what's wrong about it you are a Carolina bullets arms when we change the way we feed our puppies a little bit and we thought we'd do it like an updated version so what we do now is we take puppies we put is the mobile home because we free field it stays from them all the time so there's no need in trying to measure out a certain amount we actually we're just doing one for the video but we're gonna make them up a second ball after this video cuz they are eating so much little puppies eat a lot of food they go through about four of these sized bowls a day we make this about four times a day and then we take the ultra 24 we get a tractor supply I don't know where you get it that's awesome it's a milk replacer and it's for cattle swine dogs cats everything but besides the milk and it's a great nipper pleasure but nothing can replace the mamas Wilkes will drink after mama by all means but what we use it for is a supplement this is for once they get off them on yeah this is one all come on transition into this hard food here we take we go one full scoop you'll see that's not quite a full one but I'll finish it off in a minute it won't hold a full one you can't get it in there that together makes actually a little over a full scoop and then alright to get hot water not boiling hot just um bring the temperature I mean no as hot as your stick it'll go and the reason I use the hot water is it will mix the milk a whole lot better and it will soak into the food and something the food a lot better and put excuse me puppies that this eggs is not making a ton of water and they get water over and get it nasty and everything else so we have this that way as long as they get their food and that they're going is they're going to eat it they get their water through that too but we leave them water just that they are pretty hard on water so they try to it's good that this happened because kibble along dogs will get no water through this like 80% drought hungry any water I don't really measure we've done causes cardiac or John yep of course not I get hit you know put my full scoop in there and and then I just pop it off the water cuz it'll take that much to make sure it really good then you got to mix this real good if you don't just going to be implying that milk is the worst stuff about mixing makes up quite a few so I got pretty good at it and the water been extremely hot will help we did the whole thing we didn't have nothing ready for that way you always see every single thing we do when we get done with this it'll be ready to let it cool you you don't never want to give it over to water hot plus you want to let the food soften a little bit yeah while initial reading of the food soften it up by then that'll be cool also looking at the bowl where you use them here you can get these over the internet or just about anywhere it just pushes all the food out to the sides so that you know the puppies all gather around it climbing and everything so it just keeps it all pushed out to the side so they can eat it better I give them one full and I refill it again we're just water and and will given this island so much weight on by now there even you know they can eat this solid food but uh drink water but they like this even better so they eat more of it puts more weight on and it's good for your pups to have weight on I know we get a lot of critics on our videos Sam you don't want to put weight on a puppy too fast well there's dangerous just as much dangerous well more dangerous of a puppy being too skinny then there are puppy being too fat when a puppy's two got plenty of fat that turn into muscle putting on nutrition there for its joints and bones and all the to have plenty and nutrition to grow when a puppy's too thin sure it's not gonna have too much weight on its bones but that's the only benefit everything else is the downside it's not getting the nutrients it needs everything is just it's just worse for it it's uh it's just not as healthy I mean what do you think if it's your kid or you gonna want to be thin grow up and then go I don't want my kid to have bad joints I mean that's not even a true risk I mean we'll do it is but it's so small these dogs are different um they're gonna they're gonna turn herself in the muscle you know bullies are just in general they're not fat if they get now these bullies locked in the crate all the time they're never without ya they're fast but if you're letting your dogs out four or five hours a day to run a play they're gonna turn it into muscle and uh so what I like to do is when they're young make them as fat as I can that way they got a lot of to work with when it comes time to turn it into muscle now we do this and uh it looks like it's up around the edge we can't even carry it or the milk would run out but when it sets out a little bit and the milk soaks into the food you can pick it up carrot or whatever you want to right here this is some dime we drizzle it over the top just like this just extra calories especially in the wintertime they burn off so many calories just because it's a cold so cold which are staying a warm area but they come outside to play let's give them a shot on the down there so they can see what to get into dying I thought Donna there's a couple different kinds of dining on Amazon it's the trophy I think that's what it's called yeah but it has um it's got one point nine percent protein that's got a vitamin A DC I mean everything a bully needs but on top of this once this is softened and and and waters cool down it's ready to take to them we put one can of puppy can the whole food on top of it not makes it even when you set it on top that gets them to eat and you know like some run to it and start won't eat it that canvas and anyone worrying they'll just sleep that off the top and stop I promise you I go down to that little area four times a day and pick up an empty one of these I'm clean but also that's why we had to die and the milk now if it's just kill them once they eat you can off sometimes they will stop but you want to get the puppy canned food with no gravy if you get gravy it will tear their stomach up no questions asked it's going to give them diarrhea it doesn't really matter what brand it is you just get the regular canned food puppy comp if you get the adult kind it messes their stomach up too but this has been how to make puppy food by Carolina bully farms the updated version thanks everybody remember a lot favorite and subscribe for more updates and god bless


  1. I use to feed my Akita dog chow but he got tired of it eventually and wouldn’t eat for days
    So now we feed whatever we think is good for him (different brands) except dog chow

  2. Put the the water first then add the powder it'll be easier to mix make it like your making a baby bottle

  3. I have 1 puppy how much ultra 24 should i give him and whats the difference between the grade A and the other ultra 24

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if they're shooting these dogs up with steroids it'd be a lot cheaper than all that crap you guys are given them

  5. These guys are just bulking these puppies up just for the look just so they're fat and chubby and cute chubby and cute makes sales very unhealthy way of breathing dogs you got to be kidding me these guys ain't scientists or doctors but it's common sense would you like to have a au beasts child that's what they're doing to the dogs there's going to be long-term effects by putting that kind of weight and stress on the dog's joints bones Etc same as if you were to do it to a child these guys are all for the money just trying to sell more bully pups Whoever has the cash takes a dog pretty sad

  6. Its funny how the internet "dog experts" are on here commenting about how one of the more successful kennels are feeding their dogs the wrong stuff..

  7. No wonder you were feeding them raw before. That commercial dog food is THEE WORST!!!!! UGGGGHHHHH. I feed the food from Tractor called 4 health…

  8. Do some research on dog food brands, Purina Dog Chow, Puppy Chow, & all other kinds of Purina food is really BAD! Check or similar sight not financially back by the big companies

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