How to get your dog to stop eating poop

How can I get my dog to stop eating poop??
Oh yeah, that’s gross but I get that question a lot. Okay so couple things to know: Eating poop is pretty normal and really common in dogs. They do it
for a couple of reasons, puppies especially. Puppies love it and generally
they kind of grow out of the habit which is nice so if you’re out there with a
puppy and you’re going “this is gross!” hang in there you may well grow out of most of the
problems. So that’s nice. For a grown dog there’s a couple other reasons. One,
there are medical conditions that can make this happen. Anything that increases appetite or
decreases the ability to absorb nutrients or things like that.. it may
play a role so we want to make sure we get that checked out. Beyond that, it’s
boredom, sometimes. They’re out in the yard, there’s not a whole lot
of stuff to do so… might as well eat some poop and so that’s gross but that’s
a good reason. And then, number three, it’s purely that they love it. Some dogs just LOVEIT, and so that’s all gross. As I said, this is pretty common.
There’s not a lot of bad stuff about it from a medical standpoint, unless they’re
going after other dog’s [poop] in which case they may get parasites, and so parasites
are a problem. Make sure your dog’s on regular heartworm prevention to help with that. Let’s generally limit this. So what do we
do about it? Number one – let’s get him checked out medically and make sure there’s
nothing going on there and just take that off the table. Number two – if they’re
bored I can give them toys I can play with them myself, I can walk them or I can
bring them in as soon as they start to look bored overall, and the last thing is – I can
pick up. If this is the thing that is grossing you out then maybe just keep
your yard clean. Just go out and you’re gonna pick up so that this doesn’t
happen. Take that off the table. Again, as far as taste, there’s a bunch of stuff people say you can add to dogs’ food to affect taste and maybe make them not
want to do this so much. None of this stuff is really tested, honestly. Ask your vet if they have recommendations. There definitely seem to be some things
that work, but nothing that’s rock-solid. Those are the big things… and the last
thing is a training tip and trick: Your recall command. Train your dog to
drop it, leave it and come. I mean those are the are the key commands we need.
So: leave it, and come and work work work on those positive reinforcement [commands]. Make
sure you got them down rock solid and that way as soon as you start to see
them thinking about it, you can call them to leave it
and then come back to you. That can save you a lot of headache and
engrossing out-ness as well. What else have you got? — Describe your high school experience in three words — In three words I would say it was awkward, awkward and it was awkward.

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