hey guys Emily and noodle here my queen this is get rid of the picture this is my queen and she's in some serious heat right now do one more get it one more time huh I guess the exposures moving hey guys it's Emily and noodle here my queen and she's in some serious heat right now for those of you who also have Queens at home I'm going to show you guys how to help your Queen when she's in heat oh yeah okay ready okay so what you want to do is when your Queens in heat she's probably gonna lie down like this and in my case cuz noodles a bangle she'll start chirping a little bit it's a break you and what you want to do is if you want to get lower for a better angle you'll see right here she'll move her tail to one side and just want to find a little pocket that little pocket at the base of the tail that's really close to her asterisk and you just want to go down and pull and she'll start making that really sexually I know you guys probably think I'm crazy right now but this really works yeah and then just make eye contact she'll start doing this with her little feet it's so cute but this believe it or not kind of uh simulates what she does in the wild and then she'll run away and start rubbing herself and cleaning herself she says she feels dirty that's totally normal by the way


  1. WOW!!!!!!! AMAZING VIDEO!!!!! I WAS GOING CRAZY… LITERALLY almost cried at work just thinking of my baby ….I watched your video…came home….and did it on her….and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!! It took me a couple tries but I finally did it. Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. How long does their heat last and do they normally spray all over the house when in heat or all the time

  3. I did the same, my cat went crazy, started running fast and rolling on the ground, biting her tail, and licking her hands and legs, is this normal?

  4. My sister did this to my cat and my cat lets out this yellow liquid and it smells very gross..and now my cat is just rolling around…

  5. I've never had a cat drive me crazy with being in heat, but my daughters new kitten who's about 9 months has kept us up for 3 nights with the howling and like a teenager being unruly. I tried this but she never stopped assuming the pose. She's obviously in heat and miserable. Am I doing it wrong? She's pretty small boned and a Egyptian Mao. Does breed have anything to do with nothing makes her happy right now? I'm low income and awaiting an opening from the vets to spay her. I've tried heating pads, isolation and nothing is working. She at least calmed down some. But she's still contorted. Anything would help. At this point I think she needs kitty Prozac!! I've NEVER had to deal with this difficult of a Cat. Poor thing acts like she's dying. It's just heat.

  6. To be honest better just Spaying or Neutering your cat (exept cat breeders). BUT if u want sleep at night and can't go to vet immediately this is a good side solution IF u can do it properly.(basically your pet get a petting for calm down.) 😀

  7. I tried this and at first she didn’t like it but then when she felt it for the first time it made her way better! Now she wants me to poke her booty often. She just comes up to me with her butt in my face! It is weird, but I’m glad I can give her some relief for a few hours!

  8. Emily actually sounded like she was getting turned on.Making eye contact really.This is a cat and not a human.You are gross big time.Sorry.

  9. We did it and it helped her…she did just what you said and now is playing and then relaxing back to her normal self. I feel bad when she's in heat. She's so uncomfortable. Thanks for the tip

  10. How long do you do it for?? Just for like 30 seconds? And will it make the heat go away til next time or will it just relieve her for the day?

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