Hi, Stewart here with EcoOrange. I’m just
talking everybody today about the greenest clear that’s been on the market since
1984. What market, you ask? The door to door direct sales market. Our great
biodegradable cleaner it’s got no VOC’s no Ammonia no Bleach in it and it’s super
concentrated you add your own water to it to make your cleanrt the strength you
want to clean out 15 to 1 isa general cleaning dilution. Let me give you an ex ample of of Eco Orange works. By the way this is a magic sponge. this will
actually coming you’re cleaning kit (Only available in 24, 32 and our 4 ounce samples) magic sponge, magic erasers there’s all
kinds of things that they’re called; this is our magic sponge with are
biodegradable cleaner diluted 15:1. Everybody has a garage floor. You paint, you do stuff with it, you paint on it, you seal your garage floor but when’s the last time that you actually saw
the way it looked unless you clean it? Real easy to clean with we’re just
going to clean a spot right here so i can remind everybody whether it’s paint
overspray for oil you remember what your garage for really used to look like there it is. Right through the overspray
not to mention how easy you just clean the rest of the dirt that’s on there go clean something green

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