Hey guys, so in today’s video I am going to be talking about how to get your hamster to chew on its chew toys I often get a ton of comments asking. How do I get my hamster to chew on its wooden chews? It has no interest. I’ve tried everything. What do I do? so it is really important for your hamster to be chewing on different materials such as Wood because their front incisors actually never stop growing so they need to chew on things to help wear them down now, of course, they need to be chewing on safe things and they should not be chewing on things like plastic items or Cage bars. That is not healthy or good for your hamster to be chewing on So the first thing I recommend is to try a variety of chews Don’t just try one wooden chew And then think your hamsters never gonna want to chew on anything else try a variety of things because every hamster is of course different some will like chewing on Certain chews while others may not so try a variety of different types There are different types of wood kinds of chews and there is sea grass types You can also try things like these mineral chews But these really should only be given as kind of like a treat. hamsters don’t need no mineral or calcium Stones because they should be getting all of the vitamins and minerals in their diet So this is just kind of unnecessary, but you can try it to see if your hamster does like chewing on it But it shouldn’t be given to them 24/7 So my first tip to try and get your hamster to chew on different things is a whole walnut here these have a very very hard shell so it Kind of takes the hamster quite a while to maybe even break it up open Some hamsters can’t even break them open, but they will generally chew along the edges of them So that is good for the teeth because it is hard. It is perfectly safe because walnuts are safe for hamsters to eat so the next tip I have is taking the wooden stick type chews and putting these in your Hamster’s seed mix and you can leave it in there for however long you want but basically it’s going to get the scent of your hamster seed mix onto this little stick and Your hamster might be more intrigued to chew on it because it’s gonna smell like their regular seed mix the next thing you can try of course is one of the most popular tips I can give is to take a little bit of Peanut butter and to scrape it onto the chew and then scrape it off that way it is getting the scent of that peanut butter onto the chew and That’s gonna make the hamster more likely to chew on it because it’s gonna smell like peanut butter so that can help a lot Something similar to the peanut butter hack is to take any type of berries. So blueberries raspberries strawberries To mush them up and then add a lot of water to it you can even put it in the microwave to heat it up to help the juices mix with the water and then you soak a wooden chew in there Of course You’re gonna want to soak it for a couple of hours and then take it out and let it air dry But then it’s going to taste more berry-ish to the hamster so it can help make them chew it So these last couple of tips that I have are towards more edible Chews so these shouldn’t be given more than once or twice a month so the first thing I have here is a whimsee dog chew, these are perfectly safe for Hamsters, they have minimal ingredients in them so they are safe. But basically it is a hard dog chew and Hamsters absolutely love them. So these can be good to help wear down your hamsters teeth. Of course I don’t give more than one a month due to the fact that it is edible and generally they are fairly big So you don’t want your hamster should just be constantly eating this another thing That’s really similar to the whimzee dog chews is cheesy chews. These generally are sold in Walmart or Petco I think but these are made for small animals and they kind of taste like cheese I’m pretty sure and it’s in the shape of a cheese Hamster generally also like these but of course, I wouldn’t give it more than once a month in the last one You can try out to help wear down your hamsters teeth is dog biscuits now try to go for the most organic least ingredient dog treat that you can find these are really good because Generally, they’re fair a fairly decent size and they are fairly hard so it is good for your hamsters teeth So yeah, guys, those are all of the tips that I can give to try and get your hamster to chew more My main tip is just to give a variety of options try different chews because sometimes some hamsters prefer Different wood chews over the other even though they’re both made out of wood. Sometimes they just prefer a different type So, yeah guys. Thank you for watching. Bye


  1. Happy Saturday! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the hamsters in the video! I wasn't able to get any clips of Dipper since he's gone to his home now and I only got 2 clips of Buzz because he as well has gone to his home! ? Hopefully these tips can help!

  2. hey 🙂 ! my hamsters claws are getting quite long and are very sharp , yesterday when i was holding him he tried climbing up my arm and his foot slipped and scratched me so hard it made my arm bleed (it was an accident , he didn’t mean to .) the vet is quite a trip away and i don’t really trust doing it myself . any tips on how to trim down his nails without cutting them ?


  4. actually its normal that hamsters chew on cage bars mine does it too and i have a lot and when i say alot i have a desk drawer half full of chew toys for my hamster but he just rejects chewing on them he prefers to chew on cage bars

  5. Thanks very helpful 🙂 and it defiantly helped when i saw walnuts can act as chews ( I have some so it was really handy )
    And now my hamsters spend almost 15 minutes trying to get on the inside!!! ( I crack one in half so they share… and there poor sports giving up after 5 minutes if they can't smell anything ) so thanks again!

  6. I but some peanut butter into my hamsters wood chew so she would finally chew, but I just watched her lick it off and then threw the chew to the side and go to sleep. Fun.

  7. I found a shop that sold cold-presses sesame seed oil and they byproduct was hard pellets. I got a whole bunch for free. My hamsters love to chew on them but they won't eat them. They're made from seed husks so they're perfectly natural.

  8. My robo dwarf is SO picky! He has tons of chews but he only wants to chew on his little house. I started using these little lightweight rice roll crunchy things, and he loves those, but I'm not sure he's supposed to have them all the time. It is the only toy/treat he routinely chews on. He won't touch sticks, blocks, toys, pine cones, anything. Even if I soak it or roll it in his food. Are the rice roll thingys safe or should I go back to the petstore again and find more chews?

  9. What do you mean by only every month? Do you mean like once they’ve chewed on it a while, take it away or like give them a new one every month?

  10. Thank you will be so helpful! My hampster hates chewing on things but I have given him the cupcake u talk about and he ate all the sprinkles off then never touched it again so I know to give him those like once a month and I am trying the peanut butter on wooden stick right now!?

  11. With the edible chews, should I take out the ONE that I leave in the cage after a few days or do I let them finish it?

  12. I haven't had a hamster in many years but man do I wish videos like this existed back then. It didn't matter what kind of chew toy I gave them, they always preferred the metal bars of the cage itself (another reason to get an aquarium instead). Not only is that bad for them, it makes sleeping in the same room as your hamster downright impossible.

  13. Omg your soo pretty and make very imfomational videos. I'm getting a hamster soon and you have taught me sooo much I'm so thankful and I love your videos thank you????❤?????❤❤?????

  14. Origanally I got wood chews for my hamster but it didn’t ever chew on it so I assumed it didn’t like chewing then I got a whimsy chew and it chewed the whole thing in a week or two

  15. We have tried everything with my Syrian. He will not chew on any wood, we did use one of the cupcakes when we first got him, he chewed off the sprinkles, than never touched it, the only thing we can get him to chew on are rice pops, and sense we have another dwarf that doesn’t really chew either and two guinie pigs, we get 3 packs of rice pops, every two weeks. It’s really stressful and I know wood chews we would not have to buy as often, I’m lucky non of them chew on plastic, but the piggies are in a bared cage so that chew on that sometimes, I don’t know what to do I’ve tried everything?

  16. Omg thanks you so much I got my hamster a week ago and he got used to my family very quickly but he never chewed on his chews just his mineral I tried rubbing peanut butter on and off and he loves it his name is basil inspired by you?

  17. My hamster he’s something else he chews sooooo much luckily it’s never something he isn’t meant to just chew toys he goes through them like mad

  18. I was so worried about my hamster chewing on his bars and if I do anything to open the cage door he would escape and my parents don't let me by another cage

  19. My Chinese dwarf hamster wont chew
    Edit: I tried the food one with the wood she had no intrest then I tried the peanut butter and sbe started to chew on it thanks

  20. My hamster Cornelius was not chewing on his chews so I tried putting them in his seed mix like you said a BAM now he chews on them ! Thank you for all your hamster tips!

  21. My hamsters wouldn’t chew anything, until I bought in a couple of small twigs and broken sticks

  22. Omg the peanut butter one works sooo well my hamster did not chew on her chew toys now she is thank you!

  23. Miss Victoria, regarding the dog chews, I know you said once a month, but do you mean let the hamster have it for a day and take it away until the next Month? Or just give one each month, so it can chew as it pleases?


  25. Oh yeah these tips help! I tried the Peanut Butter one, and OMG ? My hammy went to town on that one ? Whimzees are awesome ?? and I look forward to trying berries next ??

  26. Thank you so much! My hamster would never chew on his chew toys and I put the wood in his seed and now he’s chewing on them! ?

  27. You are amazing, Victoria, seriously! You have answers to everything haha! When I first bought my hamster a month ago, the pet store lady told me hamsters needed to chew on calcium stones so I bought him one. The first week, he would chew it every night, but after that, he seemed to lose all interest in it. And now I find out he doesn't even need calcium, oh gosh! I'm going to the pet store tomorrow to see if I can find other chews. I'll keep the calcium one and try to give it to him again in a few weeks. Thank you so much for your videos, they're great!

  28. I don’t know how much money I spent on chew toys and yet my hamster still chews his bars in his cage ?

  29. Victoria! I need help! I see you using the alligator chew, and I found it at PetSmart! I looked at the ingredients, and it had paprika. I've seen on multiple sites that paprika is bad for hamsters. Can they have them??

  30. Hey Victoria. My mom won't let me buy a bigger Cage, and I think the one i have right now is the Max minimum in my country. I really want my one year old dwarf to have the best life, in a nice Cage. But my mom says the Cage is fine and it's money out of the window. What should i do?

  31. My hamster had 3 chews. NOTHING. Then i got this carrot shaped one, it looked a little diffrent like a whimsee chew. She started chewing it. I am very happy for her. Although her bach teeth are overgrowing but she is chewing a chew toy( i will get the same one but apple shape). I have 2 mineral chews anf one chew toy. Thank you Victoria you helped me with hamster care a lot!

  32. What chew toys do you recommend for dwarf hamsters? I've been thinking about getting a hamster and you're channel has helped me a lot to research.

  33. Do I have to do the food one on the wood constantly? Because when I do it, my hamster will chew on it for like a minute and not care for it later on.

  34. I have tried almost everything but Moka will only chew whimzees, I have tried the pb hack and even dipping sticks in natural juice, even walnuts and peanuts and it doesn't work??

  35. You are my savior! My hamster stopped chewing on her wooden toy and started chewing the paint off her bars! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!

    P.S. Happy 4th of July

  36. My hamster doesn't like to chew on wood she only chews on finger nails which i find gross. Once when she nibbled on me i put the wood in the way so that she would bite it and she did but not a lot plus she is a dwarf hamster she is still young so i dont blame her <3 love your videos btw<3<3<3

  37. I might get an hamster and now all I'm doing is watching your videos because they should be on proper care 247

  38. I got a hamster today ! It’s a male orange brownish Russian dwarf. I went to pet smart and oh boy, they don’t know much. They always kept telling me to get a very small tiny tales cage. They didn’t have much so I got a bar cage. ( not too small or big ) I suggested putting it in a bin. I got all the necessities although the wheel had a peg which made it super hard for him to actually use it so I took it out because I put my hamster in a tank. He never eats his food most of the time along with his chews. I bought mineral chews, the dog one used in the video, plain wooden blocks, fruit and seed treat mix, vegetables pellets, a water bottle, two packs of paper bedding (1 liter), a tree trunk hideout, bath sand and a bath area dome also a 7” clear ball. I bought a lot of things to keep him out of boredom. I do have a question. Is it okay if my hamster always tries to escape ? Maybe it’s because I just got him and he needs to get used to me. One Pet Smart associate told me to put a old sock in its cage to get used to me. Is that true ? I hope you reply!

    Edit : With the bar cage , I got , he always keeps climbing and biting the bars so I switched into a tank.

  39. I know this comment is late, but thank you for making this video! I have a hamster that has never had proper chew toys, so he chews on the bars of his cage. Hopefully, some of these tips will help me get him to chew

  40. Umm i have a alla kinds of chews but she just dosen't chew! And she keeps on chewing on the bars. So i tried the butter hack. And guees what she likes it???

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