How to Draw a Cat Cute and Easy! Kawaii Cat Drawing Tutorial, Step by Step!

is Caroline’s Cuties and today I’m going to show you how to draw a cute cat in her cozy
box. Starting at the top of the page, I make the
curve of kitty’s tail. I found that the tip of the tail looks kind
of cute if it’s just slightly rounded and slightly fatter up at the top. Then I just follow my other curve to finish
the tail. Now for a simple circular shape for the back,
and a little triangle for the ear, and end the circle about here. I put another ear right here. Moving on to the box. Start low so you can slant upwards for your
first line, then make parallel lines coming down, and close that off with another line. To make the other flap, I’ll start just past
kitty’s back and draw a straight line to the other flap. And of course I’ll draw this flap just as
I did the other one. Make sure these lines are parallel. I’ll put the next line straight down, lining
it up with this corner of the flap. And this line goes down and ends a bit lower
than all the others. Then I just connect them. And the next line lines up with this flap
corner. And then finish off the box with one more
line. I’m just leaving a little bit of white here
for the eyes, for the gleam of the eyes. I’m going to go ahead and start coloring now
even though I haven’t made the face because these markers tend to bleed just a little
and so it’s less risky to color kitty first, wait for her to dry, and then add the face. Notice I’m staying away from the black lines
as I color it in, I’m doing this for two reasons. I’m trying to avoid the bleed as the purple
marker gets close to the black marker it tends to kind of bleed the black marker. And I also just like the look of it. I go over this side again with the same marker
so I get a richer color, and a bit of a shadow on my box. These are alcohol based markers so you can
go over them again and agin without tearing up the paper. They’re pretty great. Please have a seat in the waiting room as
you wait for your marker to dry. Now I wanted kitty cat to be pretty dry before
I go over the top part with her little stripes, because I’m using the same color marker. I needed it to be dry so that the new layer
of marker doesn’t blend in with the bottom layer of marker. It just lays on top of the first layer. And it’s subtle but yet very noticeable. I love kitty cat’s tails, so let’s put some
stripes on there. If you like kitty cats sitting in things,
I’ve got another video coming where all the kitties are sitting in all the things and
its very cute, so be sure to check that out. I’m using a fine tipped sharpie to add the
eyeballs and leaving a circle in each one for the gleam in the eyes. I’m just put going to put pink on one ear
since the other ear is turned away from us. Now all she needs are rosy cheeks, and a few
taps for a rosy nose, and some pretty little eyelashes.

15 thoughts on “How to Draw a Cat Cute and Easy! Kawaii Cat Drawing Tutorial, Step by Step!

  1. This kitty is so cute and so easy to draw!  Can't wait to have my granddaughters do this fun drawing activity!  Love it!  Thanks!


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