How to Gain Your Birds Trust

Budgies can be taught to do things like play
with toys, sit on shoulders, and even mimic human speech. First, however, you need to build your budgie’s
trust in you. Bonding with your budgie will take time and
patience, but can also be lots of fun. Consider whether you want to clip your budgie’s
wings. This can be a difficult decision to make once
you get your bird. If you have questions about clipping the bird’s
wings, talk to your veterinarian. Trimming your bird’s wings does not cause
it any pain, when done properly by a professional. With its wings trimmed, your budgie will not
be able to fly for a few months, until its feathers grow back. That way, you can leave its cage door open,
and the budgie can explore more with less chance of it escaping. This can make it easier to train. On the other hand, not everyone likes the
idea of altering a bird. There are also concerns that the inability
to fly can be distressing to a bird. Keep your budgie comfortable. Make sure that your budgie has an appropriate
cage and easy access to food and water. All the necessary supplies can be found at
pet supply stores. Don’t try to tame your bird right away. When you first get a budgie, give it a few
weeks to get used to its surroundings. Then you can start to tame and train it. If possible, keep your budgie’s cage in
a room where you spend a lot of time in. This will help it get used to the sight of
you. Play music around your bird. This will get your budgie used to the volume
level of your home, and it may enjoy hearing the music. Talk softly to your budgie when you give it
water and food, so that it will create positive associations with you. You can also make a point to leave treats
on or just inside its cage. Open the door of your budgie’s cage and
carefully insert your hand in. Talk softly to the budgie. Try to coax it into eating a treat, such as
a sunflower seed or millet, from the palm of your hand. This may take several tries so be patient. Do not try to grab your budgie at this early
stage. Let it come to your hand instead. If your budgie moves around in the cage when
you insert your hand, leave it there until the bird calms down. Each training session should last about 10
minutes. Train your budgie to hop onto a stick. After your budgie trusts you enough to eat
treats from your hand, you can try getting it to hop onto a perch or stick. Open its cage door and carefully insert the
perch. Very gently press the perch against your bird. With some time, it will learn to move onto
the perch. For now, just let your budgie stay on the
perch in its cage. Don’t try to move it out of the cage yet. Your budgie needs more time to develop trust
in you. Train your budgie to hop onto your finger. Once your budgie is used to hopping onto a
perch or stick, you can place your finger next to the bird to see if it will hop onto
it. When your budgie is on the perch or stick,
you can also try placing your finger next to the perch to if the bird will hop onto
it. Move your budgie very slowly and carefully
as you are taking it out of its cage, especially for the first time. You do not want to startle the bird. Do not try to move your budgie around very
much when you are trying to get it used to coming out of the cage. Keep the training sessions short. Let your budgie spend time outside of its
cage. Once tamed and trained, your budgie will need
at least an hour per day outside of its cage for exercise and play. Make sure all windows and doors are closed
for safety. Let your budgie sit on your shoulder. Once your budgie is comfortable being moved
around outside of your cage, you can try to set it gently on your shoulder. Keep your budgie healthy and happy with toys. Budgies will enjoy having a number of toys
to choose from. You can use these toys as an opportunity to
bond with your budgie. You want your budgie to be used to the sound
of your voice, so continue to talk to it as it bonds with you.

100 thoughts on “How to Gain Your Birds Trust

  1. I have always loved budgies and my previous one broke my heart when she died. She was more like a dog. Squeaked like mad when i came home till i went to say hello. Then she would sit on my shoulder or lap and play all evening. She was obsessed with me. My latest one i just cannot tame. He will let me stroke him inside the cage and somtimes come out on my finger. But he never really plays. He will sing along to the raido or make noise when im on the phone. But he's very nervous and skittish even after 1 yr.

  2. My budgies stay on the same perch all day, if I have food in my hand their not scared of me but if I try to pet them or try to do something with them without food on my hand they get scared, they don’t even wanna eat fruits or vegetables just millet.

  3. Actually you’re wrong. When you get a bird the first thing you should do is get it’s trust then after that you can let them look around

  4. Ok I just got a parakeet today and spent like an hour in total trying to get it used to me before finding these videos, did I just screw everything up?

  5. Can someone help me my bird thinks i have food in my hand so she tries to bite me she and she has trauma and its hard for my family because we just want to give her a good life and she is scared of everything like new food she is scared of she is also scared of hands. I have this bird for 9 months now

  6. I need help, I have two birds and I’ve had one for a few months and I got the other one yesterday. The birds are used to staying out of their cage literally the whole day. How do I train them?

  7. Okay I have a story which I will receive A LOT of hate and backlash for, but keep in mind: I had no clue how to raise a Budgie nor what they felt, feel and how they act.

    Okay, so Every single year for vacation I travel over seas with my parents and uncles, and we have kinda a lot of money there so we do as we wish there as there are very few limitations there, one year we had a pet dog (which we gave away to a loving home) and this year decided on budgies ( This is last year ) so we bring home… 6. Two ended up flying away but we had 4 left and let me tell you, we had no clue how to raise them. We bought a tiny cage, seeds/pellets and no toys, few perches, and a small little apple, it was awful for them, we did gain the trust of one some how. But it now has a loving home we ended up moving them over seas again to my aunt in England before flying over seas AGAIN to go home, my aunt has around 6-9 different birds now and she loves, cares and adores each and everyone.

    yayy happy ending. Woooo.

  8. Okay so my house has a really high felling with a fan and I’m scared if I take it out my room it will fly to the fan and not wanna come down. What do I do?

  9. Tried doing the perch thing and instead of my bird coming on the perch it decided it should cut my finger off for being nice

  10. Whenever I watch your vids with my budgie, he always keeps whistling and flying around his cage ^^
    But I got my budgie a few days ago, it’s a boy and he keeps sitting on his perch with his feathers all fluffed up sometimes and he’s barley ate since we brought him back from the pet store
    Is it ok when he does that?

  11. My bird is always getting on me and he bothers me when I’m doing homework or every time I am on my phone he just sits on my head and stays there does that me he likes me ? ?

  12. I have a cockatiel, and watching just a little bit of this video I was able to go from feeding him seeds with the cage in between us to being able to stick my hand in the cage and feed him like that. It took a bit of practice but I am so happy now. It’s a small step but definitely a big one in the sense of trust. My theory is you really need to find out what works best for your bird. See, I like their perch idea but Mickey, my cockatiel, gets really scared when I try to put a perch in with my hand attached. Maybe it works better for budgies anyway but you need to figure out what your bird is comfortable with. I love your videos and I hope this helped someone ☺️

  13. This really helped I got a bird for my bday after my last one escaped and my new bird started tweeting so does that means it's getting comfortable

  14. I just got my first ever parakeets today and I had no idea “budgie” was a name for them so the whole time I watched this I thought you were saying “buddy” in a weird accent hahaha

  15. i worked so hard but my budgies just still don’t trust me i hi so carefully but they just fly around my room and it’s so hard to get them back in the cage help ?

  16. pushing a bird off balance is a shit training technique, when the bird jumps on u say good/click and give it a treat
    the only thing they have correct is keeping the training short. feed veg and pellets for food so millet has high reward, use te millet as a lure to get them to step up with out pushing them this will build trust way faster.
    never force a bird
    never hurt a bird
    always be the most interesting thing in the room for them.

  17. It’s been more then 2 weeks I got them and I am afraid to get them out becoz they will not come in there and they are still scared of me

  18. My budgie just sits on the top perch of his cage. This is his second day home. He played for a few times yesterday, only when we played budgie videos. Sang a few times while we played soft music but remained quiet otherwise. Other than that he hasn't done much but sit on his perch. He has eaten, haven't seen him drink, but water if full, clean, and accessible. So, is it normal for him to remain somewhat quiet and staying on the perch? And what other methods can be used to help with water?

  19. my budgie is scared of me, but when I put my hand up to her she'll hop on, she still runs away from me, but she can feed from my hand.

  20. I rlly would love to have a bird but.. my grandma brought her bird in my house one day and my dog just wanted to eat the bird so it wouldn't be easy to have one ;-;

  21. I just bought a baby boy budgie earlier today I named him Pluto :). He is so cute and my first bird and your videos are really helpful

  22. Thats Not fair you shouldnt Take a Bird the ability to fly
    My Bird can still fly but He is siting on my shoulder and Sings
    He is a cute budgie but never Take Natural Thing from birds thats Not fair

  23. Great video ??? however that's cheating. The budgie sees a beautiful girl and it's an instant win! No wonder that bird is attracted. I would be too! ??

  24. But my bird eats like diet seeds and only eats it every hour. I bought him honey treats but still no. What do I do

  25. My bird doesn’t trust me and I am starting to lose hope

    And I’ve had him for almost six months now

    And he is pretty much started to just become a bird in a cage

  26. I’m not sure if my budgie likes me? Like she’ll go on to my finger if I make her and she’s fine and she’ll go to my shoulder and hang out there and mess with my hair but she never comes willingly and I always feel likes she’s scared of me even if she’s not…. she eats out of my hand and stuff but whenever she’s out of her cage she goes to the curtain rod an only there

  27. i’m tryna think of names for my two new birds! i have one girl that’s blue and a boy that’s white and light blue? any name ideas?

  28. My budgie would rather stay in its cage then being outside of it. But when he does come out, he likes sitting on my shoulder more then my finger.

  29. Thank you so mush for for the tips!?????
    after 2 days of doing this my bird can come
    on my hand and stops biting me! It’s just that they run around too much ???

  30. I thought they were called parakeets ?
    But I have a story

    So yesterday I went to the zoo and we went over to the bird feeding area. I fed a few birds. My aunt got at least five birds on her. As we left, I told my mom dead serious in the eye that I wanted a
    bird. Birdy here I come >:3

  31. How come one of budgies can always hop on my finger just like that but my other bird gets scared and I don’t know how to make her trust me

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