How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants (3 Easy Steps)

The Little Black ant is a prolific ant species
native to North America. As their name suggests, they’re little and
they’re black, and when infesting your home or property, they can be annoying. Little Black ant colonies can reach up to
two thousand workers. And while that’s not as bad as other ant species,
little black ant control can be difficult. Little Black ants are extremely small — typically
only a sixteenth of an inch long. Though they are called black ants, they can
range in color from dark brown to jet black. They do have a stinger, but it is too small
and too weak to be of any threat to use or pets. Little Black ants can be found throughout
the United States, but are densely distributed in different regions, such as parts of California
and the East Coast. They can easily be found in wooded areas,
but can also infest yards and homes. Nests in the yard can be found in decaying
wood, along pavement or in sidewalk cracks, under rocks, or in yard debris like logs or
bricks. Inside, they can be found in wall voids, behind
decaying wood, behind masonry, or in kitchens. Find where they are nesting by watching for
ant foraging trails. These trails will lead you to their nest. To get control of little black ants, start
outside with Reclaim IT. This is a powerful liquid concentrate that
not only is a repellent, but also offers a quick knockdown and a long residual. Use this with a hose end sprayer, following
label instructions. Broadcast spray the Reclaim IT in your yard
for complete coverage. You can aslo spray any flower or mulch beds
that might be harboring little black ants. Next, use D-Fense dust around your home. This is a waterproof insecticidal dust that
is great for applications to hard to reach areas. Using a duster, apply D-Fense dust inside
wall voids, under appliances, behind electrical fixtures, and into points of entry like weep
holes or spigots. Finally, for complete control, use Ant-Trax. Ant-Trax is a sweet gel bait that comes in
a syringe for easy application and has been tested to be one of the most effective ant
baits available. Apply Ant-Trax in locations where ant activity
is common, such as kitchens, near appliances, near baseboards, and entry points. When baiting, be sure to remove any competing
food sources by storing food in airtight containers or picking up pet food. Prevent little black ants from returning by
continuing to eliminate food sources in your home. Clean countertops, sweep, and vacuum frequently. Remove water sources by fixing any leaky plumbing. Remove yard debris, and trim vegetation back
from the house. And be sure to spray follow up applications
of Reclaim IT every three months for continued protection. Little black ants can be small, but they can
cause a huge headache, however you can control them yourself with these professional products,
equipment, and tips from Solutions Pest and Lawn. Be sure to visit our website to get your products
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55 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants (3 Easy Steps)

  1. I love them because they mind there own business heheheh I don’t think I can ever get rid of Them thy are my good friends and I give them more food and sweets i love them ?

  2. I can’t exactly follow them, there in the carpet and extremely hard to see. How can I find the solution to this?

  3. My dumb self left the Easter candy out on the floor of my room now there are little ants there and I'm kinda scared of ants idk know why. And today I need to clean my room and I'm scared to move the bag…….

  4. I actually don't mind having these ants in my home! I use my hand and get one of the ants and bring it to school and scared the crap out of my classmates! Most of my classmates hate ants! ?

  5. thank you so much. I worked as a pest control technician but it was very brief and didnt know the name of the products i used and you have given me that. Thanx. I gotta get rid of these ants in my bedroom !

  6. I named my house ants, ANTifa. They're fully black, blindly follow the path laid out for them, invade my normal day to day route, and are madly attracted to fruit loops.


  8. I went on a camping trip and when I got back there were all over the mini fridge in my bedroom and crawling around my floor in the open I don’t know what to do about it I currently can’t go out and get any poisons but I don’t wanna sleep in here I know it’s not the best idea to keep a fridge in it room if u don’t want ants but

  9. For some reason I’m always finding ants in my room, there’s not even any food, drinks, or crumbs in my room..

  10. Here's how you get rid of them 1 step!
    1. Buy some terro (an ant killer trap) at home depot then set it down somewhere.

  11. – Leaves out poisoned ant bait
    – Lets ants get a bite
    – Kills remaining ants

    – Ants are gone for 2 days
    – Ants come back ten fold
    Ummmmmmm….. ok

  12. Listen, I live in a house with 7 people sometimes 9 and my grandpa hid some chocolate peanuts in his dresser. Then the devils came….their on the carpet…I have myrmecophobia…

  13. They are everywhere and I’m literally crying just cleaning them up with a paper towel, I killed them with the only bug spray we had, raid. I HATE ants. they can go jump off a cliff.

  14. Do you have any healthy recommendations? The methods you discuss are dangerous. Spraying my yard where children play is not acceptable.

  15. was burning them with a low flame lighter between the hours of 2 and 4 am but the kept coming back stronger and to die. eventually my gf complained of the smell of burning carpet so i found how they got in. i used soap water and 90 % alcohol. they are stopped for now.

  16. They've moved onto my bed overnight. I woke up to a nest underneath my pillow. As i'm speaking they are on my phone.

  17. Ants are in my room is my sister's fault for leaving trash on my room she said she dosent care about the earth.

  18. These little annoying ants have a nest inside my ceiling lights and i walk in the room its literally blackout light i turn on to burn them out and week later they come back to setup again. they use my ceiling lights as their disposal sight of their dead workers. I have 4 large oak tree in my yard each have different looking ants and i cant seem to tell where their coming from and their trail comes out of top of my kitchen cabinets then another trail under the base trim board in the bathroom then my water valve by the washer and drying. Its become frustrating to deal with them for almost about 6 months now.

  19. I usually just trap ants to experiment and observe what they do, One time I i did this and the next day

    One of them was smushed.

  20. There was alot outside of my room window. I had to remove curtains to kill them. They were getting in my bed and everywhere

  21. The method at 1:16 is absolutely ridiculous. It is irresponsible to spray Bifenthrin (the active ingredient) all over you lawn and beds, simply because you are too lazy to find where the ants are. 90% of all insects, BENEFICIAL and otherwise, will be eliminated. What the hell? Bifenthrin is powerful and effective, simply by spraying a touch of the mixed product on the colony. Boom the ants are GONE in 15 minutes. Their pathways will be completely disrupted. If you can't find the colony, then spray a line of the mixed product along their trails. Broadcast application is wasteful, wrong, and completely unnecessary.

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