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yo what's up guys Joey and yes this video is finally here I've been working on it for a while now and as you can probably see in the title it is for farming cab tickets and a little bonus I'll add to the beginning of the video is for anyone who just beat chapter 3 boom you're probably thinking of what you're going to do next so a lot of people what they do is they hop right into into the future which I do not recommend at all and I would suggest that you start up on those stories of legends stages as you can see I did not touch into the future maybe I did like three or two stages for some cat food but that's about it and I've just been doing stories a legend this whole time and focusing on getting those crazy cats first before we take on into the future but here's all the cat levels I got from the previous video and you can see a little update of what I got – as you can see my wall is almost to form and we're gonna try to get that true form in this video and brave is only a plus two which is pretty sad and lots have pretty low levels right now but the wall and dragon are at plus eight and I'm gonna try to get at least one of them true form in this video but we do have some true forms and these are relatively easy to forts again as you can see it's these special cat room floors a pseudo cat which evolves into the rice ball cat a very solid to form unit and another solid one is the boogie cats true for another solid Staller and we're gonna try to get that executioner true form also and the thirty-day login bonus we also got that true form these special cat true for sages are really easy to do so i 100% recommend you get those don't tell the rare cats and yes we did pull an extra paris as you can see it's a plus one there who knows you might get that paris the true form first but pretty much nothing new either than the wrestling cat which is made in cats few form it is a solid unit to get true form so I highly recommend it and I'm waiting for the coy cats stage to come around so I can get this true form also so I can do that crazy acts guide very soon and pretty much nothing else either than to cyclone and units that we go for beating the white cyclone I'm pretty sure in the red one and cyclone guides are coming soon too but here we go super air as you can see we got two crazed cats there and one of them was extremely extremely hard to get with level 25 cats which is crazy cat and it takes a lot of Expedia upgrade this cat but I'm trying to get that maxed out and crazed whale this cat is amazing to me and it's surprisingly very easy to obtain also and if you do not have any crazed cats and you've already started into the future I recommend you pause it into the future grind and start on stories of legend first and I'm gonna show the progress beyond stories a legend right here we got pretty far as you can see you got all the way to low tide Beach and we're so close to your unreal wolf but I got stuck on low tide Beach but as you can see we started doing three star stages and see if tunas where it got hard to do higher level stages with level 20 cats so then I just started doing the 1 star stages and then eventually we got to low tide Beach and scratching post was a pain too but we are currently stuck on Star Ocean or cats are not high enough level for this stage yet and I think we're 2 subchapters away from your own roof and then we can do a whole bunch of stuff with that cat okay now the reason why you all clicked on this video finally the guide to getting cat tickets silver cat tickets really fast and you can see that there's a cat took a chance on right now and I'm gonna explain how to catch these cat ticket chances all the time so go to the events tab and as you can see there is a cat take a chance on right now and it shows when the cat take a chance is going to happen so what I did is I set up alarms for Monday through Friday I set up an alarm every time the cat took a chance pops up then I'll be ready to hop in and I suggest you save all your flags for the cat – the chances that pop up and there's also the siege of Hippo stages that come up and I recommend you watch out for those too but they do not pop up every day and as you can see here it's only on the first the fourth the 7th – 10 13 16 so on of every month so keep an eye out and it shows the times there – but I only recommend setting timers for the normal cat ticket chances and siege of Hippo just keep an eye out for it and some of you might be wondering what do I mean by setting alarms I literally actually did set alarm so here it is so I went on my clock app on my iPhone and if you're on Android just go to any app where you can set an alarm and as you can see I set up alarms for every time the cat take a chances pop up and I have it through Monday and Monday through Friday and this is really helpful because you will never miss a cat took a chance and I just said it – cat took a chance on the label and you see a goddess to repeat every Monday every Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday so I will never miss my cat took a chance so let's now actually hop into the cat tickets stage and I'll show the lineup that you need for this stage and this lineup is pretty funny because I mean you'll see when you see it it's gonna be draft cat and that's all you need yes draft cat and that's it and I put in crazy oil just for the walls there but that's all you need and you're about to find out why and here comes the day that I never thought would come I'm making an in-depth guide on the cat take a chance stage but anyways all you gotta do is just spotted a giraffe and every time you kill one of these hippos upgrade your cat wallet so you gotta upgrade three times in total and then after that just keep spamming giraffes just you have to keep spamming these giraffes like there's no tomorrow whatever it takes to get a cat ticket just spam the giraffes and yes the metal hippos will go down it will be overwhelmed by all the giraffes as you can see and it's pretty simple now this stage usually takes three to five minutes depending on your draft level and I brought in whale for that extra damage so if you want to bring something that does some extra damage to the base you can but make sure it doesn't cost too much now there are five metal hippos that spawn in total in this stage so you just gotta take out this hippo five times and you're done with the stage and you got that likely chance to get a cat ticket at the end so I'm gonna speed it up here we got a cat ticket and it's pretty lucky on the first try that we got the cat ticket but yeah we're gonna try to get our wall to form and as you can see I got seven flag saved it up so make sure you save up your flags for these cat ticket chances and let's see what we get out of the first roll hoping it's a wall and boom we got a wall we just need one more wall and we will have true form wall cat and we got nothing this is after like six attempts hopefully you get this ball with you and we get oh okay cow I mean no now we have upgraded giraffes we can do the stage faster hustle let's do it again whatever it takes boys so after a couple more runs you only got one more this is probably worse luckily we had one path took a chance please just give me the wall a way to convey suit you can spa drafts faster now so I guess that means can you do me all over again and it's the last flag two dates to get this dead tree for well we got no cat ticket and the event is over two sad life haha but unfortunately we did not get to four ball in this video sucks and the stage is gone GG's two photos on this one looking at nine it's gonna bother me for a while but yeah that was the cat ticket guide hope you guys enjoyed this video took a long time to edit and I do not know why but yeah you hit 5k by the way thanks for that giveaway coming up soon and drop a like if you enjoyed this video as always subscribe if you're new and yep F in the chat made it to the end of the video I see well this is a super secret message fortnight he's gonna die soon then that's fax yep

9 thoughts on “How to get Cat Tickets *FAST* !! | The Battle Cats

  1. Alright so tomorrow im gonna wake up at 8 o'clock to farm siege of hippoe the whole hour.i think that is more worth it because of the garanteed chance to a silver ticket

  2. Facing Danger is another great way to get cat tickets. It is on every 3 days for half the day. It can give you up to 3 Cat tickets! The battle can be done as quick as 20 ish seconds. The only problem is that you have to clear Into the Future 1.

  3. Amm..i found an easter egg…from 8:43 to 9:13 it says insert ora's here…is this the giveaway you were talking about in the description?

  4. I’m so mad rn at stupid trolly bloggers omfg I am trying to do the perfect cyclone but the stupid dumbass trolly bloggers keep knocking my stuff back and I lose any tips?

  5. I have a question how do I upgrade my cent limit? For some reason its stuck at 4,500$ plz help me

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