How to Draw using 1-Point Perspective: City Bird’s Eye View Tightrope Walker

Hi, Tom here and welcome to my new video, How to Draw a Tightrope Walker For this drawing I use 1-point perspective to draw a bird’s eye view of a city looking straight down on the city all of the diagonal lines go away from us, and they all end up at the vanishing point in the centre of this drawing next I will show you each of the steps, step by step, and then I will show you each stage of the drawing in detail, thank you very much for watching and please subscribe to my YouTube channel Circle Line Art School for a new How to Draw video every week… I use a 4B pencil, a thin black pen and a grey marker pen to add tone, instead of a marker pen you could use a 4B pencil to add tone… Circle Line Art School 1: Draw a cross in the middle of your paper, this is the vanishing point, all parallel lines going away from us will meet here! 2: Draw two vertical lines, one either side of the vanishing point. 3: Draw two diagonal lines from the vanishing point to the right hand side of your paper. 4: Add more diagonal lines and add vertical lines on the right, to show the tops of the buildings. 5: Draw a series of vertical lines, getting closer together as they reach the vanishing point, to show to show the floors of the building. 6: Draw two more diagonal lines on the left. 7: Draw more vertical lines for the floors. 8: To make the floors go around the buildings on the left, change vertical lines to diagonal lines. 9: Erase the lines between the original two vertical lines, this will become a road. 10: Add smaller details and small rectangles for cars on the road below. 11: Darken the pencil lines that are the ones you want to keep. 12: Draw two diagonal lines close together for the tightrope. 13: Draw a man from above, big head, small feet, triangular body, normal arms outstretched, no detail needed. 14: For the last stage you could add pen, making the buildings darker as they go away from us towards the road. Please subscribe to Circle Line Art School for a new drawing every week!

63 thoughts on “How to Draw using 1-Point Perspective: City Bird’s Eye View Tightrope Walker

  1. this one is by far my favourite 1 point perspective videos on this channel some of those freehand lines are very precise!as an aspiring comic artist I love tutorials like these!

  2. Wow that is so good ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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