How to Groom a Dog : How to Brush Matted Dog Fur

In contrary to a lot of people’s beliefs,
in fact some groomers, all depends on how you were taught you do not comb a dog out.
I get so tired of telling people that a comb is just styling or check for mats. You brush
the mats out and I have seen groomers just pull and rip. See like that, you do not comb
that out, that hurts. So another little rule of thumb, if you cannot see it, don’t do
it, don’t do anything and you can 100% see what you are doing, you know. You got to hold
that ear, you can’t go like that, you know, you hold it.

45 thoughts on “How to Groom a Dog : How to Brush Matted Dog Fur

  1. I enjoyed your clip..I didnt realise that you brush knots out with a brush not with a comb I've been doing it back to front. Thank you again

  2. Hi Carolyn, good job on that mat on the ear. Important also that you mentioned to people not to do anything unless they can see exactly where that sharp blade of that scissor is going to hit. Paper thin skin on some breeds, eh? So good job. Also liked how you explained about the comb, that is one of my pet peeves also. unless they wide tooth it every day, brush, brush, brush instead~ I love grooming my collie and two Japanese chin! I do rake my collie, then line brush,bathe,blowdry and slicker

  3. and slicker the ruff really good. I use a two sided sheer on bottom of his feet.. comb all top foor hair backwards and use a thinning shear to smooth that out… dremmel his nails, sometimes trim sanitary cut, clean his ears, brush his teeth (he does NOT like this haha.. but.. the rest of the family appreciates it! 😀 I slicker his ruff up again and again. I find the more I work his coat, the shinier and healthier his skin and coat are. I also give him a tablespoon of olive oil over his food

  4. this keeps his fur sleek, shiny, and his skin from drying out. I'm so pleased you are doing how to videos. I love your methods and wish I could watch you do collie ear trims?

  5. Do you take requests? I'd love to see you trim a collie ear, that has been the hardest point on collies. I'm not too good with other breeds, but after a zillion rescues grooming them up, and owning just my own collie roughs, over th years.. I think I nearly have the collie groom down. Yet I learned several things from you!! Thanks a million, keep those videos coming please! Take care, Thimble in WA

  6. That hurts the dog. Cut the mats out. The hair will grow back. I hate when people are so anal. I am a groomer with 18 years experience. Just brush your dog and they wont get matted. If you rescue a dog with lots of mats shave it. I will never demat a dog even if the owner says I will pay you extra. How would you like it?

  7. Thanks for the great tips. I'm learning to groom right now and your teachings are textbook perfect. Please keep posting videos. Its nice to have some extra tips and tricks from a person with your experience and professionalism.

  8. …What the hell are you talking about, they sheer the knot out, how the hell else are you going to get it out. Dogs just don't stand there if they're being hurt. This one isn't.

  9. man you dog nuts are fcking retards.. seriously!

    You act like experts and don't even understand dogs. If the dog is hurt, HE'LL LET YOU KNOW.


  10. You are so helpful and definely an expert! you are obviously a great lover of animals and helping us to groom the best. Don't listen to any negative comments and complaints of those other people. i tried to subsctibe to your videos but all i got was a subscription to expertvillage. how do i ask you a question Carolyn? is that your name? some expert videos have names wrong. you are the best so far that i have seen! Thank-you!

  11. I would say looks abusive but I would say she was not being abusive; if the dog would have been pained he would have done something… HELLO PEOPLE?? dogs are not stupid, they do know when something hurts ¬¬…

  12. ya owners need to brush there dogs thats gets me pissed to i have a dog in my shop right now with severe matts all over ridiculous

  13. @SakumaRyuichiNG While I'm with you on the fact that she wasn't doing anyting to hurt the dog at all. I disagree with the second half of your statement. There are dogs that feel pain, but don't show it. Not all dogs will screech/bark/bite/growl the moment something hurts. Same with humans, while everyone has a different pain tolerance, some humans (or dogs) are capable of handling pain better.

  14. @Justas181 First desensitize him to the brush and tub/wherever you wash him, more than likely he probably starts getting nervous just seeing the brush and or tub. Reward him for calm behavior in the bathroom. Reward him for staying calm when you place the brush at his paws or in front of him. If you taught him the "shake" or "gimme paw" command, hold the brush in your hand and get him to touch it and reward him. Finally reward him for letting you brush him. do the same thing during baths

  15. That looks very painful how she takes that brush and rushes it through the dogs hair, but I GUESS she knows what shes doing.

  16. PetSmart shaved my dog completely for two mats, after trying to demat him. Another groomer simply cut an mats out with grooming scissors. Now, I groom my dog myself, and I cut the mats out with a pair of grooming scissors. It's painless and quick. I will never demat my dog, because that's just torture.

  17. @tamithomas Are you drying your lhaso with hot heat? I suggest getting a product called "The Stuff" it will help with the matting issue you are having. GLAD you understand you can't have a full coated Lhaso and just shave him. 😀

  18. @Yaaaaaahh are you fucking mad?? you don't hit your dog you moron!!! there's more positive ways to get her to stop trying to bite the brush!


  20. I found an abandoned shi tzu and shaved alot of fur off but she wont let me shave like her belly and front legs I dont cut any fur unlease I can see the skin but she just wont let me & the groomers denied to cut it for me smh i tryed siscors but its a full two coats of fur

  21. Mats behind ears, arms pits, bums, bellies, tails, even under the chin can be shaved and hidden, yes you want to eliminate mats in a comfortable fashion but you also want the groom to look good… there are some cases where the dog is matted right down to the skin and shaving is really the only thing you can do, unless you want to spend several days in half and hour increments grooming the dog (good for you and the dog) that owner will be paying a ton.. please owners learn to brush properly!

  22. Then find another groomer. I've been a groomer for 22 years who takes on difficult to groom dogs and I've never refused to groom any pet. Sure, there are ones that I dread seeing but I owe it to the dog to help maintain it's coat. My guess it that your new pet isn't used to being groomed and therefore is very scared of the sounds and feelings of the equipment. Find that good goomer who will teach your dogs how to get groomed and then never let it get back into that condition. Good luck!

  23. That's a tangle. A dog's hair mats. The anatomy of a mat and a tangle are completely different. A dog's mat has burrs that grab onto surrounding hairs. You can't use a conditioner on a dog and get their mats out. Trust me. I've been grooming for 22 years in a rural community. I've seen mats!

  24. This lady is freaking me out, strange grooming. I like how she scratches her head while grooming the dog ~ lol

  25. I just felt bad for the dog. Didn't anyone else think she was a little rough on the poor doggies' ears.?

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