How to clean the filter – Hoover Breeze Pets (5574304/5636819)

this Argos support video will demonstrate how to remove clean and refit your Hoover vacuum cleaners filters to ensure your product runs efficiently not cleaning the filter regularly is often the cause of problems with your machine firstly ensure the product is unplugged and released the dirt container then detach the filters tap the filters over a bin to remove any dirt or debris remove the shroud from the dirt container please note the shroud cannot be washed wash the filters under running water remove any excess and leave to dry for at least 24 hours ensure the filters are completely dry before refitting into the vacuum cleaner finally reassemble the filters can be put back into position the shroud needs to be placed back into the dirt bin container following these simple steps on a monthly basis will help to prolong the life of your machine for further assistance please contact WWE ghosts – support code on UK

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