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  1. Is there somebody critical of this talk. Sounds too good to be true: producing meat against climate-change. What do you guys think? Why is this not mainstream science, if the results are so consistent throughout decades?

  2. The great plains in the US used to have millions of bison which did this AND every ten years or so would burn killing sprouting and growing brush and trees. First the bison we're killed an then man started fighting fires. Today almost all the grass lands are being farmed or covered with brush and trees.

  3. Take one square meter of soil and add a little bit of cow manure to it. Grass, bushes and pretty much anything else will grow like crazy. The manure has an incredible amount of beneficial microbes. It will make a front yard with too much shade grow better than anything you can buy. Takes a week or two for full benefit to be achieved.

  4. this guy responsible for the killing of 40,000 elephants on the desert, and that was a blunder… WTH!!

  5. this has been taught during elementary, take care of the ecosystem because removing one element causes the whole to change…FF to 2019…we are now living on a land with a dying ecosystem because we have removed so many things from the land

  6. Gosh, the planet I feel is becoming overly engineered. And we cannot do anything about it, we just don't have any choice.

  7. Please let me if you guys are working on this project i can work for you as a labour. Count me in. Let me know if i can help you in this idea anyway. There is hadith regarding this in islam

  8. What about a country like UAE with huge areas of desertification and small numbers of animals? How much land could we expect to reclaim using this manner?

  9. Great talk. Very informative.
    Unfortunately, environmentalist aren't looking for solutions. They are looking for reasons to raise taxes and control people's lives. It is just a sword governments like to wield when needed. Case in point, AOC's new green deal that says live stock need to be eliminated to save the planet.

  10. What a great misconception that deserts are wastelands. Desertification is a whole thing yes, but the existing desert ecosystems are important themselves. Desertification results from climate change, humans changing land (animal agriculture, grazing,), and invasive species (ex. changing fire regimes). Soil in grasslands are mainly mollisols, rich in humus, and good to grow our crops. Industrial agricultural practices, even ancient misguided practices such as tilling, have destroyed fertile soil into that cracked/ crusty desert-like vertisols. As tough as the species in the extreme ecosystems are, like deserts and arctic, they are at the greatest risk of collapse with the smallest margins of change. The TITLE of this video should NOT be "how to green deserts", but rather about how to stabilize rapidly changing ecosystems by combating invasive species and reestablishing native plant and animal communities.

  11. Maybe carbon isn't the big boogie man it's been made out to be by environmentalists. Seems we'll need a bit of it to feed all those plants! Excellent presentation.

  12. Only a product of "Anglo- American Academia" needs to kill 14,000 elephants
    to figure out the error of his ways. Now imagine this: Their thoroughly-disconnected-from-nature children are calling the shots! Who else can afford HAHH–VAD?

  13. All Humanity should be being moved to already Warm Nations Heated by Nature instead?

    If Animals need still to be 'Grazed On' by Humanity then 'Grow' them soley in the Northern Hemisphere Very much Colder Fossil Fueled Massed Housing Nations?
    Everything seems a Paradox on this Planet where Higher Education 'Institutions' Encourage Humanity to Move to these Very Cooler/Colder Developed Nations….that's Dumb.

    Property Property all is Property……& Utility Bill enhanced Debt Slaves Now of course.

    We all need to Mantra Moving En-Mass to Pipe Continental Water Nations that are already made Warm by Nature & switch off the Fossil Fuel Pipelines instead that travel thousands & thousands of miles.

    L.A was built on this from Scratch over a Hundred Years Ago.

    Get some Education Fellas (& Women if you can Face critique nowadays.. …a new Media invented protected species?)

    Mr Savory apologies as you seem to care & I sidetracked from your view. Sorry for that Matey

  14. This TED talk debunked:  

  15. Firstly, very interesting. Secondly since the elephant cull turned out to be a disaster, to say the least, and , Mr Savory would have for years defended that no doubt, we should not jump to another 'drastic solution' without being more sure than we were with the elephants-and remember initially he was sure about his cull solution and it wasn't until much harm had already been done that the mistake was understood….we can't afford massive mistakes at this point in Earths History! 
    Additionally the destruction of the Amazon is down to two things principally, cattle ranching and soya, but soya is principally to fed cattle. In addition USA beef production is a massive environmental disaster, so how to separate these from your supposed 'positives'?
    I have other questions, for example, all these animals produce methane, masses of it and methane is one of the most dangerous green house gases, so what about that? Can Mr Savory really be so sure that although his method appears to green deserts or stop desertification, it isn't contributing more to a global warming which will negate the positive seeming, but in this scenario, possibly short term benefits? It is certainly a promising hypothesis, but one which would need very careful, rigorous interdisciplinary analyses before jumping to it. Once bitten, as with the elephants makes me, for one, twice shy of adopting such radical ideas, even if they look good. Let us hope they are, finally, and if they are I sincerely thank Mr Savory, I sincerely thank him. Afterthought; we will still need to deal with a capitalist system gone mad and the petrol-chemicals, the two of these go together; for they will eat the earth regardless of good deeds done by environmentalists unless we take these two 'elephants in the room' to task….Good day and thank you. Long Live Mother Earth, Long live Nature!

  16. Brilliant, we keep forgetting we are part of a cycle that has been happening for millions of years and in such a short amount of time we have broken it. Go back and read what the American plains were like when settlers first came and then the bison were wiped out now go look at the dust bowl left behind.

  17. Thankfully nobody lives long enough to see any results, so its never more than look, see, act, and die. Dont worry about a thing….

  18. If you want to save water: A single steak costs 800 gallons(3000 litres) of fresh water to produce.
    And that's not including the co2 from transportation, and the animal's flatulence

  19. Industrial hemp, Edible cactus', Plating Native species to reclaim wetlands and Riparian corridors. Stop most of the Mono Crop GMO commodities that are dependent on herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Reverse the damage of Factory farming of meat animals with Lab reproduced animal proteins. Good Talk.

  20. Well, if this "technology" really does what he says, why are not they making millions then? I do not like skepticism for its own sake, but questions come spontaneously

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