How to express anal glands on small dogs

Oh today is June 2nd of 2011 and we're going to show you how to express anal glands on that dachshund and they've never had anal Winston and also on in Chihuahua so when you have your dog you want to take your hands on the base of the tail and use the whole base of the tail not pull up from here you want to pull it from the face so that you don't hurt their back we're gonna kind of make their little bottom pucker and then you want to wear gloves it's pretty foul you want to go inside here you're gonna feel like two pimples on each side of their anus somewhere around nine o'clock and 3 o'clock we're gonna go inside aim it away from you you don't want it in your face and there's little glands on each side of their bottom we're gonna take this wash this away it's not pretty to smell so make sure you have a strong stomach if you're gonna do it and you want to double-check because often times it's easy to get one gland and not the other so I'm just gonna double-check yep and that's what happened okay now the vent goes inside but I am NOT gonna go inside so as a groomer we just stay on the external area you're right with me George I'm gonna check one more time to be sure we got it all one last thing we're gonna do we're gonna take some Listerine and we're just gonna put it on a rag and if you don't have time to wash your dog we always do this in the tub right before we bathe em so we can wash it away but if you don't have time to wash your dog your very simplest rinse away that back-end and just make sure that smell is gone just around the street is what I use and then you don't have a totally wet dog and it really smelly dog okay so there's glands on one thank you Charlie you were a perfect specimen it doesn't usually hurt the dog once in a while it does if it hasn't been awhile since they've had their animals done but those are pretty darn cold and the symptoms of full anal glands is if there's scooting on their bottoms most people mistake that for the dog having words so you're not just scooting on the Kaunas bottom probably the anal glands are full now this is Coco she's about four and she has never had her anal glands done so we're gonna see how she is he's he thank you we're gonna pull from the base of the tail hunker that little bottom it's hard fine feels like little pimples on each side three and nine o'clock and aim it away from your face and you want to press in and out yeah I'm sorry buddy and sometimes it doesn't feel very good because Linotype sorry that's kind of a typical reaction so you might want to have someone here holding your dog in case it hurts she's never had it done so it's gonna hurt a little bit has she been scooting her bottom yeah she's been saluting her bottom so we know there's a problem so she will have relief from this I'm gonna just double check okay I got him all sorry about that little sweetie girl and then I'm it's gonna put some Listerine on her bottom clean it off sorry Koko and it's very typical to have those little dogs show their teeth so if you're gonna do it in your little worried that they might bite make sure you use a muzzle or have a friend that has a lot of courage that's how you do anal glands everything

29 thoughts on “How to express anal glands on small dogs

  1. Thank you so much for this video, i was able to do this for my chihuahua. Please keep posting videos of treatment for pets, they are extremely helpful, possibly life saving ?

  2. Do you white people go into the wood and stick your finger up a wolves ass? There is no need to express asshole glands of dogs, nature will do it naturally. Once you stick your finger up a dogs asshole the natural process of the dog naturally expressing it's asshole gland is destroyed.

    White people are sick in the head.

  3. Same area for both dogs without disinfecting it. Sat the Listerine down where she had just washed her glove from the 1st anal expression And she wore the same gloves for the 2nd dog. Anal glands are at 4 and 8 say all the vets. Terribly unhygienic. Expressing anal glands every time also can cause much more trouble than only when blocked. says this vet and many others online. Chihuahua yipped to get away and got caught in the chain – this is not the way to treat an animal. Cruel and filthy = danger.

  4. She didn’t change gloves and listerine burns the outside of anus. There are many better options to disinfect.
    She sucked and the dogs deserve an apology at least!!

  5. Thanks for making this side by side anal expression on two different types of small dogs. One of my dogs is even more squirmish than Cocoa and I needed this video to help her.

  6. Great videos. The only thing I do wonder about is why you didn't use fresh gloves and cloths for each dog, especially when working with the buttocks. Perhaps also get someone to hold and comfort the dog while you're doing it.

  7. Omg, look at the look on their pitiful lil faces as they get sexually assaulted on camera. Poor lil fuckers can't even defend themselves or speak up. At least the black one bit her ass for squeezing and pinching his asshole. I'm not a dog lover but I feel bad for him. I heard other vets say that you should leave the dogs asshole alone, you make it worse by doing that.

  8. my dog had surgry today for this problem and put on med what's next to expect on other side if it acts up.

  9. That poor little black dog was obviously in pain, NO ONE should be squeezing hard enough to hurt the dog! You could do permanent damage to that poor dogs glands. This video helped me decide that I only want a vet to express the glands, and ONLY if it's absolutely necessary! If a dogs bowl movements are firm and healthy, the anal glands will be expressed every time the dog has a bowl movement.

  10. I also give my Chihuahua pumkin in her diet as instructed by many owners saying its cruel are just to sensitve , I love my dog..its my shadow..but this has to get done or surgery will be your last option.

  11. my chihuahua is 12 yrs old and every 3 weeks needs anal glands expressed..she whimpers and cries when it time. dog crys all night keeping me from sleeping..videos seem cruel but its only way to deal with problem

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