How to Get a Dog Not to Move While Grooming : Dog Training Musts

hi I'm Tony drug Manhasset means hit dog training where a trained dog is a happy dog today we're talking about how to teach a dog to stand still and not move while grooming we're going to simply teach him a stand and a stand for examination start with your right hand with a snap underneath the dog's throat and gently pull forward while you lift up with your other hand over the dog's back and just gently scratch his belly that will help keep them in the standing position you literally want to do this about 15 to 20 times a day for the first week stuff sit so we're going to go forward and up scratching his belly and off we go once we've had a set amount of repetitions your dog is starting to understand what stand means our next step the dog understands now what stand means is we're going to help them with less help with your physical arm and we're going to utilize the leash as a suitcase I'm going to gently lift him up stand and that leash is pulling up at the belly you're going to do this a number of repetitions until your dog can get up on the command stand and then gently begin to put a little bit of pressure on him by petting him touching them getting them to handle the resistance of being touched and moving that into actually the grooming experience of the of the brush or the comb whatever you're using and that's how we teach a dog to stand without moving during grooming you

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