How to Do a Termite Treatment with Termidor SC Termiticide

Hey I’m Chris the Bug Guy from,
and today I’m going to show you how to get rid of termites using Termidor SC. Termidor
SC is considered the #1 non-repellent termiticide on the market for treating termites with the
active ingredient fipronil. Most professional companies provide Termidor termite treatments
because once you apply it, it lasts for over 10 years, and it kills termite colonies in
as little as 90 days. Termidor is a concentrate that comes in a 20 oz bottle. One bottle can
make 25 gallons of finished solution and treat 60 lineal feet. Each house usually needs 3-4
bottles. Now let’s go outside and show you how to use Termidor in the trenches around
your house. Step 1 is digging the trench. The trench against your house should be 6″
wide and 6″ deep. You can use a shovel or a pick axe, and the trench will be directly
against the foundation. Once you have dug the trench, it is 4 gallons per 10 feet, 10
lineal feet, along the house. So you are going to mix in the termiticide, make a line on
the bucket if you need to for 4 gallons, and once it’s mixed we’re going to evenly distribute
it over the trench. So we have a 10′ section over here. You are going to evenly distribute
those 4 gallons over the 10′, and then move on to the next section. By the time you get
back around this should have dissipated into the soil. Now once you have finished trenching
and filling the trench with the termiticide, and it’s had time to dissipate into the soil
you need to put the back fill back into the trench. Now the dirt right now is untreated.
This is the dirt we took out of the trench, but you want to make sure that you treat it
before you put it back in because you don’t want a layer of untreated soil on top of the
treated soil. If termites happen to go right near the surface, they are going to skip the
termiticide you placed in the trench. So this is a lot easier with two people. You want
to mix some termiticide in a 1 gallon pump sprayer, and then you want to have a shovel
or a rake to push the dirt back in the trench. The person with the sprayer is going to go
ahead and start just wetting the dirt down, not so much that it is muddy, but just start
wetting the dirt down, and as you are pushing it back in with the shovel or rake, the other
person is going to wet it down. Just move on down the line. Let him wet it down a little
bit. As you shovel it back in they’re just going to wet down that back fill and get it
mixed well with the termiticide. Now your house is completely protected by the professional
termiticide. I hope you found this video useful. For more information click here.

37 thoughts on “How to Do a Termite Treatment with Termidor SC Termiticide

  1. Comments like that show how professional you are. Why would you want to pay so much money for a "professional" to do a treatment when you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost? I can understand if you feel the products are being misused, but their sales to the general public barely put a nick into your industry.

  2. perimeter treatments are not enough. Colony can be and often is right under the house, and termites can come to the house by aboding the circle. House is NOT protected with perimeter treatment. House is protected when it is done professionally. If it was so easy then everyone would just buy Termidor online and just spray around their house. But by some magic people do that, get intoxicated by this chemical which is illegal in NY waste money and then call us – pros after it fails.

  3. @Prime Termite – You are a perfect example of why people do not trust pest control companies. Here is a video that shows you exactly how to dig the trench and apply the Termidor solution as recommended by the manufacturer on the product label…yet here you are telling people this is not how it is done. Perhaps you should head back to pest control operator training?

  4. Had a professional Co apply termidor years ago and was happy .only diff was they used a metal rod.also drilled 1/4" holes thru deck between house and pool. I see nothing wrong with there video. Just a pathetic post by a competitor trying to hurt there business. not everyone lives in loserville ny where everything is illegal either.

  5. It's not at all clear this "perimeter approach" will kill the colonies living inside roof rafters, floor joists, wall studs, etc., etc. 

  6. certainly a homeowner can treat his own house. (sarcasm)
    Trench and treat the perimeter with 25 5 gallon buckets, down drill abutting slabs, horizontally drill foundations in each void, and inject each hole with the correct volume…(.under pressure so it spreads)…down drill through the TILE floors(kitchen) adjacent to the pumbing penetrations..oh but how will you force it under the slab?…ooops….And it will be without the damage repair warranty professionals offer. So when your treatment is ineffective you will  make the repairs…as completly as when your requiring the TC company to replace….the damage caused after your treatment

  7. I was just given 2 quotes for termite prevention and both were well above 1k. It's no wonder why people are so drawn to the DIY movement. It was the same story when I was shopping for sprinkler system installs. People wanted $3500 for a basic 1/4 acre plot and I live in cheap old IDAHO. I did it myself for $500 i kid you not and became better acquainted with my neighbor as a result. Thank you for sharing this. Shopping online now.

  8. Looks great but I don't have termites. I would like to ensure that I won't. Will just spraying without trenching help? I have concrete and nice grass on two sides of my house.

  9. People are not resorting to do it themselves because the prices are high. It's because of lazy unscrupulous employees of these companies can only seem to come when you're not home where they either don't really come but said they did or they come spray a little liquid and gone in 5 minutes.

  10. good video and I bought some termidor from ya, I got a quote of $1800 to do my house, yet enough termidor to treat my house was only $350.

  11. If you backfill immediately after pouring you will have a mud dam without having to spray as you push the dirt back.  This is fine as a preventative measure, but if you have an infestation you need to drill and apply through the foundation and into hollow block, etc.

  12. Great video! Thank you for posting it. I just had a "pro" leave my house and want 2k to put in bait traps plus extended warranties later, he refused to talk liquid barriers when I asked and showed up 2 hours late. I think I will spend $300 and give this a go. I don't have any damage just evidence as the pro put it. I will update this when I'm done with the project.

  13. Termindor SC treatment seems like very a very good way to do your own termite removal without hiring a CT pest control company. What about residual effects on ground water or if you have an artesian well on your property? That worries me a little bit..:-(

  14. What do you do when you have an active termite infestation behind your walls? Even the paint on my ceiling in one area is chipping. Do I drill holes everywhere and inject this stuff? And what about Borax mixed in water? Thanks.

  15. i dont seem to have live termites or even eggs. but i do knew i had termites and i can see there mess and wings left behind. the beams behind the shower walls ware infested, shower was renovated and i can see the damage.
    as well as attic area specially near AC vents.
    can i spray termidor SC solution mix straight on the beams in the attic and behind shower walls? will fallowing your vid on the exterior be effective at all if they are in the beams and maybe dont have live termites left, or just eggs that i might not see? thanks for reply asap.

  16. My house will be 4years old in June. Had a termite treatment to the soil and slab when it was built. When should I treat the soil around the slab agian? Just got a quote and it is $1200 I a DIY guy and will do this myself.

  17. what's the best method for injection into concrete porches (stoops)? could I use a pump sprayer shoved down the hole I drill or a small longest funnel I can find?

  18. My house is built on a hill so it has a decent sloping grade to the land. How do you deal with a slope when using the trenching method? how do you evenly distribute the poison mixture?

  19. I absolutely agree….. what about rodding the soil DIY. You are doing the consumer a major disservice as you aren't telling the whole story here. No self respecting pest professional applies with a bucket… me on the label where that's legal in any state!

  20. I’m sorry but if termidor is a non repellent ant to treat the trench then why would you need to treat the soil you put back on top. Termite live in soil so they should hit that treated soil an inch below them almost immediately. That did not make sense to me

  21. Confused… is the video about ''preventing or destroying'' termites in home? Video shows you treating the ''soil'' around a home… but below you say, ''If you are doing a termite soil treatment, then you would have to drill through brick or concrete to get to the soil underneath.''
    Do we need to drill through brick or concrete and treat soil underneath home?
    My home was infested 6 years ago and they did it through brick & concrete to treat soil under home, plus they did a trench like the video.
    If I do it myself, do I just do a trench or would I need to apply under home again? I thought the company had told me that when it was time to retreat, they would drill again, plus do the trench. BUT company just switched to Sentricon Bait System, so I am exploring options.

  22. Good video i use this chemical alot and id recommend using dirt to "dam" the solution so it doesn't run off into lower points, i use a 9lt watering can with the sprayer head pulled off and a restriction (small hose) put in it so it doesn't gush out and i get even application, and do this with the backfill also and it goes further and it does a way better even job.

  23. I find it easier to make up a gallon mixture and do the digging 2.5 feet at a time. A gallon container is easier to pour from and it's easier to get the mixture to distribute evenly when the ditch is shorter.

  24. It`s a nice tutorial! – to dig the soil or to drill holes when there is a concrete driveway. But what we have to do when a timber decking (hardwood) is meeteng an outside wall (brick veneer), please?
    There is no appropriate gap to dig a tranche there. Do we nwwd to take all the decking out for the digging and treatment around or threre is a ssmarter way to do this, please? Thank you

  25. It`s a nice video! Could you tell me whether I can spray Termidor via weep holes in brick veneer, please? To apply it in between bricks and drywall voids, please?  Some people advices to do that, but some is against taking Termidor is for outside use only. Thank you

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