How to Cut Your Dogs Hair at Home!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax my dog now me and a very cool-looking Milo right now are going to be
talking about how to cut your dog's hair at home now we actually do cut Milos
hair we don't cut all of his hair, he is a long haired, are you a long-haired
border collie? I think so he has loads another hair and it's pretty long so I
think so but we don't actually cut his hair actually doesn't go to the groomers
and get it caught we much so whenever we bushes hair a lot of the
hair will come out anyway what we do keep on top of the hair around his ears
because they can get quite knotted and also around his backside as well because
that could also get quite nothing – just to make sure he's looking nice and fresh
and he doesn't get too hot as well imagine having loads and loads of fur
around his ears can be quite uncomfortable for him and you should
also keep the top of any hair around his paws as well we don't normally do this
because he is quite an active dog so he's have all sorts of get caught anyway
when he's sort of running around but if you don't have much of an active dog it
is important to cuts their hair hair as well before we do get started
definitely do go down below to the comment and let me know what is your
dog's our grooming schedule like often you have to cut them how often to have
to wash them is there a routine that you have in your house let me know down
below in the comments but let's just get started
we actually have eight different top tips and sort of the way that we would
go about four to malaterre like I say we don't caught all of mallas hair all over
his body so the first up tip is to make sure you
have the right accessories make sure you have the right sisters don't just go for
any old scissors you need to make sure you have specific ones for hairdressing
or dog hairdressing especially and if you can get your hands on that sale be
amazing I would not recommend using kitchen scissors because they're just
not gonna be sharp enough now tip number two is to just comb through at the fair
have a look or way you might want to cut back to make it even or just have a look
but where the firmat be the longest etc you can do this wet or dry a lot of the
time we just caught mother when his fur is dry just so we can actually see what
its gonna like obviously with human hair we comb it we wash it all the time we
blow-dry it we should match straighten or curly and so we can stay on it
whereas the dog's hair wherever it's sort of naturally falls that's where
it's gonna stay so I recommend doing it dry just so you can
make sure that you're not going to cut too far somewhere because it might look
a lot different when it is wet so I could say tip number three is to decide
what you want to cut then how much you want to cut off do you want to cut an
inch shaft two inches off or just play it by ear and see how much you might
want to cut off him in there a lot of the time at hair justice as
well they don't necessarily cut an inch off all over the dog you might decide to
cut a bit there I've got a tiny little bit there just to make it look a little
bit more evened out now the next tip is it to work slowly and carefully and also
do it from their front all the way to the back what it recommend doing it took
their took that they're doing it from front to back well just make sure you're
not missing any necessary areas with your dog number five is to obviously
make sure your dog is as calm as possible don't be shouting to your dog
just keep remembering calm voice I think cutting your dog's fur can be quite a
torment for your dog because obviously there might not be used to it especially
the first time you've done it so make sure trying to keep them as calm as
possible and also if you do need somebody else there with you whether
it's something your family or a friend over ask them to come over and just hold
your dog at steady keep them nice and nice and calm maybe give them a toy or
retreat just to make them a lot bit more relaxed before you start shout number
six is it to leave with these sensitive areas of to last where the buyers for so
that the downstairs area or their back side or around their ears things like
that can be quite sensitive for your dog and you want to be extra extra careful
around these areas another seven is to use a light top and to not cut off too
much at once definitely do cut a little bit off see if you want to cut any more
off and then gradually cut more off your dog if you would do want to and then our
very last tape number eight it should just brush off their fur and it excess
fur and just make sure that everything is nice and streamlined and your dog
looks nice and refreshed but that is it for a little guide on how to put your
dog's hair I'm really sorry that there wasn't like a proper video we have
included some videos of courting Malins ears around around there's not his
actual ears and around his backside as well just to give you a bit of an idea
on how we tend to do it Bala has done it plenty of time so he is actually quite
relaxed during his processbook and her magic song rugs can be really really
timid and just be very very shaky join that process and do take that into
account like I said at the beginning don't forget to let me know down below
in the comments of what is your dog's a grooming routine like and how often do
they get groomed do they get groomed do you do yourself do you cut necessary
areas like we don't let me know down below in the comments before you leave
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about your dog thank you all so so much for watching and me and mine here I'll
see you on next week for next week's video bye are you ready to go

8 thoughts on “How to Cut Your Dogs Hair at Home!

  1. I'm a professional dog groomer and this video was a huge cringe for me. Please never take a knot, pull from the skin and cut. I know loads of people who took a chunck of their dogs skin with it. Yes you should do some basic grooming at home like brushing but please don't cut your dogs hair. More then likely you'll end up going to a groomer to fix it and you won't be happy. Kinda like that one time you tried to give yourself bangs. Please leave the hair cutting to the professionals!

  2. I bathe my dog but that doesn't mean i cut her hair, i actully cut her nails. But i wish i could cut her hair.

  3. your vids are sooooo inspiring and this vid helped my family so incredibly much because are groomer cost 75-100$ because we have a Labredoodle

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