so pretty, but necessary. All dogs have glands that they have right
back in their anal area call their anal glands. That’s why they smell each other’s butts
when they say hello. Every dog has their own smell kind of like a finger print. When grooming
a dog it is important to check the anal glands and express them if there is anything in them.
The reason for this is to empty up the glands, the sacs will collect fluid and it they are
not emptied that’s you run the chance of them becoming impacted or even worse infected,
which could be very painful and will lead to more intense veterinary care. So an ounce
of prevention is worth it, even though it is not pretty. So here we go. We are going
in. We are going to check this area in here. The anal sacs are located right at 5 o’clock
and 7 o’clock on the dog obviously inside and underneath the skin. There are two sacs
that come down one on either side and there are openings here and here. Our goal is to
get sort of behind the sac inch forward and up and pull out the fluid, I mean push out
the fluid really. Now if you try to do it and you cannot do it, don’t go crazy trying
to push it. It’s better to call your veterinarian and have your veterinarian and do it. It is
not an area that you want to get involved with, if you not sure of what you are doing.
I like to use a paper towel sometimes I will use a baby wipe if the dog has sensitive skin.
But a lot of time you can also do the step in the tub. So what we are going to do is,
we are going to actually… probably block your view little bit with a paper towel for
necessary reasons and we will squeeze, we will hold the tail up and we will squeeze
in and out and as you see the dog expressed a little fluid, which is the anal gland juice.
This is a pretty normal color if you get a thicker paste you would want to, may be talk
to your vet about an impaction, if you get blood or pus you definitely need your vet
for an infection. So well it is not pretty and it does not smell a nice something we
have to do and we will clean it all up the tub.

100 thoughts on “How to Groom a Dog : How to Express a Dog’s Anal Gland

  1. then you have a very healthy cat. which is good hopefully you never have this issue. Plus if it does happen you dont have to do it. Even though it shows you how to express anal glads…I really dont think anyone who isent a vet vet tec or something along though lines should be doing stuff like this to dogs or cats.

  2. Yeah invite someone you don't like over for dinner and put this in thier food…. or better yet, rub it into the interior of their car… that would drive the shit out of them LOL or drive the puke out of them….hey you gave me some good ideas for revenge….Thanx 😉

  3. Disgusting, but THANK YOU. I know this is what has been going on with my dog and the vet didn't pick up on it. Now… do I have the guts to do it myself??? LOL!

  4. Anal glands are absolutely disgusting, but for my dog, he was very sensitive around his backside until we took him to the vet and got his glands drained.

    But the video isn't helpful.

  5. They will do it themselves if you don't do it for them. Unfortunately for you, they probably are not very considerate of where they do it..

  6. I could have swore I seen her use a cloth come on the dog was bathed and clean and the way I seen it she did not stick her finger in the ass.

  7. @KitaDyer It depends on the dog. My dog never needed his anal glands expressed for the first few years that I had him. In the past 6 months, however, he has needed it done at LEAST once every month. You can tell when they need it done, they will scoot their butts on the carpet often and will want to lick that area constantly. My dog gets to the point where he licks the area raw…

  8. I leave this to the professionals but it would have been nice it this perticular skill was not shown using a black dog, I could barely see anything =/

  9. @paige12345fish its not animal rape i has 2 be done or the dog will express them on their on and ITS a awful awful smell

  10. Thank you so much for this demonstration. Very straight forward, simple procedure. And for those of you who gave this clip negative reviews, I guess you aren't cut out for the medicine/science field. If this is too graphic for you babies, go back to your Jersey Shore reality shows where ignorance to anything intelligent is bliss. Just remember, your mom and dad use to wipe your ass when you were young too. This isn't too far off so get over yourself.

  11. @dseghers your forgetting that these people are white! these are the same people who believe that dogs mouth are cleanr then peoples!

  12. Expressed dog anus juice is considered a delicacy in Sri Lanka, believe it or not. It's not uncommon to find it served as a condiment with artisan breads at fine eateries, similar to a chutney or pate. I had a friend who tried it once and said it's actually quite delicious when prepared correctly.

    Think I'm lying? Just google "castoreum", which is a similar juice extracted from beaver anal glands to flavor vanilla icecream. Enjoy 🙂

  13. @dobergurl It's just gross. Possibility of infection if you had a small cut. Bust most of all, no soap in the world can wash away memories. Just ask a woman who has been cheated on.

  14. I guess it's just how some people were raised. No gloves for dog crap/butts probably equals no condoms for people you meet at bars.

  15. @187SicknesS I've been searching for years and every time I think I've found em and am getting somewhere it turns out to have just been diarrhea.

  16. @hatkins621 Your lack of knowledge and experience leave you inclined to make uneducated comments. Not wearing gloves can infect the dog and or the person. If someone doesn't wash their hands before they eat, it is a fair assumption they wouldn't wash before intimacy. It's how people are raised, interesting you find it ignorant.

  17. @RamsyDikken
    Dear RamyerDickinn,
    nope: smelling of dog poo for a week is not the same as contracting Kaposi's sarcoma associated herpesvirus, you know; the cancer that causes patches of abnormal tissue to grow under the skin, in the lining of the mouth, nose, and throat or on your fanny.

  18. @YesYesYoureRight But some people are inherently more susceptible to both these things than others. We all make choices and no matter how innocuous they seem at the time they all contribute to where and how we end up.

  19. please use a lighter coloured dog as i couldn't see very well. thanks for the info you were great i think i wil try next time you exlained it very well .

  20. I usually do this before breakfast with a nice BAGEL and get my pooch to butter it with the anal gland pudding..FUCKING delicious!

  21. although this wasn't something i would want to see or do thank you. regardless what i want to take as much care for my dog as possible >.< if only i could trick my sister into doing this…….

  22. Every summer my black and tan Dachshund gets all of this backed up and we have to take him to the vet. Right by his butt there is a scar from where it got infected. So its really good to express this every ounce in a while…


  24. Hey bitch thanks for the really nasty and hateful email!!! And just so u know I am a veterinarian and I also have a dog grooming business!!! And I still think you ought to wear gloves when you do that procedure!!! AND YOU ARE STILL A NASTY, NASTY, PERSON FOR NOT DOING SO!!!

  25. Oh and I DEFINITELY HAVE A LIFE!!! AND ITS A HELLULA BETTER THAN YOURS!!! At least I don't have to make videos on you tube to support myself!!!

  26. You have issues. I recommend you seek psychiatric help. How is your life any better than hers when you both are in the same industry? I'm pretty sure she's going to sanitize her hands after each job as meticulously as a surgeon would do. You're the ass on YT right now, if you act like an ass, you get treated like one.

  27. My vet, and most of the groomers I know, don't wear gloves. IT's not like it's acid or any thing. It's not diffrent then beeing barfed, pooed, or peed on. Just wash up with soap and warm water, life goes on.

  28. The video was fine. The vitriol 'Expressed' by some people here suggest they would be more happy if they got involved with US. politics!

  29. Some of these"people" don't understand. I had a dog's anal gland explode! So It isn't pleasant, but very necessary for an animals good health! Good video for information.

  30. Thank You for being so Helpful! and providing real information on such a fishy smelling problem!

    when a dog relaxes if they need their glands expressed you can see leakage as well.. which causes them to lick and bite whatever or where ever they expressed them, on.. having a GREAT! Groomer helps keep this issue at bay.. some times the Groomer misses an expressing.. no worries..

    BUT!! (Pun intended) is it is thick or chunky! then its time for a VET!

  31. My flash player wont download so I cant see how you do it.I bought my Dog to the vet about 4 to 5 weeks ago and told him his Anal sac needs to emptied.I didnt watch him do it but he said the sacs were full and he got it all out.Anyway about a week later my dog is scooting his ass again not alot though,did anybody else ever have this problem???

  32. I've had vets tell me that dogs should be expressing them regularly with no help when they defecate. If a dog is having a problem expressing naturally, it is an issue for a vet.
    My dog was getting her anal glands expressed regularly at our groomers. When we switched to a groomer who did not express, she became impacted and needed veterinary treatment.
    I have had a vet express my dog and later that same evening, my dog EXPLODED all over our carpet.

  33. I couldn't see anything as the dog in the video was black and poorly lit. I guess my doggie is off to the vet. God, she hates it there. 🙁

  34. I cant see anything its looks like a black void! Well they say if you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back.

  35. I don't think any of my groomers have ever done this on my 3 dogs….a yorkie, a cocker and a chi.   My Vet. does my chi but when they showed me 'how to do it'  (I wouldn't)  but the Vet tech wore gloves, and 'went INSIDE the anus.  I will try this way at home on my chi when I see her BUTT SCOOTING on the rug….lol    I had one Vet tech even tell me…You just don't do this very often…I thk she didn;t want to express the glans because it is quite stinky.

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