How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – VetVid Episode 003

Hello I’m Doctor Mike. This is Mandy, and
this is Cookie. And today, we want to teach you how to clean your pet’s ears properly.
And to do this, we need to get in the habit of looking into our pets’ ears. We need to
determine what is normal so that if we see changes, such as wax, or debris, or inflammation,
or even an abnormal smell. These may be signs of an infection. If your pet does have an
infection, your veterinarian will actually prescribe a very specific treatment plan,
and maybe even a specific cleaner for you to go home and use as a maintenance. If there
is no infection and you want to go ahead and work with a routine cleaning, this is really
simple. So to get started, we’re going to need an ear cleaner. There are many types
of ear cleaners, both over the counter and there’s also prescription ones. So once we
have our cleaner, we can go ahead and pick something like a cotton ball, you can use
a soft tissue, whatever it is that’s easy and gentle on the ears. So we want to apply
our cleaner, and we’ll go ahead and lift the earflap, also known as the ear pinna. And
we want to clean just in the top areas, the areas that we can see, and so just wiping
in here and cleaning. We don’t want to do routine cleaning down in the canal, you don’t
ever want to stick an instrument, don’t use q-tips. Sometimes your pet may actually have
an infection, and it may require a deeper cleaning. Now we need to be careful when we’re
pouring a solution down into the canal, as this could be damaging if there is a problem
with the eardrum, like if the eardrum is ruptured, and that can happen. So your only going to
do a deeper cleaning at the advice and direction of your veterinarian. So to get started, again,
we want to lift up the earflap, and we’re going to go ahead and just flush a little
solution down there, and then we can go ahead and massage the canal gently. And then, I’ll
let them go ahead and shake their head, so it’s a good idea to maybe do this outside,
and after, again I will grab the cotton ball, and this time I don’t need to saturate it
because all the solution is here. Just going to clean what’s up here. Once again, don’t
use a q-tip, no instruments down into the canal at any time. And this is pretty simple
and you can do this at home on a routine basis, whether it’s weekly or twice a month, and
again at the advice of your veterinarian. So whether you’re doing a routine ear cleaning
or a deeper ear flush, it’s very simple as long as you’re following the necessary precautions.
I hope that this information was helpful to you today, and thank you for watching.

91 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Dog’s Ears – VetVid Episode 003

  1. my dog has all the characteristics you said about ear infection, but he doesnt let me clean his ears, and he gets very angry if i try to put ear drops that the veterinarian recommended to me.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog's ear infection. Your vet will be your best resource, as they know the situation. Good luck!

  3. Glad you like the video. yes, overcleaning can disrupt the ears protective layer. Always best to call your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your pet.

  4. No, I would not use that high alcohol as it can be irritating to the canal. Use a gentle ear cleanser for routine cleaning or ask your veterinarain.

  5. Thanks for the reply. The 70% alcholo is actually that's what one vet recommended (even in times of ear infection), though another has recommended a commercial solution. Is there another product you would recommend for a Golden Retriever that requires frequent ear cleaning?

  6. Any gentle cleaner for routine cleaning. If your Golden Ret. requirs frequent cleaning, your veterinarian may want to perform a cytology and/or culture to determine the type of medication and cleaner. There are different types of cleaners if yeast or bacteria are present. Also, ALLERGIES are one of the most common reasons dogs get reoccuring infections. Check with your veterinarian.

  7. While this is helpful, I don't have a partner to hold my dogs head while I attempt to clean her ears. How do you guys restrain the head so she doesn't move? I tried using my arm but she wiggles out! Blargh!

  8. @britchesiscool This is not always easy for some pets. Try a chew toy or a treat when you start. Possibly try when your dog just wakes up. You may have to ask a neighbor to help.

  9. @ChannelEden At 14 yrs old, it may be a normal aging process resulting in becoming deaf. The q-tips can be a problem if your pet jumps and you injure the ear drum. Vinegar and water should be safe. You probably did not do anything wrong.

  10. @ChannelEden you must take your dog to the veterinarian to figure out what type of infection, ie bacterial, yeast, mites, etc. Only your veterinarian can prescribe the appropriate medication. He or She can also prescribe a cleaner that is most effective for the type of maintainance for your pet.

  11. @BeckoLoveless Sounds like a painful infection. Look for add in local paper or online for a free initial exam. Many veterinarians offer coupons for new clients. Your dog likely needs medical attention.

  12. I want to get a basset hound but im scared because what if im cleaning its ears with the cleaning liquid and i dont know how much to put and i put to much will it get an ear infection?

  13. you said don't pour any liquid in their ears but then you pour the ear cleaner in…?
    so are we supposed to pour the solution in their ears or not

  14. @IceQeen1011 So sorry to hear that. The Veterinarian may suggest sedation at the vet hospital for a thorough cleaning. There are injectable and oral antibiotics if bacteria, there are oral anti-yeast pills if yeast infection present. Also, there are once a day meds which may help get through this important treatment. Have vet confirm infection is gone before stopping treatment. Please discuss with your own vet for final advice.

  15. oh icaan ou guys make a video about removing the hair from your dogs ear because i heard if you don't dio that every so often i heard your dog can go deaf can someone help out 🙁

  16. @keylockkid The black wax needs to be examined under a microscope to determine what type of infection and the proper treatment.

  17. @VenisonFajitas Great questions. Many infections are deep and not visualized without an otoscope. Food or environmental allergies can play a role. Please contact your veterinarian for an exam to look into the ears. Bad dental tartar can also make the head smell.

  18. @VetVid My mom bought me a pet & told me to make sure i clean it's ears properly & i found the perfect video. but, if my puppy doesn't have an ear infection , do i still pour the liquid down it's ears like you did at 1:50 ?

  19. most dogs need there ears cleaned routinely. The frequency depends on how fast they accumulate wax. Always best to ask your veterinarian.

  20. there are some medications that are only once a day. Also, your veterinarian may have a medication they can apply for you that last two weeks….call them.

  21. Karen, Try using Fingear Mini Mitts. The liquid will naturally flow into your dog's ear as you clean and massage them.

  22. Go ahead, Dr. Mike, and rub the go ahead debris from the ear into the ear canal. Would you like to go ahead and re-demonstrate that move? Sounds like you took your instructions from an online Photoshop tutorial.

  23. If your dogs ears are infected and keep getting infected, I would start looking at food allergies as the cause. Dog food allergies can cause skin irritation and can lead to infection.

  24. I saw wax in my dog's ear so I took a qui tip and cleaned them. She started to cry so I stopped and looked up this video. What do I do she can't stop scratching and picking at it. Should I take her to the vet?

  25. Good video.  Our chocolate lab is getting over an ear infection with the help of a prescribed ointment from the vet and this cleaning technique.  Very helpful!

  26. Very helpful! I used a product recommended by my veterinarian called PurOtic by Innovet. It has a silicone tip for dispensing that makes cleaning so easy I will never use any other product .a couple squirts and almost all of the debris comes out

  27. LOL! every vet we went to for ITP  suggested prednisone for life, blood transfusions & spleen removal.$$$$$.  instead we researched the truth, regarding prednisone etc. & gave her 50 mcg of vitamin k daily. Her Purpura cleared up in 24 hrs, & its been over a year, without a trace. Cost?  $6 bucks, enough for nearly a year. Vets cost?  The life of our friend

  28. p.s. The vet hospital hands out purina dog chow promotions. Anyone that can read a label knows this product is 1 of the worst. the other vet is paid by hills, so their always pushing scinece diet, another garbage food, that will insure most dogs that eat it , will live an unhealthy life. Investigate your vet. Can you really trust any vet that suggest a dog food , that is known allergen to dogs?  

  29. that it… wow.. vet did that for my brother's dog.. he was couple dollars short {2 dollars} in paying what it cost… so my brother had to sign over dog until he came up with the extra 2 bucks… NO, the vet wouldn't let him slide on the 2 bucks.. He had to sign dog over to them until he came up wit hte 2 bucks……. they wanted him to take meds home, but he just paid for cleaning, which in my opinion from what i saw here, cost way too much….. that vet was a crook….

  30. As a veterinary technician for 10 years, I regularly do maintenance ear cleanings on my dog, especially since he's a swimmer.  I do use q-tips though, but I'm trained and know what I'm doing.  It's very important for dogs with floppy ears to check them periodically for ear infections, especially if they get wet.  If moisture gets in there it becomes like a greenhouse and bacteria can grow.  If not treated, it can get out of hand easily.  I would regularly treat a relative's Labrador for ear infections, but then they were negligent with the medication and follow-up care.  This resulted in deafness in one of the dog's ears.  This type of maintenance is very important for your dog's overall health, just as the teeth, nails, skin/coat….on top of annual vaccinations as well as healthy diet and exercise.  Inexpensive ear cleaning solutions can be purchased at Petsmart or Petco, but my favorite online pet supply company is

  31. Hi, you say in your video that you shouldn't pour anything down the ear canal, but isn't that the way most cleaners work? If not, you're just getting the debris on the surface and not the debris down in the ear canal. There are a few other vets on YouTube demonstrating the ear cleaning and they pour the liquid down in the ear canal, now I don't know what to do?

  32. @VetVid Can I ask you a question? Do you need to wash your dog's ears when you bath him? Someone said the dog's ear can get an ear infection.

  33. when he puts a few drops of the ear solution down into the dog's ear, is that only for if it has an infection or is it a way to just clean his ear (with a dog without infection?)

  34. im so confused lots of other videos do something different but the same this is completely different who to beleive

  35. My dad is using a Kleenex to clean my labradoodles ears and he is sticking his finger all the way in the ear he does it about twice a day is that ok to do or should he stop

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