How to Get Rid of & Kill Yellow Jackets – Nest Removal

The first step in eliminating Yellow Jackets
is to locate the nest. In most cases this can be done simply by watching active yellow
jackets and following back to the nest. Common nesting areas for yellow jackets include
under ground piles of old landscape timbers and rotting tree stumps. Once you have located the nest there are two
primary treatment options. Dusting and Drenching. Which ever option you choose, complete the
treatment in the late evening when the yellow jackets are inside the nest and less active. Always wear protective gear to guard against
stings. Gear such as long sleeves, pants, gloves, and enclosed shoes. You might also consider purchasing the professional
bee suite which is offered online in our equipment section. For yellow jacket nests that do not pose an
immediate risk, dusting is the safest option for control. This method can take a few days
to a couple of weeks to completely eliminate the yellow jackets, depending upon nest size. For the dust treatment you will need Tempo
or Delta Dust and a hand duster. Fill the hand duster with the dust according
to label specifications, then apply several puffs of dust directly into the entrance hole
of the nest. For nest that pose an immediate threat and
need to be controlled quickly drenching is the most effective option. You will need a
concentrated insecticide such as temprid, a handheld sprayer, and wasp freeze spary. Begin by spraying a two to three foot barrier
surrounding the nest with Temprid or similar insecticide concentrate. Next adjust the nozzle
on your sprayer to a pin stream and apply the liquid concentrate directly to the interior
of the nest by way of the entrance hole. The drenching will remain effective for up to
fourteen days and continue to kill of any immature wasps that might hatch during that
time. If any adult yellow jackets emerge from the nest during or following the application
spray them with the wasp freeze for a quick kill. If possible remove the nest and destroy
it after the area has dried completely. If it is not possible to remove the nest repeat
the drenching treatment every fourteen days until several weeks have passed without any
yellow jacket activity. And it’s that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control
dot com. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more instructional and product videos.

8 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of & Kill Yellow Jackets – Nest Removal

  1. I have a plant on my koi pond and in the plant their is a yellow jacket nest. I cant use pestacides, or toxic things bcuz the fish in the pond. Also I dont want to call an.exterminator. Any advice?

  2. My mother's nest is in the walls of the house above the A.C.. Where can she buy your drench liquid? Thank you!

  3. the nest in my house is underneath my deck so we can't see the nest, but there is a spot where the bees come out above the deck. what is the best approach here?

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