How to Eliminate Carpenter Ants from your Home w/ Modern Pest Services

This is News Center at 5! We’re back. You know there are so many
great things to do in the summer in Maine and great things about the summer. One of the downsides this time of year thou is all the bugs. Right? Mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies at the beach, ticks in the woods, and ants in our homes carpenter ants. How do you know if you have carpenter
ants? Well Mike Peaslee from Modern Pest Services is here to to tell us right? Yes. There are
welcome there are lots of ants, so how do we know if the ant
that we see near our home is a carpenter ant? Carpenter ants are usually fairly large
compared to most ants that you see. 3/8 to a quarter of an inch or larger usually black but they can vary with some black
and red a little bit brown mixed in with it. But they’re typically the largest
type of ant that you’re going to see in this area. Okay. If we don’t see any ants around our
house that does not mean we don’t have carpenter ants thou right? Not necessarily but usually with carpenter ants you will see them if you have a substantial if you have any substantial population.
Carpenter ants are foragers, so they’re not actually feeding on the
wood, they chew at a piece of wood to nest in it was where they
get the name carpenter ant, but they don’t actually and get any nourishment from it so you usually will see them wandering around the house. This is an example what they can do for
damage to a piece of wood. This is absolutely incredible and this
is I mean this if this is a you know in a
support beam or something this can really be some problematic stuff. Yeah and actually
as I said they’re not actually getting a nourishment from this Lee, they’re chewing at this, picking it apart to establish their nest
they’re actually building their house and while they’re building their house they may be damaging yours. So that’s why if they’re not eating it, that’s why you see little
saw dust piles around. You may see saw dust piles if you have this a lot of times this
will be inside a wall void. You may not see the sawdust Right. If you have a really large nest you at may times actually be
able to hear them inside the wall Scratching around in there? It will sound
almost like if you take a piece of cellophane, crumpling a piece of cellophane is how people usually describe it as. Interesting. So you may actually see the
ants, you may actually hear them. Are there certain areas of the house where they’re going to
attack more than others? Moist areas or? Carpenter ants for the most part usually are associated with moisture they will infest completely dry pieces
of wood but usually where they initially will
start is in areas where there is high humidity. Kitchen and bathroom is very common
for people to see them because the moisture around around the pipes. Sure. The kitchen
even a little bit of food crumbs that are in the dishwasher or something. It’s not
uncommon for people to say I opened the dishwasher and there was a dozen ants inside the dishwasher. Huh. So what we do if we have carpenter ants? If you have carpenter ants as you can see
they can actually be you know fairly structurally damaging. Right. It’s definitely a situation where you
should hire a professional. At Modern we use an integrated approach to controlling ants, where we apply insecticide gel ant baits that the ants will actually feed on, carry back and feed others in the colony. Interesting. So if you can’t locate
the specific nest, this will still help to eliminate them.
There can be multiple nests, so we typically will treat the entire structure inside
as well as around the exterior of the building, to help eliminate ants that are in the house that may be going outside to forage at this time of year. As well as the ants from the surrounding
area that may be foraging trying to come into the house. Is there
anything you can do that you know even if you don’t have carpenter ants, you obviously don’t want them, is there anything you can do to prevent them from coming at all? You can
certainly reduce the attractiveness of the house to the
ants by doing things to to reduce moisture around the structure. If you have shrubs that are right up against the house, cutting those
back away from the house. If you have trees with branches
overhanging the roof, at times the carpenter ants will actually go up tree and drop off onto the
roof and get into the house in that manner. Just good maintenance and keeping the house dry. If people want more information can they find it on your internet site? Yeah our website has a great deal of information regarding ants, and a variety
of other insects, rodents, as well as wildlife that
we deal with. Excellent! I mean excellent that the
service is out there not excellent that the ants are out there.
Mike thank you very much for being here. And we’ll take a break and be right

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