How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Clippers

how to give your dog a haircut with clippers why spend money on a dog groomer when you can do the job at home use this guide to confidently clip your canine companion you will need dog shampoo a towel a table a dog brush or comb and dog clippers with a number 40 blade optional doggie treats step 1 wash your dog with dog shampoo towel to mop and position them comfortably on a table to let them dry completely step 2 gently brush or comb your dog to remove any tangles from the coat step 3 use a dog clipper with a number 40 blade and starting at the head shave the sides and nose put even strokes clip in the direction of hair growth not against the grain step 4 trim your dog's ears by holding them in your hand and slowly moving the Clippers over them have doggy treats on hand in case your dog gets fidgety step 5 start where the dog's head and neck meat and you down the body in brisk strokes move down the dog's backbone and then down the size of the body and the tail then trim the dog's belly step 6 put the hair on your dog's legs starting at the top and moving downwards to gently flip around the paws step 7 use the money you saved by grooming your dog yourself and get a new toy that you can play with together did you know studies indicate that having a pet can reduce medical problems aggravated by stress

18 thoughts on “How to Give Your Dog a Haircut with Clippers

  1. Your crappy agitating music over powers your voicehad to leave before learning anything 😉 I can see the dog is looking for the EXIT

  2. Man she is being really rough with him, and they are not even showing the clippers or technique. worthless

  3. That's great if you know what your doing but if you dont know what your doing like soooo many people online (then they have no business clipping their own dogs and especially showing "how to videos" to other online! My prices are as LOW as i am willing to charge (18.00 PER do) and that's very very reasonable considering most groomers charge 45.00 PLUS in the area!

  4. Well I happen to enjoy grooming my dog that is why I don't use a groomer. And besides in this economy we all have to cut back or should I say tighten the belt. I'll tell you what if you are a groomer why don't you lower your prices to accomodate for people who use gas to get to your shop?

  5. why use a groomer? because there are a lot of people who just don't know how to clip a dogs coat, because a lot of people cannot keep up with their dog's coat demands! Also Dog groomers Need to stay in business just like any other profession! And Dog's deserve alittle pampering that's why "hire a groomer" instead of being a cheap scape!

  6. Omg im a groomer and clipping your dog is a choice but theres alote of chce of cuting him we have alote of thecnics for under the legs and the belly and stuff to not cut them i would say the only place that there is not risk to cut is the back so pls go to groomers 🙁 dont cut your doggys pls

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