So a lot of people want to know how they can get their ducks to be a fiction and to not run away from them whoa Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, here. We are back at Yanni, huh? Welcome, it has been a while since I have spoken to your lust But I’m back. It’s been going on here for ducks Ajax Legolas and friends happiness Every move speaks words, so I’m Sean also Gotta say with the smiles come the cries. My endeavors have been great. I’m enjoying the journey animals are just getting half care I’m getting happier with God and he’s looking better and better. So I’m back today here just with a little update for everyone Welcome back Ajax. Yeah, everything’s looking really good here guys updates in the garden So all the cactuses are growing I Got some safety torches going on our flowery friends and family Honestly, I can’t tell you guys how much I’m enjoying gardening. Oh, you’re right there There we go. Sorry Sorry looks like he had some girls on way that was snipped offside, but beautiful put it in here with the Avocado seeds. I named all my plants for your information. I named all my plants cactuses. Everything is named because Yeah, we’ll get to why in another video. This is Pamela her more Medusa All sorts, we’ll get two names another day. So this is my girlfriend’s dog Bella. Hi Bella I think that she was a cat in a past life. Were you a Cabella? Were you a cat? Were you a meow meow in a past life was your name? Yum-yum? Okay. Yeah fully convinced now Mia. I know yeah Fully convinced that Bella used to be a Mia Mia Bella is my girlfriend letitia’s dog, and she has now joined the family here at Yanni Oh I Jackson Bella getting along just fine. Not you guys Hey Jax, so hard ever on a new trublend. It’s been a while Okay, he’s got his ball up there and he’s just telling me hey, I want to play more ball. What’s going on edge X? It’s good for a little tour so Everything’s obviously growing nicely It’s coming into spring here in Brisbane so Everything’s about start going really good But really excited for spring here. This one is a serious pervy honest This one provides fruit similar to a dragon for it. I do have dragon for a cactuses here though as well So we’ve got some mottos. I got all sorts going here guys guys Which is nice I don’t want to bike too much But it’s nice that she gets us know if anyone’s coming up not too territorial though Cook you you’ll say hi to everyone. I’m yum-yum. Hello. Oh, yeah She’s happy that they’ve been playing catch Let’s say hi to the docks aqui and Cara doing just fine the happy here at you know, Mia expanding slowly expanding the sanctuary we’re gonna have a Look just want to make my home good for place Enjoy life for vegetables and plants to grow it’s definitely spring secondary What’s the height of the Ducks Hello, how are you? See how gentle he is. So he just wants cuddles and love That’s all he wants. I Han rise Dickey since day one, so he’s very cuddly and very affectionate Like I call his name and he comes running and he just wants cuddles and loud It’s my Pekin duck kaya So a lot of people want to know how they can get their ducks to be affectionate and to not run away from them. Whoa My best advice I can give is just to hang out with them as much as possible and feed them Make sure you feed them healthy things check out my video how to care for your pet duck for tips on what to feed them um best advice I can give is just hang out with them as much as possible give them love and They’ll get to know you and they won’t run away from you as much Just about a lot of love and affection Entrusting cuz they have to build up that trust be You telling me about she’s warning me she’s not Dallas coming Okay, what Bell is bringing the ball But you don’t like the ball. It’s okay, though We should have be careful. Don’t mean Oh see she found a lot. Get out of my space All right, hi Bella what you done Donna sit good girl ready Okay All right ray Really? Yeah. Yay. I just mowed the lawns yesterday. So now I’m covered in grass Absolutely covered in grass. I still have to give you guys a tour of my new vegetable garden. I think gardening can be very beneficial Not only does it teach you how to care for Other beings because plants require a lot of love and attention, you know You’ve got to water them every day and tend to them and weed and whatnot. But I think vegetable gardening can be very rewarding because It can be very rewarding because you give edge to those out of there Hey guys so my tip of the day is everyone make sure that you Do some form of vegetable gardening or herb gardening and just learn how to get into gardening because it does teach you the best qualities of life Teaches you the essence of life and how to love other beings and how to truly be happy Hey guys Hey go Yay Speak see nada speak Look at Bella savage. She’s a hurry up and throw the ball. Yeah. Yeah. Hey guys Yay So all my San Pedro cactuses, I got a few varieties in here TVM few succulents down here But everyone’s growing really good as we can see I’ve got the smaller guys over here Sally the sunflowers producing a second sunflower So by two I mean one already bloomed died, and then this came a couple weeks later Tell me in the comments. Has anyone else had a second flower? Off the top of their sunflower bloom after the first head had died cuz I’ve had double or triple sunflowers before Heads at the same time but never one that’s bloomed after the first died. Let me know in the comments Anyway, after the vegetable garden down the path, so here we got purple cauliflower Some sunflowers in the corner some red onions more sunflowers snow peas carrots 2 spring onions chocolate mint lettuce corn sunflowers Some flowers galore. I really do love some flowers guys, and they’re really easy to grow get yourself some seeds okay, here we have our regular zucchinis and I have fake snakes in the garden just in case rodents decide to come and try to get my vegetables but Here we have and golden zucchinis Donor Keenan’s so this is my new garden here at Jana Thank you for watching. Look forward to showing you updates is my mannequin. His name is Darrin Darrin protects the garden from rodents. Here’s the gatekeeper. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it I’ll be back soon with updates and the dogs ducks garden and more so No Limit


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