2 thoughts on “How to feed English Bulldog puppies – 2 weeks old

  1. You are to be applauded for having your dog lie on her back to feed her pups. No sadistic, ignorant breeder watching the struggle laughing about it and all the while filming the debacle. No frantic, nervous, hyper struggling, just relaxed pups nursing. A very small percentage of breeders do this nor do they let their pups of large litters nurse in two batches. Also the dam will be panting and the breeder does not even give her water. UNREAL!!!

  2. I just watched this video today. I guess all the puppies are now grown. I am curious do you get up at night to watch if all the puppies were getting fed. Did you say every 3 to 4 hours was the feeding time. How old are the puppies before they go to their forever homes.

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