How to Feed a Baby Bird

How to Feed a Baby Bird. Baby birds sometimes fall from their nests,
and sometimes are knocked out by storms or other natural causes. If you find a baby bird, here’s how to feed
it. You will need Empty berry container Heating
pad Dog kibble Hot sugar water Bowl Spoon Hardboiled eggs Baby cereal Toothpicks Canned
cat or dog food Lean raw beef and fruit. Step 1. Place the baby bird in an empty berry container
on top of a heating pad to it keep warm. Handle the bird only when necessary. Step 2. Prepare the food by soaking dog kibble in
hot sugar water for 1 hour. Step 3. Remove the kibble from the water and mix it
with baby cereal and a hardboiled egg. Feed the baby bird with this mixture for the
first couple of days. Step 4. Make a pea-size ball with the food mixture
and place it in the baby’s mouth using a toothpick. Never force food or water into the bird’s
mouth. Step 5. Feed the bird every 15 minutes over the first
couple of days. When it’s stronger, feed it every 30 to 60
minutes. Step 6. Feed the baby bird room temperature canned
dog food, lean raw beef, and fruit after the first couple of days. Step 7. Wean it away from hand-feeding once it starts
moving around. Did you know In 2007, an ostrich egg set a
record for the largest egg from a living bird at 5 pounds 9 ounces.

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  1. I'm just 11 and I live in a city rescuing 100 birds falling from their nets but I just want to tell you that baby doves can't eat hard and doughy food they can only eat wet ,soggy food like Catford with rice and blending insects and other species

  2. Lol I dont need this. Last year there was a Robin that was nocked out of a tree. So I took a box I put in, grass, some leaves, and a plastic bowl I filled it half way up everyday with water. Then I grabbed the bird. I named him Chirp. He wasn't baby baby like in this video a little older. I fed him chopped up worms in the morning, right before school, when I got back from school, and until 9:00.
    When he was starting to fly around the box and flying and jumping out of the box I let Chirp go! He walked around a little bit then started to fly up then back down. He didn't know how to completely fly but still he knew survival skills. I saw him to start pecking into the ground for worms and he got one.

    Well that's Chirpy's life. Also they don't need all this light and warmth stuff as long as they arent baby baby. Because Chirp survived with no heat no light just in a box outside under a small fat tree where you can't see him. So yeah

  3. You do know if you touch the baby birds, their parent won't come back because of the human scent you just put on the bird which is led to their death of starvation.

  4. Every 15 minutes?! Jesus…sounds like more trouble then just leaving the bird alone and find someone else who actually knows what they're doing.

  5. i found 2 baby birds hardly one day old and there mother has been eaten by a cat i dont no what to feed

  6. Never try to hand raise a baby bird yourself. You don’t know how and aren’t trained to do so. The birds they used in this were doves so they don’t gape, they also don’t eat the dog food died since they are grain eaters. Never feed a baby bird seeds, they aren’t set up to digest them nor do you know if that’s even a part of their adult diet. Never feed earthworms these can cause dangerous parasites. Never feed pet store baby bird formula, this is for baby parrots not song birds which I’d what most people find. It lacks the right protein and other nutrient requirements. And never just plop a baby down on a heating pad you will probably just cook it. Also most of all don’t try to give them water. They get their water from food and you will just drowned them. Take them to a rehabber. That’s gonna be their best shot. And if you find a baby on the ground and it has all its feathers leave it well alone. It’s a fledgling and it’s supposed to be there.

  7. “Lead it away from hand eating once it starts moving around”… You realize that’s probably one of the hardest things to do when rehabilitating… You need more than a sentence on weaning

  8. Leave the bird alone, also I’m pretty sure you’re suppose to Syringe feed it because the food or water can possibly go into its lungs. Momma bird digest their food and stick it directly into the baby’s throat for a reason. YOU MUST BE VERY CAREFUL, better to leave nature alone

  9. This didn’t help, the nestling I’ve found won’t take the food I have to put it in the mouth as it’s opens.

  10. im looking to get a pet pigeon and relize the best pets are the ones you hand rear and raize,Is it ok to remove pigeon from its mom after 7-10 days?

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  13. We have one baby bird fallen from tree today , it is too small we just give some water ..want to feed it something …

  14. Oh my god. I cant believe they actually brought cannibalism to this. An egg? Really??? I feed my 2 nestlings fine cut worms and dump it in their mouths they love it they just ask for more and more!!

  15. I found the baby bird on the ground and in my place cats and dogs are EVERYWHERE so I took it gave it some room to stay in and I was looking how to keep them alive and healthy but i ain’t gonna listen to this video I bet it will die

  16. Hey i have a baby bird that I found yesterday and I don't know what type of bird it is can it also eat like this?

  17. Are you here because you found a baby bird fell near your house and no nest or tree around? And now your an unexpected bird parent

  18. Actually you have to give the baby bird the yellow part and then give it water with sugar bc it gives it energy (I’m late)

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