How to Get Rid of Spiders Guaranteed (4 Easy Steps)

Spiders are among the most hated pests
in the world. They can sometimes be a nuisance, dangerous, and quite frankly
they could be downright freaky. In this video, I’m going to show you how to
eliminate spiders using the Solutions Four-Step Process.
Coming up. I’m Keith McCoy with Solutions Pest and Lawn. You know as the
temperatures increase, we need to be thinking more about pest control. And as
the bugs come out, so do the spiders. Spiders are an important part of our ecosystem and
can help us with our own pest control, but a lot of the time we don’t want
them around, especially brown recluse and black widows, which often times deliver
fatal bites. So we’ll start with our first two steps identification and
inspection. You know there’s more than 35,000 spider species worldwide, that’s a
scary thought. Luckily there’s only a fraction of those that you may see
around your home or yard. Some of the most common species that you may
encounter are wolf spiders, orb-weaver, jumping spiders, brown recluse and black
widows. The good news is is that the brown recluse and the black widow are
the only life-threatening venomous spiders found in the United States but
that doesn’t mean that other types of spiders won’t leave a nasty bite. A lot
of the time identification and inspection go hand-in-hand because it
can be difficult to identify the species of spiders,
so when identifying spiders note size, color, behavioral patterns. And one of the
best ways is to count the number of eyes and their set pattern but hey let’s face
it who really wants to go eye-to-eye with a spider right spiders are shy and
stay in hidden areas so finding spiders around your home can
be difficult check the property for webs spiders have tendencies to build webs in
undisturbed areas such as around ceilings fixtures and windows also check
the garage outdoor coverings move things around
look for spiders these are areas that spiders love to hang out due to frequent
bug activity identification and inspection are really
important because without knowing where to apply and what to treat for spider
control can be difficult the good news is is that the products that I’m about
to show you will eliminate any spider problem that you may encounter the third
step to the process is control what you want to do first is you want to
declutter the house sometimes spiders can be found in cluttered areas such as
garages attics and basements do your best to throw out or reorganize as much
as possible so that the spiders will be more out in the open
this will help eliminate any harborage areas next we’ll use a product called
reclaim IT with a pump sprayer reclaim i.t is an insecticide concentrate that
has a powerful knockdown and a great residual spray outside around windows
doors around porches under patio coverings along eaves inside spray along
baseboards closets and in garages and storage spaces after that you can
monitor spider activity by using a catch master 72 MB glue board these are multi
insect glue traps that are great to use for capturing stray spiders that may be
hard to find lay these out in areas where you’ve seen spider activity maybe
the garage maybe a closet storage area the spiders will walk across the board
and get stuck then you can dispose of the board eliminate webs by using web
out spray web out spray is an organic formula that is designed to break down
webs and also make cleaning a lot easier and to prevent new webs from forming
spray any spider webs that you might see usually inside or under patio coverings
clean up the web by using either a broom or a weber head duster this will
discourage spiders from rebuilding webs in those areas the final step to the
process is prevention keep the spiders away by spraying the
perimeter of your home with reclaim i.t spray 3 feet up the structure and three
feet out this will create an insecticidal barrier that will keep
spiders away seal off any openings around the exterior of the house you
know using a copper mesh and weep holes around the perimeter is a great idea
also you can seal off any cracks and crevices by using a caulk be diligent
about knocking down webs that you might see and continue a good general pest
control program remember if you get rid of bugs you get rid of the spiders food
source and that is our four-step process if you follow that process solutions
guarantees you 100% that you will eliminate your spider problem not only
will you eliminate your spider problem but you will also eliminate a lot of
other bugs and insects that you see around your property leave us a comment
in the comment section below if you have a question also visit one of our stores
give us a call send us an email or visit our website and don’t forget to
subscribe to our channel for more how-to and product videos
i’m keith mccoy with solutions best in line ask us how then do it yourself you you

90 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Spiders Guaranteed (4 Easy Steps)

  1. I thought good old Peppermint , tea tree oil with water would do the trick but this only work for most . I'll get some of this because I'm Afraid of Spiders ? Arachnaphobia Real Bad ‼?

  2. Spiders don't care if you have bugs or not. They may come in to see if you have bugs or not but if you don't it makes them no difference. They will feed on YOU!

  3. Thank you for all the great tips! I will be following all these steps. I need to order the reclaim it. I do like spiders because they eat others bugs like mosquitoes. However I recently purchased a home and it was vacant for about two months also the home owner was elderly and I don't think she went to the basement very often. I have brown recluses spiders. I have sprayed and bombed. I didn't see any for a couple of days and then I saw one. I also saw some wood up in the corner of the house. I am going to spray this really good and then get it out of the house. The house is empty while work is being done. Wish my luck! thank you

  4. I think the spider species I saw in my bedroom is jumping spider. When I saw that, I called my father very fast. When my father try to catch it, it keeps jumping. I'm just scared if there's more. Since then, I don't even think I want to sleep in my room anymore. ?

  5. He says Brown Recluse and Black Widows often give fatal bites and that is totally untrue. It's extremely rare for either spider bite to cause death. As a matter of fact 90% of the injuries that are diagnosed as spider bites are wrong.

  6. So many looks like brown recluse around here :'( I'd hate to look at more detail pictures. I can't declutter while they are in the clutter T_T

  7. Are your products available to purchase in the UK? Please help! I'm absolutely petrified my fear is so bad it affects my everyday life in a huge way

  8. Thank you Keith. I placed my order earlier today for several items. Good to see you are doing well. This is Shera (formerly Overcast) by the way!

  9. I live in an apartment and it looks like spiders are climbing in from the wall mounted ac. Do you have any tips? We can't spray the outside of our building and its impractical to routinely remove the ac unit for cleaning.

  10. What all pest/bugs does this product kill and repel? We just moved out to the country, and we have millions of jumping spiders, fire ants, wasps, wood bees, and mosquitoes! Would it kill and repel all of those?

  11. We ha e a problem with brown recluse. We have a bug guy who sprays monthly and puts out glue boards but we still have them… several on the glue boards every month. Any suggestions?

  12. I have some smol ones in my bathroom .. i am really scared of them and when i walk into the bathroom i iust see one walking towards me and its really scary lol

  13. I have extreme arachnophobia, I can’t even kill a spider with a napkin without thinking I won’t squish it and it will get on my hand. Hope this video helps.

  14. I find spiders in my room a lot but when a big hairy one crawled a few inches from my head in my bed at 2 am i had to draw the line

  15. Okay my Delma is a long story… But long story short the spiders lost in my bed and I'm not going to sleep tonight and tommarow so Father's Day I'm a lil worried and tired

  16. My boy, my homie, my dawg, Keith. First of all, I don't wanna do this anymore bc you said there's jumping spidos. And you said I had to move the clutter to get to those bad boys, but Keithy, my boy, you don't understand. No one has gone in there in literal Years and I wanted to use the room for stuff. ( just to clarify the room is a basement under our garage which is detached from our house) and there are SO MANY SPIDOS! to move the clutter I have to go through a spider army. It's like Nam in there Kiethy, they are hiding in the trees, (if trees were the ceiling) And you walk in and close the door but you find out its a trap bc the spidos are on the doorknob. I barely got out of there alive. And Keithy my boyo, I'm broke and have zero moneys. I can't buy anything and have to use what I have. And also for some totally random reason cough cough spidos, there's a problem with the wiring and the power does not work in the garage or the garage basement, aka spido command central. The only weapon I have against those spawns of Satan is a broom. So Keithy, aka King God Professor of Pest and Lawn Solutions Sr. please give me your holy strength as I run into hell once more to remove the vermin from the place I once called a cool room. May Keith have mercy on our mortal souls.

  17. There are spider demons from the other realm, people have no idea they are watching us & they are spinning webs of despair, pulling webs from our very scalp. It's crazy. I've had them in my room 6 months now, I just learned of it, JESUS is going to save me ( I'm not kidding, no )

  18. im 7 years old and im a singer i found a spider in my studio it was the color black and a bit green on the top i live in kosovo i was tarrified my mom said she'll take it out

  19. After being bit by a brown recluse I hosed the house with Talstar and its about time to do it again.  Mouse glue traps can be used to monitor spiders.

  20. jumping spiders??? oh hell no !!!
    I was told mint is a natural repellent for spiders and whole bay leaves (the spice) are good for cockroaches

  21. We have someone coming tomorrow to spray our house. If this doesn't work… I agree. Burn it down! I hate these spiders. My fear is that they'll come after my 2 babies. So far, we haven't found any in their rooms. But I found 3 in my bathroom yesterday! ?

  22. I had a spider problem once. When I woke up one morning I watched a spider walk off dragging my great dane and that's when I had the national guard attack with an air campaign!

  23. I just done my room up, I covered my holes/ cracks up, I got a new desk two days ago, so I see a spider jump next to my foot, so away it goes, I walk back in and right next to my desk is this massive black spider and I’m thinking “where the hell did you come from” I just got a new desk there, I didn’t see no spider earlier

  24. Jumping spiders and daddy long legs are the best in moderation. Why would you want to kill them? Would you rather have big flies, house centipedes, ants and other bugs roam around?

    Search “friendly jumping spider” on YouTube.

  25. Errr help. I have spiders underneath my bed ???
    They really thin legs, small body.. help, ima start panicking cos i hate spiders so much

  26. We dont know which spider bit my husband 3 times now in bed an exterminator identified the bites for us so now I’m on spider control in my bedroom, I’m not using chemicals in my bedroom not doing that.

  27. It’s also good to put glue traps under chairs and behind sofas cuz that is one of the main places they are indoors

  28. The spider glue board will show you, what the spiders are eating and trap spiders. In Ohio our brown recluse spiders are bold. They will not run from you and a large one charged at me, so I lit him up with a torch. Wall lizards jump up in webs and eat the spiders and its food instantly. Its amazing how the food chain work. My main suggestion to spider problems is to remove clutter. I love the blizzards, so I only spray indoors.

  29. I have a question, Are spiders attracted to cold air? Because I mostly see wolf spiders once an awhile in my room. And yes I have my air conditioner ON all night and most of the day.

  30. Why poison the world? If you use silicone caulk instead of poison in 90% of these places, you will get a better result.

  31. Thank you, but more than likely most of us watching this have arachnophobia, and with the excessive pictures of spiders on the screen made me never want to see a spider again. It is currently 4 in the morning and now I’m scared for my life because there was like 15 different images of deadly or venomous spiders that could possibly be lurking in the shadows. Don’t watch this video with feet in the ground or a blanket. The blanket rubs me at all and I damn near hit my head on the ceiling got me jumping so hard?

  32. I use boxing gloves to kill the big spider and that work when your in a trouble of spider like if u agree
    ?. ?

  33. i dont mind most bugs but i just spotted a Black House Spider crawl under my bead and it freaked me out they dont usally bite me they just kind of do there own thing but its still creepy to think about.

  34. Yesterday I got a spider on my bed. This morning I got a spider on the wall ?? and then I Came back home today and found a dead bug on my window Ceiling

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