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Even the cleanest of homes can get
bed bugs. They need only a means of entry and a food source. Bed bugs reproduce and
spread rapidly, so even a small problem can quickly become a large infestation.
Telltale signs of bed bugs include a sweet musky odor, rust-colored spots on
mattresses, or bedding and bites similar to those of a mosquito. To confirm the
presence of bed bugs, use disposable bed bug traps that will attract and trap
insects in about an hour. If bed bugs are present, place additional traps in other
areas of your home to determine how widespread the infestation may be. All
infested rooms must be prepped before treating the problem. Clear clutter from
the room, especially from under and around the bed. Any items you’re washing
should be placed in a sealable plastic bag while still in the affected room. If
you’re getting rid of items, dispose of the bags outside of your home. If you
have items stored in boxes, place them in plastic totes instead. Bed bugs can hide
inside cardboard. Remove any bedding and clothing that have been exposed. Seal
them in bags and immediately clean all items with a detergent specially
formulated for killing bed bugs. Set your washer on its hot-water cycle and dry
the load on the hottest temperature setting. Vacuum the room thoroughly,
including the mattress box spring baseboards, and even behind switch and
outlet plates. When done, immediately remove the vacuum bag or bagless
container. Seal it in a plastic bag and dispose of it. There are a variety of
safe, do-it-yourself bed bug treatment products available. Most of them are
older less and non-staining. For larger areas, a fogger is a good option. It will
not only kill adult bed bugs but also their unhatched eggs. It will reach into
rugs, window treatments, and the other areas where they hide. Use only one
fogger in a room and never place one in a small, confined area like a closet.
Before activating the fogger, close all windows, turn off fans and the heating
and cooling systems. If a closet has been infested, leave the closet door open
during the fogging process. Extinguish all open flames, including
pilot lights, and unplug appliances that cycle on and off, such as refrigerators.
Set the fogger on a box or table in the center of the room and activate the
fogger as directed. Leave the room immediately and close the door behind
you. Do not re-enter the room until two hours after the treatment is completed.
Immediately open the windows, turn on any fans and the ventilation system, and
allow the room to air out for two hours. Treatment products are also available in
powder form and are great for treating tighter spaces. Spray bottle and aerosol
products work well for treating smaller areas and spot treating mattresses and
box springs. Lay out new disposable traps to confirm there are no bed bugs left. To
prevent bugs from crawling up into your bed, place interceptors under each leg. Encase your box spring and mattress in a specially designed protective cover. Be
sure your headboard doesn’t touch the wall, and that no
bedding touches the floor. When traveling, set a bed bug trap to check your hotel
room and when returning home, spray your luggage before packing. Unpack outside
your home, seal your clothes in plastic bags, and immediately wash them. Taking
these simple steps will help you sleep well knowing that bed bugs won’t be
biting. For more detailed information about this, and many other projects, check
out the DIY projects and ideas section of, or talk to one of our
store associates, and thanks for shopping at The Home Depot.

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  1. All of this is excellent. Yet once these disgusting bugs are gone, purchase Clove Oil. You can buy it at GNS. Place a small amount on a tissue and place it between your box spring and mattress, and do the same with all furniture. Next fill a spray bottle part water the other part Clove Oil, shake it and use it to spray your entry way doors, plus your shoes. If you live in an apartment spray all the outer walls that surround your apt. Also aim the bottle up at the fan in your bathroom, so no bugs can come down from the above apt. I hope this helped…it sure helped me, and still does to keep those vile creatures away. Anyone can get them, you don't have to be a dirty person their in the walls of nearly all apts.

  2. Spent $40 on this Harris kit. We sprayed everything down for a week 3 times daily….saw a bed bug on our bed this morning. Stuff does not work.

  3. Someone needs to inform Home Depot. That one of the Worst things you can do in dealing with bed bugs, is to set off a fogger. Most bed bugs stay within 6 feet of their food source (you). It's much easier to deal with them when they are in close quarters. Fog gets spread and run them all over the home where they can live, breed and hide for months. What a reckless advertising job they have done.

  4. There's no way you're killing them without a residue spray/heat treatment. You're not going to smell the odor without it being a pretty large infestation. You want to dry your items before ever putting them into a washer. fogging will push them further into their hiding spots.

  5. Bed bugs are the hardest thing to get rid of!! We got them somehow and tried everything to get rid of them but we ended up getting a professional and they used heat machines and they started around 7:00 am and finished around 7:00 PM and it costed around 3,000 and our house is an average size home!! Hope this helps!!

  6. I do not use the the spray I will use a power use lens to protect your eyes and a mask ? to protect your l lungs and is desiccant it will dry the parasites diatomus health grade try to get the best one that does not harmed children and animals you can used for the pets to kill fleas and worms. Sorry for my grammatical English is
    Not good horrible writing but st
    My age I have memory problems.

  7. For anyone watching this video who has a bedbug issue. Take it from a pest professional like myself. Contact a qualified company to help you with your bedbug issue. Most will provide a free inspection and treatment plan for you. As a homeowner you can waste a lot of money buying these products, and I promise you that you'll receive little to no results. Please never use a fogger for bedbug issues, it simply does not work. Again contact a licensed professional company to help you out.

  8. Anyone watching this do not I repeat do not ever in your life use this product on bedbugs you will make it worse trust me I spotted 1 million mistakes this video made. The bedbug fogger will repair all the activities that it doesn't kill if that happens the bedbugs will go deeper into harborage and what about the cracks and crevice is you're not going to treat that you're just gonna fog a room? Wow at fist this video was actually informative until they introduced the products

  9. I should try these. Just moves into a new apartment and already found bugs in the cupboards. 1200 a month rent in the midwest of america and still cant get a legit rental unit….renting is a MASSIVE scam

  10. Bullshit, how about u not go to home Depot to deal with them and call a pest control company. This is all wrong with what you do! Never wash your clothes, please call a pest control company! There is not a soap to kill bed beds. None of this shit work, bed bugs will never be in the middle of the room in the carpet. You should never vacuum ur bed in any case. Final word you get bed bugs by yourself they just don't come into your house on there own you bring them in!!

  11. We spent over 1,200 for heat treatment..didn't work. They came back with sprayer for entire home, didn't work. We did the wash everthing, put unwasables in high heat, didn't work. We found out about Diatamacious Earth. Put it down mainly in bedrooms, and living room furniture. It takes about a month for you to realize..HEY NO BED BUGS..FOR REAL…FOR REAL…WE ONLY PUT ONE APPLICATION DOWN. WE WILL PUT ANOTHER LATE WINTER. BUT IT WORKED!!!. We were really chastized by our area around us. But I believe there are more people that have them, but wont say.My grandkids were really made fun of. Makes you realize what kind of world we live in. I'm not ashamed, this can happen to anyone. God's blessings on everyone…

  12. Bed bugs is head lice that ran from hair to bed , got pregnant had more babies , and infested the whole earth

  13. I work for pest control, and we specialize in extreme treatments. Bed bugs are no joke, it takes real experience and a know how of what to apply to rid of them. Heat has no residual, foggers only make the situation worse with the infestation, and while doing laundry and vacuuming helps, there still needs to be a science to the chemicals you are using in combination for each treatment. Over the counter will not help much.

  14. All this and they still wont go away???.. I remember we would say "sleep tight,dont let the bed bugs bite… Not knowing they were actually real ???

  15. The best, natural way to get rid of bed bugs is to use a flower called pyrethrum chrysanthemum. Safer to use than ANY other pest control. And it's nontoxic. (To humans, & pets). It can be used anywhere! Safely! It only costs about $10.00 for a big pot full of these flowers. Of course you'll only be able to get them in the fall. But, when the flowers die off, save them in a paper bag. When you have an investigation, and you will, simply put a handful of them into a blender and make a powder of them. Sprinkle some where needed. Problem solved!

  16. Don't buy these poisons and garbage. Bed bugs are easy to deal with. There is no need for expensive equipment.
    Raising the interior of your home to 140 degrees will cook all bed bugs alive. Or if this is too expensive, a thorough cleaning for three weeks will eliminate the pests.

  17. You can spray with a 92% solution of alcohol ! The alcohol dries those little boogers out. When you spray the mattress cover it with a quilt or it will evaporate!

  18. The way I do it is fill the washer with hot water and put the infested clothes in the hot water, they will float to the top. It will do the job because if fill it while the clothes are in there the bugs will try and escape. It doesn'T have to be boiling hot water , just hot.

  19. You can use Harris's powder to. They hide the seams of the bed, railings and places you can't imagine. They love to hide clothes seam , and in seams, hide in and under the rounds. They leave the black spots on bedding. They come during the day also, not just at night. If you turn the lights off and wait about 15 minutes that is when to spray them real good.Unless you are kind of still and you feel like something is crawling on your arm it is probably them. They give off a distinct odor when you kill them between your fingers. If blood comes out it means they have already been feeding.

  20. I used some Ajax between the matress and the box spring. Then the blood suckers appeared on the walls to take cover and I sprayed them with bleach and water for the blood suckers to suck on while being visual on walls. Or you can vacuum off the walls. They could not breath with the Ajax or the chlorine in it or the Bleach. I turn over apartments regularly with this issue 3 week extermination and works well on carpet the Ajax under 20 bucks.

  21. The ORTHO spray kills the hell out of them. The Hot Shot spray also works. People claim it dont work because it often doesn't kill instantly. Give it a hour and they will be dead. Bed bugs are fast movers and if you see them still moving after a few mins that doesnt mean the spray didn't work. If they can't run away lighting fast then the spray is in fact killing them. They may have some leg movements a hour later but they essentially paralyzed and in the process of dying. So dont think it didnt work because they aren't instantly dead a second after you spray. Also dont think the spray didnt work because some of them have slight leg movements a hour later. If they cant run from you, they are dying.

    Buy the big jug with the electric sprayer. SOAK you bed frame real good. Spray in the cracks where your wooden headboard bolts together. SOAK the sides of your mattress, box springs. SOAK the BOTTOM of your mattress. SOAK the top, sides, and bottom of box springs. Dont soak anything you make contact with when you lay down. It won't hurt anything to give it a good soaking. Give it a hour or two and those bastards will be dead. Wait for it to dry and then put your mattress box spring in one of those bed bug covers.

  22. Don't ever use foggers. They simply spread the bugs to other rooms. Use either Ecoraider bed bug killer, or Diatomaceous Earth, preferably a combination of both.

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