How to control snails & slugs in your garden – 5 EZ organic methods

snails and slugs feed on a variety of plant
leaves vegetables and fruits and this can cause a lot of damage in the garden in
today’s episode of a look at five easy ways to control snails and slugs in your
garden slugs can cause a lot of damage on plants like potato leaves on pepper
plants and here you can see some damage that’s been done on radish leaves they just love
all these edible greens so the first step to prevent slugs and
snails is to water your plants early in the morning snails and slugs love moist, humid
environment so by watering your plants early in the day the Sun dries it out
and your plants will be much drier and not appealing to snails in late evening
when they’re active the second method we will discuss today is the beer trap
method to eliminate snails and slugs you need some beer any kind of beer is ok
and a small container and what you do is just pour some beer into a container
which will act as a trap to catch the snails and slugs now the way the method
works is snails and slugs are very attracted to beer any kind of beer so
what we do is we dig a little hole in any part of our garden where we expect slugs
and then we keep this little container at ground level so that the snails and
slugs are attracted and when they come towards the beer it’s easy for them to
get into this trap now on the same night I went around looking for slugs in the
garden and I saw that near the beer trap there were a lot of slugs you can see how attracted they are like they’re
having a party here the next morning you can see that a lot of snails and slugs
have been trapped in this trap and then you can eliminate them and then just
repeat the process again just do it for a few days fill the container with
beer your trap is set again and you’ll see some
more the next day and eventually the number of slugs in your garden should
come down our third tip in eliminating slugs is to just go out at night with a
flashlight and just pick them and just put them in a bag
and throw them away you can find snails around
leafy greens they love leafy greens
like radish, spinach you can see there is
one more snail here they also love leafy vegetables
like cabbage for example you’re going to see a
lot of slugs at night slugs are most active
at night so by this technique
if you hand-pick them everyday for a few days… and then do it
every few weeks the number of slugs and snails in your
garden should reduce considerably and our fourth way to eliminate slugs
and snails is to use bait bait packets that are readily available to you in the
garden store now if your product contains iron phosphate you’re ok but if
it contains anything called metaldehyde its not safe for you it’s not safe for
you it’s not safe for the garden do not use it what you do want to see is
something called iron phosphate now iron phosphate is just basically iron and
phosphorus which is actually good for your garden and this is a approved for
organic gardening so it is listed as safe for organic gardening now I still
do not recommend such products to be used because they might have
undesirable residues that can be left once the product disintegrates so this
is an effective technique if you have a large area to cover or if you have a
large snail or slug population control but in all other cases sticking to other
techniques does help eliminate snails and slugs so to use this method anyway
you just broadcast the product around your plants so here you can see how this
is done though I never used this method in my garden now our final tip to eliminate slugs and snails is to use
copper strips now I’ve personally never used this method in my garden simply
because it’s too much to do but if you have copper strips around your planting
containers your raised beds what happens is that the slime that is generated by
the slugs and the snails react with copper and it deters snails and slugs away so
it’s known to keep them away but it’s just too much of work and I don’t think I
would be using this technique at least in my garden so that’s it folks those were the
techniques of eliminating slugs and snails in your garden if you have any
techniques to share do let us know, drop in a comment and give us a thumbs up if you
liked this video we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

100 thoughts on “How to control snails & slugs in your garden – 5 EZ organic methods

  1. Thanks for this video! I plan to get serious about growing melons next Spring, and in the last few years here in central Texas we've seen a big increase in the local snail and slug population because of the wet weather and warmer winters (I assume). I suppose snails and slugs will target my melon patch, so I'll employ these techniques to control them.

  2. I use my chickens eggs shells. I dry them then crush them and scatter around my plants. The shell sticks to the slug and cuts them up and they die. Also the eggshells r a great mineral for the dirt in my garden and a dirt conditioner as well:)

  3. I hand picked locusts and green caterpillers , it worked well. Beer trap is a new thing I learned, thank you. Did you write negative feedback on ebay seller who sold you wrong carot seeds?

  4. My aunt would use dried and crushed egg shells against snails and slugs. You make a perimeter around your plant with crushed egg shells and snails apparently won't cross it because the shells will irritate them.

  5. The natural way I control slugs and snails is by surrounding the outside perimeter of my raised beds and planter pots with salt pellets. I buy a huge bag of salt pellets that are used for water softeners. A bag cost about $5 and can cover quite a large area. I spread the pellets along the outside of the beds where a snail would have to cross the salt to get to the beds. I have never seen a snail/slug since using this method. More important, I have dogs so I don't have to worry about poisoning.

  6. Many people scatter used coffee grounds under their plants to protect them from slugs. I've seen slime trails later showing that the slugs cruised on past without harming the plants. I think the coffee smell is so strong the slugs can't smell the plants and don't realize that food is nearby. The smell can last quite a while before you need to add more coffee grounds, depending on how much you used, etc.

  7. Egg shells work well too, just put them around the plant it tears up their bodies when they walk in them. How about neem oil?

  8. Thanks for the tweezers tip. I use disposable chopsticks, but tweezers allow better picking of small slugs.

  9. I have read that using copper against slugs is actually an old wives tale. Someone even tested this and slugs were happily climbing over copper tape and pennies.

  10. Be careful using snail and slug killer based on iron phosphate. This is in complex form with EDTA and thus renders the iron cation easily released from the complex molecule to provide the toxicity not only to snails and slugs but also dogs, cats and other mammals. The normal form of iron phosphate is virtually non-toxic to snails, slugs, dogs, cats and humans because the iron is strongly bound to the phosphate. But the iron phosphate in snail and slug killer pellets must always be complexed with EDTA in order to make the iron easily released from the complex molecule and thus poison all forms of life, even earthworms are not spared. Not very organic-friendly after all, is it? The ingredient list on the label hides the fact that it is in the complexed form with EDTA. What's worse is that it doesn't include bittering agents to make it unpalatable to mammals. So don't use it if you have a dog or cat or any other pets.

  11. Put a pinch of salt (need only very minimal amount) on the snails. works beautifully and costs less. Just a cheap and nasty supermarket salt will do.

  12. I'm from Brazil. As a child, my mother wore pieces of cloth or clay tiles wet with salt and water to gather slugs at night and kill them in the morning.

  13. I was dismantling the plastic from my greenhouse one spring and left it laid out over night. In the morning I turned it over and there must have been 40 snail's. Threw a bunch of salt on them and they melted away. I actually felt bad that I killed them that way but soon got over it.

  14. I love snails and slugs I hope not any of these methods would hurt them??????=good not bad

  15. Copper metal strip, around the plants you want to protect, and it works…they don't cross the boarder

  16. Guys I have a lot of snails that were going somewhere in my back yard and I dont know what they were doing, I put it on my youtube channel, if you guys could go see it and tell me what was happening I would appreciate it and you dont have to like or subscribe if you want too

  17. Can slugs swim? Does anybody know the answer to this? I want to build a water moat around my carrots using plastic guttering

  18. Save the snails and slugs and mash them up with a little water and let it ferment a few days, then add more water and spray the plant, most snails will die. At least it works for aphids.

  19. Thank you! I’m going to try the beer method tonight, and also stop the night time watering for a while. I’m growing pumpkins ??

  20. Excellent solutions… U hv nailed it…
    One more thing i suppose it also lays white eggs let me know if you have come across it.

  21. I have my vegetable garden around 10 years! 10 years! It is the first year happening like this. A lot of slugs eating my vegetables.
    This morning I saw this video so I tried to go out to take a look. Gosh!! I couldn’t believe that I found at least 50 of the slugs!!! Just in 30 mins! I have to buy the bait!

  22. Don't bother with the copper wire method, it does not work!
    * However ~ if you stick 2 wires parallel to eachother ± 5mm apart (they must not touch) & connect a battery to the wires, snails will get a small shock when they're in contact with both wires (anything from 3V to 12V will work fine)

  23. you know first I thought those jerks were the looper worm but I probably have slugs too and ants….I cant win!

  24. I've been using the bait pellets for a week, I have yet to see a dead snail. They seem to ignore it, and I still see them on the plants at night.

  25. My wife came running into the house saying there were these ugly, little
    slime covered things ruining her garden. I ran out expecting to see
    Justine Trudeau and his liberals but saw this little slugs and told her
    to calm down and watch the video. Be calm, slug be gone.

  26. My wife came running into the house saying there were these ugly, little
    slime covered things ruining her garden. I ran out expecting to see
    Justine Trudeau and his liberals but saw this little slugs and told her
    to calm down and watch the video. Be calm, slug be gone.

  27. My wife came running into the house saying there were these ugly, little
    slime covered things ruining her garden. I ran out expecting to see
    Justine Trudeau and his liberals but saw this little slugs and told her
    to calm down and watch the video. Be calm, slug be gone.

  28. Wow those slugs is going to be one junking slugs they are going to be too drunk to eat greens and veggies ☻?????

  29. Some great ideas. I'm not sure if the copper is producing an electric charge. Invertebrates have a biology that makes them absorb copper a high rate because it is normally rare in their environment. As a result exposure to raw copper causes toxicity. Owners of salt water tanks are very familiar with this. Note this toxicity applies to earthworms as well.

  30. If you go out and get them at night, you can wear gloves, be gentle and turn them loose in your neighbor's garden 😉

  31. FYI; Snails & Slugs in So-Cal prefer 'Modelo Dark.'
    Okay in all seriousness, The product or chemical that our host spoke of is 'Methaldyhide,' which is found in Ortho's Deadline and another product called 'Thats It.' However i do believe that, 'Thats it,' is no longer available in Ca. Iron Phosphate based products are the safest way to go, as they can also be used around your veggies and other edible crops. Methaldyhide is dangerous to your pets, especially dogs who love to scarf up the pellets.
    One other product that comes to mind that is totally organic and in my years of experience is 'Diatomaceous Earth,' commonl;y known as 'D & E.' Commonly used as a pool filtering agent, is excellent when used in the garden. It is effective on Fleas, ants, Snails and slugs, and many other garden pests.
    Hope this helps you all out!! Take care and GOD Bless!!!!
    Disabled Vet

  32. Sprinkle salt in your garden. Snails stay away from it. Don't throw directly on snails or they will be killed on the spot ❗️

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