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My name is Jeff White and I’m the research
entomologist for bedbug central and the host of bedbug TV I have no idea how I got into bugs and bedbugs
and here I am 6 years later and having a lot of fun working with bedbugs and I will be
talking to you about pest control. Reports of stink bugs are on the rise and
people want to know how can I prevent them from getting into my house and what can I
do to get rid of them permanently? Brown marmorated stink bugs are really the
culprit that everyone is complaining about and what these are is a stink bug species
that was introduced to the United States around the mid 90’s in Central Pennsylvania. This bug is native to Asia and what happens
when these bugs are brought in countries that they’re not normal to and not native to, is
that there are no predators present to regulate their population. Brown marmorated stink bugs have had the ability
to reproduce uncontrolled, and were getting hundreds and thousands of stink bugs all over
the place and there’s nothing to keep those numbers down. And people are finding them getting into their
houses, especially in the spring and in the fall and so what this insect is, is what we
call an over-wintering pest. And what it is, is it’s coming to people’s
houses looking for places to hide for the winter. And so in the fall, it’s coming to the house,
to hide for the winter. And in the spring, it’s trying to get out
of the house to get outside and live it’s normal reproductive cycle. And so all this insect, is invading your home. It’s actually completely harmless, it does
stink which some people don’t think it actually does. If you put it in your hand and hold it tight
and smell your hand ,as disgusting as that is, you will actually smell a smell associated
with it. It’s called stink bug for a reason. But, it’s harmless, it’s actually not doing
anything inside your house. It’s just looking for a place to hide. What it is doing though, is it is hurting
agricultural plants, it is damaging some crops and there are a lot of researchers looking
for ways to start reduce the population of this bug because it is starting to have a
negative effect or impact on local crops. And so what you can do that, is first off
you can obviously contact a knowledgeable professional. There are applications of pesticide that can
be done in the late summer, early fall that can help reduce the numbers of bugs that get
into your house for the winter. And so that’s one way that you can do to reduce
numbers. You can also seal up your home, make sure
that you have proper doorsweeps installed, so bugs can’t walk under the door. Make sure that your windows are sealed properly,
that way they can’t get into those cracks and crevices. And one of the most common areas we find stink
bugs entering homes is through the chimney. Now obviously you can’t seal the chimney,
but you can look at ways to hopefully prevent the bug from getting in in the first place. The one thing to keep in mind is expectations
with this bug. It’s very difficult to completely eliminate
this bug from getting into your house and so don’t go into a control program thinking
that you’ll never see them again. It’s very difficult to do that, but you can
drastically reduce numbers by sealing the home as best you can and getting a pesticide
application done in the late summer early fall. And that’s 2 ways you can help reduce the
number of stink bugs that you see in your house.

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  1. Well the problem is, I'm scared of all insects. My cat is trying to eat it because it's on my speakers, (which are in my room) I SCARED XD.
    I have my perfume bottle right by me with my cat and I'm waiting it to just fall so I can either spray it or step on it I prefer spray, I'm spraying my perfume everywhere in my room. And now it's flying everywhere oh dear god..

  2. I’m tired of these little assholes, they’ve infested my damn bedroom, and I just watched one suicide bomb my wall and end up under my bed.

  3. Aw I love them. I think they're cute. They're all over my house and completely harmless! They land on me from time to time as if to say hello. And rarely do they stink. Don't be afraid of them guys.

  4. They are always in my house Ya know how I get rid of them I get my arrow and wack em and my finsiher it sticking it threw even tho it will stink like who cares it feels good

  5. Here in Ohio, we have an INFESTATION of them coming in the house during the Winter season!
    In the beginning (approx 6-8 years ago. this now being 2018) we noticed seeing a few of them here and there, but now we got BUNCHES of them. At first we couldn't find where they were coming from since we didn't see any until the first month of Winter but by the 2nd and 3rd month of Winter we were CONSTANTLY seeing them crawling up the walls, across the counter top, and on the cupboards. So where are they coming from? Before Winter we tried looking around the outside of the house to see if there was an obvious gap somewhere that they were using as an open door to invite themselves in, we checked our basement, we made sure to leave our doors and windows closed 2 months before the Winter season, and so the ONLY place that seems most likely is the chimney! We have a chimney for our furnace and also one for our fireplace… given that we keep the damper closed on the fireplace but it's not to say that it closes tightly enough to keep out these little stink bugs.
    So aside from knowing how theyre getting inside our house, my husband happened to start doing some remodeling this year and WOW…. it was the first month of Winter when we don't see hardly any stink bugs yet in our house that he started taking down drywall to replace some really old electric wiring that had been there since his grandparents built the house back in the 1940's, and when he removed the drywall, our inside walls were like the nazis using under ground tunnels to conceal themselves before they attacked with their weapons of gas destruction….I mean there were BUNCHES of them! So why in the walls? The only thing we can think of is they are getting inside our house through the siding somehow and it isn't until the coldest months of Winter that they are then leaving these areas inside the walls to find much more warmer places in the house since most of the walls in this house were never insulated.

  6. I've lived in my home almost 5 years, it's February and I just found one!!! I've only ever seen the occasional fly or spider. These are awful. I'm sure where's one there will be more. Yuck.

  7. I've been finding a lot in my house ever since I took my air conditioners out I take the little bastards out in the driveway and smash them with a 16 pound sledge hammer

  8. I just went to the bathroom and found one on the toilet once i saw it i closed the toilet flush it but the damn animal was flying around the toilet once i opened it

  9. Put little stinkers on birth control then all we have to do wait they will eventually disappear..Lol Wow that sounds like Conspiracy! What benefit if any do they have?

  10. How to get rid of stink bugs. Misleading a waste of 3 minutes telling you to seal your doors and windows and where they might come in. Now where in the video is there an offering to "get rid" of them. Thanks, but not enough information.

  11. I FOUND A SOLUTION . Light up an/some electric fly killer (blue light) in your house in the spring and in autumn (24h/24h) (7d/7d)

  12. Imagine being tossed into a pit full of a hundred or more corpses. Piled several layers deep. Then the pit is sealed up leaving you to slowly die of starvation & asphyxiation.
    THAT is the fate of stinkbugs in my room. I wait until they land, (They like my ceiling for some reason) and I just reach up with a soda-pop bottle and the things usually tend to jump right into it when I get it about 1/2 inch away from them.. I put the lid back on to contain the stink and put the bottle back by the leg of my desk to await the next invader.

  13. We have at least 2 of these things mozying around in our living room and kitchen at any given point. For some reason I don't really mind them visually so it's not a huge issue. I was thinking "if these were spiders I would burn my house down".

  14. So…. I'm still waiting for the answer to "How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs" as the title suggests. The information provided was educational, but didn't resolve the title. Going on for a couple minutes and then, at the last minute, saying "look at ways to hopefully prevent the bug from getting into your home," which, by the way, is NOT a good suggestion for getting rid of anything. No actual useful information was given to resolve the title. I would have been happier had it said, "Quick history and information about the Stink Bug."

  15. In China they eat those things. Quite tasty and spicy. They don't have a grasshopper problem in Oaxaca, do you know why? They eat them thats why.

  16. Well thanks for taking the time to explain but the stinkbug another name for it is also the conifer seed bug if I'm not mistaken. you offered suggestions to reduce them the Title of urr Videos is how to get rid of stink bugs very misleading. Please fix that

  17. Our local newspaper posted that there was no pesticide for them but we called an exterminator and it did the trick.  We were contaminated pretty bad especially in our garage which we used to keep open to cool it off in the summer. The darn things took up residence in gloves, motorcycle helmets  shoes, backpacks and anything they could squeeze their stinky little brown bodes into.  Since we had the exterminator 2 years, they gone packing.  I still find a few but nothing like before.

  18. Yep I see one in my house once and awhile. And mostly in the fall. No they don't bite. I catch them with my hands and throw them outside! Now I would not do that with a bee! Then they land on my outdoor plants. Oh well the first is coming in mid Oct and they be hiding after that. My plants are aunnels and die after frost frost anyhow.

  19. Talked to much and didn't give any real info, all he basically said was seal up your house and get pest control……worst info ever!

  20. I’m not even lying, I killed like 3 a few hours ago, now I just saw like 5 in my room!! My room people!! I don’t know where they are coming from because everything is secured shut!

  21. Literally there were none in my room and when I go downstairs and come back up they are all over my window. Like bish go awayyyy

  22. Solution: 100% isopropyl alcohol, 10 parts, to mint extract, 2 parts. Put it in a spray bottle. When you see a stink bug, give it a few squirts, and enjoy watching it die. Get them outside and you won't have to clean up. Also the smell of the mint extract keeps them away to a certain extent.

  23. Make sure your lights are sealed off from the attic. Recessed lighting has openings for mounting and heat dissipation, I see a lot more of these in homes with several can lights. Chimneys and bathroom vents are a weakness too. Use screening and a staple gun anywhere you can use it safely.

  24. I fill a quart plastic container to about 1/4 full with old vegetable oil (why waste the new stuff?) and keep it on the fridge. When I see a stinkbug, I remove the lid and come up from underneath them and they fall in and drown, leaving no stink in the container (unlike soapy water).I use this all season long until January or so.

  25. They're looking for a nice warm dry place to spend the winter, and they like crawling under blankets. So I leave a loosely folded tarp in my shed. They come in and bed down in October/November. Then in January when there is snow on the ground I bring out the tarp and shake them out in the snow where they die of exposure to the elements.

  26. So how do you get rid of them?
    What pesticide do you use to get rid of them?
    Sealing your house up doesnt get rid of them!

  27. I mowed my yard a week ago, while mowing 1.5 acres, I hit 4 or 5 just while mowing, man, they stink really bad, they are twice the size of the ones in your video, I have some of those too.
    Is there no repellent to use in the yard to keep them away ? I live about 40 miles from the Gulf Coast.

  28. Everything he said was right but the title is misleading. Theres no solution to these things and all you can do is minimize the numbers getting into your house.

  29. Since you love bugs so much you can have all my Stink Bugs absolutely for free. I won't even charge you for all the beer you could possibly drink nor the great southern cooking in my home. Basically a free Bed and Breakfast in exchange for you taking all 100% of these Stink Bugs.

  30. I've never had bugs before in my apartment been here over 9 years but this winter I've had several and they scare me lmao i have one in my bathroom now and freaking out I need to find out why they coming in now and from where

  31. Home Defense spray works well. Spray all exterior doors and windows in the fall. I use my dustbuster in and around the garage, then empty them all in bleach water. Tough buggers to get rid of.

  32. Check your pot plants in the morning, one or more has droopy leaves, never gonna fully recover, there's a stinkbug sitting on a branch, laughing at ya. Peppermint oil spray keeps them away.

  33. I was so hapoy when no stinkbugs came into my home for a few weeks then all the sudden I went into the bathroom because I had to use it, and BOOM a stinkbugs right by the window. I ran out of there and had to hold it the rest of the night because im scared of stinkbugs even though they're harmless

  34. Simply go to the bathroom and get a foot or two of TP, make a wad and envelop the BMSB and throw it in the stool. Now pee on it, it's chem warfare as the cilantro-like stink combines with human wee wee and then FLUSH!

  35. got 100s of them. Take a cup fill it with water put soap on the surface and everytime you see one, dunk!

  36. I also remember putting a bug on a paper towel, and then used nail polish and painted over them, I was like, “this is what u get, you little stinky buggery boogery ?”

  37. Ok so if they are hiding then why was one on the toilet waiting to be killed and sitting in the middle of the hallway!!!!

  38. Thats a really interesting video. I just found some GOLDEN Eggs in my garden and I filmed how
    those small creatures developped and hatched. That was really an amazing experiance, maybe you want
    to take a look?;) Cheers

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