How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (4 Simple Steps)

The Carpenter Ant is a wood destroying
ant species that can cause damage to your home or business. Like termites,
carpenter ants will destroy any soft or damaged wood in or around your structure.
Unlike termites they don’t consume the wood but bore through it to create
tunnels for easy travel from the nest to food sources. First, it’s important to
identify the carpenter ant. The carpenter ant is one of the largest ant species in
the United States, typically between 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch long. They can range in
color, but a good tell is the number of their body segments; ants have three
segments where termites only have two. Next, inspect your property for signs of
carpenter ant activity. Check woody areas that hold moisture, such as around
windows, door frames, plumbing under kitchen and bathroom sinks, wooden
structures, and any collections of wet or dead wood. You’re looking for Frass which
is wood debris found near tunnels, any damaged wood that will have smooth
galleries and openings, or any ant trails and activity. You can also listen for
clicking or rustling noises in your walls.
It might sound something like this: SOFT RUSTLING… once you’ve confirmed carpenter ant
activity, it’s time for chemical control start inside with a bait like Ficam.
This is a granular bait that can be used with a duster for easy application. Apply
Ficam near sinks or drains, around appliances, along walls, or around
bathroom fixtures. Next, apply FiPro aerosol foam to any cracks, crevices, and
wall voids. This is a non-repellent foam so the ants will unknowingly come into
contact with it, return to the colony and contaminate others. Apply FiPro around
windows, doors, plumbing under sinks or into walls.
You can also puff an insecticidal dust like D-Fense Dust into voids. Treat
outside with a non-repellent insecticide like Dominion 2L or Taurus SC. Mix with
water, following label instructions, in a pump sprayer. Create a barrier around
your home or business by spraying one two three feet up the wall and one two
three feet out. Also spray around windows, doors, around eaves, entry points, or where
pipes penetrate the wall. You can also spread and spot treat with Ficam
bait around the property. And treat any cracks, crevices, or ant galleries that
you found with FiPro foam. Finally, prevent carpenter ants from returning by
removing any wood debris from your property, trim vegetation back from the
home or building, and stack firewood as far away as you can from the structure. You can also use BoraCare to treat wood that might be vulnerable to
carpenter ant infestations. And there you have it: the Solutions Pest and Lawn
control plan guaranteed to get rid of carpenter ants. Be sure to subscribe to
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22 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants (4 Simple Steps)

  1. Do you have any pet safe solutions? All these chemicals seem like they'd be pretty deadly…

  2. I have a log cabin and we find these ants all over the inside. Everywhere on the first floor. We have sprayed and fogged so now when we find them they seem half dead but have no clue where they are coming from.Any advice? Please and thank you

  3. Thanks for the great video. I just want to to know, are these the products all pest control guys say you can't get? Because I'd rather do this all my self that pay the pest control guys because they are expensive

  4. My friend lives in a really old house and she has carpenter ants but she can’t use any chemicals because it will kill her gecko ?:(

  5. Used Bayer Maxforce quantum gel for the controlling the population of Ants.We have using this gel and gets possitive result at residential customer as well as Commercial also.

  6. So that why the wall have crack a rock wall so i put toothpaste in them their stuck and soon die it like fixing cant get water if left for 3 day and froze it perfect to kill them

  7. Under this large thing off wood outside my house I always like to flip it over and check it every once and a while and sometimes I would find centipedes, earth worms but today I saw ants and a bunch of wood chipings/frass

  8. Are these methods toxic to children? My kids love playing outside and we have carpenter ants that have already killed 2 trees and are working on another. They have also completely eaten the through the base of one of my fence posts.

  9. Oy! I didn’t know they went after food. I haven’t found where they’re coming in and find them in random places throughout the house.
    Question: are they attracted to unsealed, pressure treated wood?

  10. I just got bit by what i think is a carpenter ant on my pinky. It stung and now it feels weird it had wings and was black it was on my bed idk why if they like wood my bed it metal

  11. Sucks that people hate ants enough to kill them all within 3 feet of their home. Plus all the other bugs effected by these chemicals. I would just treat my house and the ants in it not outside as that is their home at that point. I am a little numbed by this video as an ant keeper it showes up in my feed so I have to see it all the time. Meanwhile carpenter ants turn the dirt and rid the yard of other dead bus and never bite or stung people.

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