How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

so a lot of you have asked us to do a video on how to create train your puppy here we go we're gonna show you how to create train your puppy as you can see Memphis is already inside of the crate our crate is a metal wire crate with a plastic bottom you can come you the crate we use for Memphis is a 36 inch metal wire crate until it's wire the plastic bottom here slides out to make it easy to clean if you need to slides back in we also have a cover on our crate basically we have that because it makes it a little darker in there makes it feel a little bit more like a den for Memphis as you can see we've already been working with Memphis on crate training and she's fairly comfortable in her crate as it right now so the first few tips for crate training that I want to give you our you want the crate to always be a positive experience you want the puppy to think that this is their home basically like a child's bedroom this is the dog's bedroom this is supposed to be the safe safe space for the dog one of the ways you can do that never ever ever use a crate for punishment you always want it to be a positive experience constant leaving you know rewards treats positive reinforcement when the dog goes into the crate never ever yell at the dog bang on the crate you don't want it to be a negative thing you want it to be a safe place be their home now the first thing you need to do is get the dog used to the crate the noise the sounds that it makes you want them to understand that it's not gonna hurt them that it's that it's okay for them to be in there one of the ways to do that as you can see we have Memphis inside of her crate with the door open and she has a Kong filled with peanut butter we threw the Kong inside the crate and Memphis goes in there and enjoys the Kong the first few times she did try to carry it out of the crate so all I did was pick it back up and toss it back in there eventually she realized she had to stay in there to actually enjoy her treat that was how we kind of got her used to going in and out of the box again positive experience if I'm in here I get this food I like this food maybe I'll hang out in here crate training is not a super-fast process you do want to take things a little bit slow because again you don't want the dog to be fearful you want the dogs to know that that's a comfortable safe place for them to be crate training is one of the fastest most effective ways to potty train a puppy it is also a great way to keep your puppy safe while you are gone at work and cannot actually be watching what your puppy is doing a crate is gonna give them a safe place to be where they cannot destroy things choke on things and harm themselves we keep a bag of treats near our crate and every time we want Memphis to go in the crate we give her one of these treats as you can tell she already knows what this is Memphis can you kennel up you don't use you as a command to get your dog to go into the kennel it should be the same command every time Memphis can you kennel up kennel up good a girl once the puppy crosses the line all the way into the crate you can reward them with their treat remember always use the same command every single time Memphis kennel up good girl very positive reinforced immediately you just want them to be very comfortable with this process Memphis kennel up kennel if girl there you go all the way up come on good girl now a lot of times when you put your puppy in the kennel eventually especially in the beginning your puppy is going to cry they're gonna make noise they're gonna want out of the crate do not go to your dog while they're crying oh she's crying because you do not want to go to your pet and let them out of the crate while they're crying because the minute they start crying and you go and you open the door and let them out they're gonna know hey you're gonna come get me so you want to wait until your pet is calm and laying down and no longer crying before you actually go and let them out of the crate another really good way to get your puppy used to being in the crate is to actually feed your puppy well in the crate they'll learn that hey I get food in here food in here is a good thing we do not leave food or water in the crate with the dog while we are not home basically if they have too much water and you don't make it home to let them out they're gonna have an accident in the creek you really don't want them to do that crate training is effective mainly because most dogs will not soil where they sleep they don't like to go to the bathroom in their own little room so they will try to hold it as long as they can with puppies you do not want to leave them in the crate gosh 8 to 12 weeks old really you should be letting them out at least every 2 to 3 hours if you're gone at work try to have a dog sitter come over to be able to let them out and help you let them out at night same thing wake up every few hours to let the dogs out the general rule of thumb is for every month old a dog is that's about how long they can hold their bladder so if your puppy is 8 weeks old that makes them 2 months old they can generally hold their bladder for about 2 hours they can hold it a little bit longer at night because they're not as active at night now at night your puppy may cry and want out of the crate sometimes it's hard to tell if it's because they have to go to the bathroom or if it's because they just want out what we do is we use a command when we hear them crying you know well you wait a few minutes see if they stopped if they don't stop if you go to get up and let them out we always use the command want to go outside and go potty or want to go outside and dog continuously gets excited when they hear that usually means they really have to go but you'll kind of be able to tell as you work with crate training on your dog when they're faking it and when they're not after time your dog should no longer actually cry in their crate they should realize that this is a fun safe environment for them to be in now I'm sure I didn't answer all of your questions on this topic so I am gonna put a few links down in the video description to different websites on how to properly create train your dog you can also leave questions down below I'll try to answer them as I can again I get a lot of emails so sometimes that can be difficult to do yes Memphis made this video a little bit hard to do because she definitely didn't want to stay in her crate she's like it's not great time yet we also use a command at night when we put her in there so she knows that it's bedtime we tell you know gwon go to bed and she'll usually go right to the crate knows where it is knows how to do it same thing with Oakley because Oakley still uses a crate after time you may not have to create train your dog oakley likes to stay in her crate because she thinks it's her safe place so she'll be stayed created till she was about four years old and then now she has full run of the house some dogs you know we'll get over half and use one and some dogs kind of don't shiloh actually only used her crate so she was about a year old so it really just depends on the dog and how destructive they really are a few other tips that I'm thinking of some people like to put a blanket or a shirt or something in the crate that has their scent on it you can do that we don't usually do that because I didn't want her to chew it up and choke on it and she you know if they're big-time chewers that's probably not the best idea if they're not big time tours then that's something you can definitely try what smell go see your sister's so there you have a basic crate training video remember crate training your puppy is not only the first step in keeping our puppy safe while you're not home it is also the first step in potty training your puppy we do plan on doing another video hopefully next Monday on how to potty train a puppy where we will share the tips and tricks that we use to potty train Memphis and every other puppy we've ever had like TLB we hope you enjoyed this video we will see you guys on Wednesday thanks for watching

46 thoughts on “How to Crate Train your Puppy The First Step in Potty Training

  1. Great Video On Dog Crate Training – We Will Be Sharing Your Stuff To Our Facebook Page and Blog Website Site – Good Job!

  2. Excellent Video On Dog Crate Training – We Will Be Sharing Your Stuff To Our Facebook Page and Blog – Great Technique!

  3. period of him being alone really has me worried and sad 🙁 will he cry till he's tired will it have a negative affect on him? .. anyone is appreciate your opinions or thoughts on this…. I love my baby boy Sid .

  4. Usually my pup at night cries long time. It doesn't stop crying until it is put outside the crate. What can be the solution to make it stay without crying

  5. Are you on fb?. I need some potty training tips for some personal issues I'm having with my husky pup.

  6. What about crate dividers? Also do you fully cover the crate? Also I heard if you put a empty pop can on top with coins to tap it if puppy starts crying. Also is your crate by your you in your bed when a puppy? We’re having a tough time on day two of training. He’s also always pooping and relieving in crate.

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  9. I am really struggling with crate training my 5 month old rescue puppy. she has nailed potty training and even knows a few tricks, we have only had her a week. She does sleep in their voluntary but only for about 5 minuetes. it's becoming a bad habit that she sleeps the night on the sofa (she has no accidents and asks to go out if she needs) but she just won't sleep in her crate!! Please help as my poor mum sleeps on the sofa with her most nights because she screams if she leaves her! ?

  10. How can I fix my mistake? I let my puppy (5 months) out or comfort her when she cries in the crate, now she barks nonstop when I'm gone 10 mins.

  11. Hello it's 10/7/2018 have a few questions I rescued a husky/wolf and she has very bad habits. I don't think she has ever lived in side but I don't believe in leaving my dogs out side how do you train a 3 year old to start potty outside and create to. I also have. Husky /Shepard and a Shepard and a chiywawa the only one that is trained is the husky / shepherd she is my seizure dog. The husky/wolf has been picking up on my seizure to would like to get her trained so I can get her certification to any tips please on all of them but the husky/shepherd they are all rescue dogs someone dumped them out by my house

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