How To Draw A Rabbit | Step By Step Drawing Lesson for Kids

Hey everyone, welcome to Super Simple Draw Make sure you have something to draw with
and some paper And don’t forget that you can pause the video
if you need more time Let’s draw a rabbit Start by drawing a circle And two dots for the rabbit’s eyes Let’s draw a little oval for her nose And two little curves for her mouth Now we’re going to draw two big long ears
on top of her head And a line in each ear A rounded body with a flat bottom And two curves for her leg Let’s give her some toes Draw two more curves at the front for her front legs And some more lines for her toes Now, let’s draw a big circle here for her fluffy tail Let’s color our rabbit white With big pink ears Or maybe brown? Or even gray With black spots Do you know what rabbits like to eat? Do they eat carrots? How about radishes? Or celery? Maybe cabbage Even broccoli Rabbits sure do love to eat their vegetables They’ll even burrow underneath your vegetable garden And eat as many vegetables as they can Thanks for drawing with me See you next time It’s me Marvie, from Sesame Studios Wow, Super Simple TV, that was a really fun show! It reminds me of my friends Elmo and Cookie Monster
at Sesame Street Did you know Sesame Street has a YouTube channel? You should check it out,
it’s one of my favorite channels

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