How to do a Quarterly Winter Pest Control Treatment

Winter winds are blowing in which means it’s
time to jump in and get on top of our winter quarterly pest control. Not all pests go dormant during the cold winter
months. They like to try to move to the inside of
your business or home to stay warm. These can include rodents, spiders, cockroaches
and more. So in order to keep our homes and businesses
pest free it’s important to do a quarterly pest control Treatment. So to kick things off we’re gonna begin on
the outside. so first up if you didn’t seal cracks and
crevices during your fall treatment now is a perfect time to do so. Make sure to pay close attention and check
areas where utilities and pipes enter into the structure. Mice can fit through holes the size of a dime
so you’ll want to use exclusion fabric or copper mesh to repair these entry points into
your home or business. This is also a great time to replace loose
or missing weather stripping. Not only will help keep your home warmer during
the winter, but it will help keep pests out. Also check your window screens for any damage
and repair those, and install a door sweep to entry doors. You’ll also want to install screen vents on
chimneys. Make sure to clean out your gutters and drains
This is going to help prevent water from building up and accumulating and attracting any sort
of pest activity. If you use firewood make sure to store it
at least 20 feet away from the structure and off the ground if at all possible. Mice, ants, rodents, raccoons, opossums, termites,
and many other insects like to make nests in firewood piles, and if your wood pile is
too close to a building it helps those pests get easier access. If you’re bringing firewood indoors make sure
to inspect every log looking for hitchhiker pests. Shake and knock off the logs to remove as
many pests as possible before bringing indoors. Never store firewood indoors if at all possible. When you do bring it in burn the wood immediately
to keep as many pests as possible from making your home their own. We also recommend applying an outdoor perimeter
spray. You’ll want to use a residual insecticide
like those found in our general pest control kits. This will create a barrier around the structure
to help prevent pests from getting on the inside. Depending on the product, you should apply
a liquid and set signed around the exterior or perimeter every 30 to 90 days. Make sure to always refer to the product label
to know how to apply the product properly. If it’s below freezing you should not apply
or spray outdoors. The ground will not absorb the insecticide
and it will produce a runoff, something we don’t want. Now that we’ve covered the outside, let’s
move to the inside and discuss the things to keep in mind and do there for your winter
quarterly pest control treatment. You can and most certainly should spray indoors
if you see any kind of pest activity. Focus on cracks and crevices around door frames,
window frames, and other entry points into your structure. Using both a liquid insecticide and an insecticide
dust creates a barrier to keep pests out, both of which are included in our general
pest control kits. Next, make sure you have pest monitors down
around the home to help monitor for invading pests. if you notice any pest activity, you
can treat early and prevent a big infestation in the future. Rats in mice love making homes in clutter,
so another step to prevent pests during the winter is to reduce the amount of clutter
in storage areas, attics, and crawl spaces. Make sure to use plastic storage bins instead
of cardboard, which is very attractive to many of these types of pests. You’ll want to store these boxes and storage
bins off the floor if at all possible. You’ll also want to reduce the amount of moisture
indoors. Most pests require food and water to live. By reducing moisture pests will find your
home or structure less attractive. Repair any leaky pipes or clogged drains that
you might have and also keep basements, attics, and crawl spaces dry and well-ventilated. If you like to decorate for the holiday season,
be vigilant when bringing decor inside out of storage areas and check them for any type
of unwanted pests that might be lurking in them. If you’re buying or bringing in live Christmas
trees, wreaths, or garlands, you want to check these thoroughly and shake them out well to
keep any spiders, moths, or any other kind of pests from gaining entry. If you’re getting decorations out of storage
areas, we recommend that you unpack the storage boxes outdoors. Inspect the boxes or bins for signs of pest
infestations including gnaw marks, droppings, or even live pests. When you’re going to store your decorations
after the holidays, it’s best to put them in plastic storage bins with secure lids. This is gonna help keep from finding a surprise
when unboxing decorations the following year. If you’re traveling or having guests over
for the holidays, one thing that you want to keep an eye out for and prevent are bedbugs. Do my Own dot com has several resources on
bed bug prevention while traveling. Make sure to check out our full bed bug guide
and travel articles on this matter. If you’re staying in hotels, guest homes,
or at a family member’s home be sure to check the beds for signs of bedbug activity. When you return home, unpack your suitcase
outside and immediately wash your clothing items to help prevent bringing bedbugs back
into your home. If you’re having guests over, using mattress
encasement and bed bug monitors can help identify and prevent an infestation in your home. And the holiday season in this time of year
is always full of food. If you’re bringing in fresh fruits or vegetables,
you may unknowingly bring in fruit flies so keep an eye out for them and prevent that
if at all possible. Keep food and leftovers in airtight containers
and dispose of garbage regularly. Thoroughly clean and sanitize your kitchen
after each meal to help keep fruit flies to a minimum. These are the main things that you want to
keep in mind and consider during the winter months so that you can keep your home and
businesses pest free. We hope you liked this video. Hit that thumbs up if you did. If you have any other further questions, leave
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