82 thoughts on “How to Give Medication to a Rabbit

  1. You know what´s funny? This time they didn´t say "You will need… a bunny!" lol
    By the way… she´s the cutest thing!

  2. omg! the bunny looks so so cute! it's soo chubby!

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  3. this is going to sound really inhumane, but maybe you could wait until your rabbit gets sicker? then he'll be too weak to fight you off? I don't know if it's a good idea, but just in case it works…

  4. what the hell are they giving that bunny ??? i know its supposed to be medication, but it looks like peanut butter!!!!

  5. Yaaa atleast THAT rabbit seemed VERY calm, unlike my rabbit. It is terribly hard for me to get him to stay still while the meds is going to his mouth. Though I am going to try the apple sauce coating. If you put a finger next to my rabbits mouth have a band-aid ready for you.

  6. THIS does not work for crazy rabbits that act like you want to kill them every time you try and wrap or carry them. i have scratches on arms and chest for trying 🙁
    please show us how you handle a crazy rabbit. thanks

  7. My bunny was neutered today so I have to give him medicine for five days. This video helps a lot! Thank you for making it! 🙂

  8. I'm just starting to realize that my rabbit is sick, and it's night 02am, i can't buy them anything. She is really sad, won't eat, won't drink water, i don't know what to do i'm losing my mind over her, i really emotionally attached to my rabbit, and she is caring little bunnies so if something happens to her they can't feed :/ and i will never get over her or the little ones, i'm so scared :/ i gave her 1/4 of some medicine that Vet told me over the phone. i'm just sitting here praying that she's gonna be alright!

  9. I think she has dihharera or something, or like flatulence, her stomach is like more then full, she can't go to bathroom, won't poo or pea, my english is so bad, i'm sorry.

  10. Our rabbit- Tutule was neutered in the last week and we have to give him a medication by syringe for 8 days…surprizingly he likes his medication and takes it as if we are giving him a treat…

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  12. can't you just mix the medicine in a tiny bit of applesauce? I know to not use a lot of the AS but couldn't you do it with a lil bit? Especially for crazy rabbits?

  13. THIS IS A LIE!!! It is not that easy!! Why is the bun not fighting the burrito?? Jolting her head at the touch of the syringe??? Trying to bite the human and the blanket??? LIES

  14. Please make a vedio for rabbit teeth that when every rabbit teeth come . How to make rabbit medicen for rabbit

  15. My rabbit puts her tongue right in the way when I try to put the syringe in her mouth so I need to add force and it makes me feel a little guilty every time… she has a tantrum after every dose of medicine and kicks the floor… it's pretty funny because after 15 minutes she's back to her old self and wants food and head pats. Rabbit are such characters ♡

  16. Mine can see it coming a mile away. I’ve tried every way, every trick, every type of treat. The rabbit in this video isn’t real lol

  17. Never squirt the medicine directly into the rabbit's throat! You stand a very real chance that the rabbit will aspirate the meds into its lungs. Squirt the medicine towards the opposite cheek, and do so in small doses so that it has time to swallow them.

  18. Great video! However, I’d like to see it using a large, strong rabbit (like an Angora) that hates to be picked up and struggles. I have to give my meds and syringe food on the floor, putting the rabbit between my legs. Just wrapping her with a towel beforehand is a struggle as she tries to get away! I don’t want her to squirm too much and hurt her spine, so I’m very patient and take it slow. Would love to see a video on how to handle this kind of rabbit!

  19. 1. Don't give them sugary treats. This promotes obesity. 2. This does not show how to make a "bunny burrito." This rabbit could easily flail about and hurt herself.

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