How to Get Rid of & Kill Mosquitoes in the Yard – Outdoor Mosquito Control

Do you have mosquitoes flying around? Mosquitoes
can take all of the fun out of outdoor activities. They bite over and over again, leaving everyone
annoyed and itchy. In recent years, mosquitoes in the US have even been proven to spread
dangerous diseases. You can help control mosquitoes on your property by following these steps.
Step 1: Take a good look around your yard for anything that can hold rain water. Bird
baths, Flowerpots, Ornamental fountains, Gutters, Water gardens, Rain barrels, Pool covers,
puddles, animal drinking containers, shallow ponds or yard debris can become home to mosquito
larvae. Empty or remove these items if possible. If emptying or removing the items is not possible
you can use a larvicide such as Mosquito dunks or Altosid. This will stop the larvae from
being able to develop into adult mosquitoes. Step 2: We are going to show you how to effectively
apply mosquito insecticide in your yard. Select a product that is specifically labeled for
mosquito control in residential yards such as Talstar P or Demand CS. Now you need to
choose the equipment that will best fit your needs. For small yards you can use a pump
sprayer for the application. For larger yards we recommend using a larger capacity mist
blower. All this equipment and these products are available on Do My Own Pest Control dot
com. Step 3 Mix the mosquito insecticide as indicated on the product label. The key to
a successful mosquito treatment is to apply the solution to all shrubs, trees, and other
foliage around the house or where you are trying to provide relief. You should direct
the application not only on top of the leaves, but on the underside of the leaves as well,
which is where mosquitoes hang out during the heat of the day. Applications to the overhangs
of houses or other structures will also help to get rid of mosquitoes on your property.
Step 4: Reapply the mosquito insecticide every 30 days throughout the mosquito season. With
the right products and by following the mosquito treatment steps we have outlined for you,
you can make your yard become a mosquito free haven. For more information on getting rid
of pests and for the products needed, visit Do My Own Pest Control dot com.

51 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of & Kill Mosquitoes in the Yard – Outdoor Mosquito Control

  1. Its better to care of both Environmental Corrective actions as well as a Pest Control action.    Drill holes in your old tires, or discard them.   Get rid of moisture contributors.   Apply mineral oil to overflow basins under flower pots.   I could go on but have no time right now.

  2. From MSDS:
    Bifenthrin is highly toxic to fish and aquatic arthropods

    ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Lambda-Cyhalothrin Technical:
    Slightly toxic to birds. Highly toxic to fish, invertebrates and bees.

    These are poisons.  Do you want to spread poison everywhere?

  3. Help, my larva hatched and now about 1,000 mosquitos are hanging out in pool. I know how to kill larva now, but how do i kill all the mosquitos before they leave and start terrorizing us and the neighborhood!

  4. Right… I've dug up my pond,blocked the river at the bottom of the garden,ripped down all guttering,cut the entire water supply to the house and drained all water butts! See what happens tonight ?

  5. I'm sick of all the environmentaly/pet/kid "safe" stuff. I live alone with no kids or pets and just want all bugs gone from my house and property. is there a real solution to this that isn't a repellent or has to be reapplied everytime it rains? Feel free to PM me if you have a answer that you can't say publicly.

  6. I wonder if there any granules that I can spread over my backyard instead of using a spray. Any suggestions are welcome, please?

  7. Someone told me this concoction works very well for mosquitos. Buy a big bottle of blue cheap mouthwash, add in 3 cups of Epsom salts and 3 stale 12oz cheap beer, mix it till salts are dissolved. spray around yard, says will not harm plants, says it works for 80 days, worth a try.

  8. Great video and website. How long after my initial spray should it take before I see a decrease in population (I have no standing water). E.g., if I spray in the morning, would I be able to hang on the porch that night and see a decrease, or would it take a week to notice a difference? Also, is Talstar P dangerous to bees or is there a time of day that I should spray bushes (non-flowering) to minimize negative impact on bees?

  9. You are far better off to get a Dynatrap or two or if you can spring for it and the gas to run it a Mosquito Magnet trap. They are $$ but they wipe them out!

  10. We have a pool in the back yard. It's right by a whole bunch of trees. Me and my family can't even really enjoy the pool without getting ate up

  11. I have no water sources and I have literally swarms in the shade on my house and I still can't get rid of them. HELP

  12. What were the two products you recommended in your video? I'm tired of dealing with these damn human eaters! I sprayed Cutter skinsations on my legs and the mosquitos act like they liked me more.

  13. What about if it rains every other day. I used the 1 product that was shown , the one on the left ,when he showed the 2 product. It works good. But it keeps raining. Washes it away.

  14. By the time I finish the first round I’ll have to start the second
    I’ll be breathing in as much chemical as the mosquitoes

  15. View our Mosquito Control & Killer Products here + Make sure you get the right sprayer for the job

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