53 thoughts on “How to Get Two Rabbits to Become Friends

  1. My friend needs help. Her rabbit is not fixed and they had babies. The male has already ate 2 of them and now theres only 7. Do you know how to stop this??

  2. You are NOT suppose to put rabbits or bunnies in cages with wires,it hurts their feet like pain,I would NOT put rabbits or bunnies into cages?

  3. I have 3 male rabbits and they where all bonded at one time then one started attacking another, now I have 2 together and one in another area. They started fighting before they where neutered, and now they are fixed and still fight. My rabbit doesn't want anything to do with the other but he's tamed to my other… Please help me solve this….

  4. I am a professional rabbit breeder and what I do to try to get the rabbits to bond is just tape them together, forcing them to be with each other for a long time.

  5. I am planning on getting a friend for my male bunny who is neutered and 1 years old, I want to get a female as I see that they tend to get along better, what should I do if they start fighting really badly, How can I separate if the spray doesn't work? Thanks in advance

  6. Uhm… My two male rabbits were friends, and now they are fighting. I got one of them fixed, but he still attacks the other. I am getting the other fixed ASAP. If they are still fighting what should I do?

  7. I am trying to pal my female bunny with a neutered male she has been in a cage with a play pen inside his enclosure for two weeks we let them out together and they were fighting rolling around fur everywhere any ideas what to do ,? please

  8. I have five Male rabbits who are all separated and they're not neutered will be okay for me to introduce one at a time to each other I purchased a very big cage that will accommodate 10 rabbits but three of them already in a cage together I just have two that are separated and I want to add them to the other three

  9. You never ever spray a rabbit especially in the face they can associate water with stress and stop drinking any decent that will tell you this . Unspayed females can be bonded I know this firsthand my female Abby is bonded to her daughter from her first litter they were separated for one year when her daughter was only eight weeks old then reintroduced when she was a little over a year old zero problems .

  10. Does anyone have any advice for me, I have a male and female bunny (they are both spayed and neutered). We’ve had them for a while now, almost about 2 years, and we’ve been trying to bond them. They are just not bonding. We took breaks for a while from bonding them and haven’t tried in almost a year which I feel bad about but things have been busy. How can I work to get these bunnies who hate each other to be better friends??

  11. I have 2 bunnies, they were mean at first, just one was biting the other a bit. But the next day they were sleeping right next to each other lol. Now they can not be separated, they love each other too much.

  12. Can a couple of 3 and 5 week old baby rabbits be housed together until they are neutered and spayed need help please

  13. I have Two rabbits Both Boy how can I make The Little one stop Fighting my rabbit is older but the Little one Is the One who's fighting Can you help

  14. I have a question, I have a 1year old male neutered rabbit its name is Roo and I just got a 2 week old rabbit its name is Mochi, I do not know what gender it is at the moment (pretty sure its female) but I do NOT want to fix it and instead have this one as a breeding rabbit, how would I go about making them friends? Would I go about it the same way as the adults shown in this video?

  15. I have one bunny he is 3 years old he is genten nice nevver bit me in the 3 year i got him and nevver poopen or peed on me but i want him to get a friend but idc if that. Is a good idea?!?!?!

  16. thank you we might get another bunny and this really helped me but don't give them that many pellets ,don't use those types of treats or salt licks use barley biscates, and make sure they have wide space no cages

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