Next the magician will perform a mind-boggling illusion using these two boxes. As we can see both boxes look like small chests, though one is larger than the other one. Wonder what treasures are contained within? They’re too small to hold his assistants, so it’s a safe bet there’s a different kind of valuable inside. He opens the smaller box so we can see that it’s completely empty. Maybe the treasure is in the bigger box? How about that, a chick! Not exactly the type of chicks he usually employs but we’ll see where this trick goes. Watch, the magician places the baby chick into the smaller box. Then he shows us that the large box is empty. No more chicks. The magician reaches back into the large box and pulls out another baby chick. Amazing! He just showed us that the box was empty. But that’s what magicians do! He carefully places the chick into the small box to be with the other chick. As we all know chicks like to hang out together. He reaches back into the empty box… and removes another baby chick. Okay. And now he goes back for another. He finds one. Another chick from an empty box. It’s a treasure chest after all. He places this one into the small box with the others. Must be getting crowded in there by now. The magician goes into the empty box for yet another. It seems like he could go on like this all day if we let him. The bird goes into the small box… and now for more magic. He opens the small box and it’s empty! The birds have vanished, incredible! Let’s check the big box. It’s empty too! The magician can make him come and go at will. Just like the big chicks. So how did the magician create a seemingly endless stream of baby chickens and make them all disappear? The secrets are concealed in the boxes, and this table. When the trick begins the magician takes a chick from the big box and place it into the smaller box. Here is the first secret. There is a hole in the bottom of the box and the table below. But then how did the magician show us the empty box? Concealed inside is a false bottom that’s hinged to swing up revealing the hole. This stick mounted on the table, keeps the false bottom open allowing the magician to access the hole. So when he puts the bird into the box he is really reaching through the hole and placing it in a receptacle that’s concealed under the table. The big box is constructed with the same setup. A false bottom above a hole in the table. When he appears to pull the second bird from the big-box, it’s really the same baby chick. But how did it get from beneath one box to the other? The secret here is controlled by this hidden pedal. Built into the leg of the table is a line that operates a spring-loaded mechanism, that’s connected to the secret receptacle. These backstage angles show how the magician uses the pedal to maneuver the receptacle. Here’s how the chicken goes for a ride. Here we see how the chick is moved from beneath the small box to the big-box. This creates the illusion that the magician is removing many chickens from the big box. When he takes what appears to be the final chick from the big-box, he places it in the receptacle where it waits to be removed later. The magician is now free to show the box empty. And that’s how it’s done. You’d have to be a bird brain to be fooled with this one again

100 thoughts on “HOW TO GIVE SOMEONE THE BIRD!

  1. Poor chick.. i knw smethng ws up wen u cn see da magician's hand stretching too depth 4 da small box..

  2. When all tricks revealed, self declared magicians turned to Satan sold their souls and you can see them now deceiving people

  3. I'm not even going to bother and figure out how this guy does tricks anymore. So many endless hidden little mechanisms and fake things that could be anywhere.

  4. The masked magician is only revealing the tired, two-bit, sight gags of yore…It's nothing we didn't already know! Reveal EVERYTHING!!!

  5. every trick revelation I watch, there is a smartass comment that he or she knew how he does it…guess what go and do magic instead of sitting behind your pc and watching tricks being revealed.

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