want to know how to clean your dog’s
teeth with a scaler well I’m going to show you that in today’s video Hi guys it’s
woody and Chloe here from everything dogs with Chloe
and on this channel we help you keep your hairy hound happy and healthy by
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I post let’s get into the video so I scale my dog’s teeth at home just to
make them a little bit cleaner and so that it minimizes the amount of times
that they might have to go to the vet and go under anaesthetic and have their
teeth de scaled that way now the first thing you want to do is you want to get a
scaler there is a couple out on the market I have one with a flat edge on it rather
than like a pointy one I find these work quite well and you also want to get some
treats maybe you could use the toothpaste that you use with your toothbrush as a
treat as well and get your dog nice and calm and settled ready for scaling their
teeth you want to work across the top of the gum and do it really gently as you
do it, it might bleed because obviously you’re taking tartar and plaque from the
top of the gum so don’t worry about it too much and then just scrape down but
don’t scrape too hard because you don’t want to bring off any of the enamel all
you’re trying to do is bring off the tartar that is that so you want to
scrape along and even if you don’t see any tartar just give it a good old
scrape just in case there might be something that is building up and that
might be sitting there for a little bit do the tops of the teeth go all the way
to the back and do the little ones as well they don’t need that much work but
they do need it another tip is you can use a torch to see if you’ve missed any
specific areas like you would do it at your normal dentist and I use this
quite a lot or another option is you can get a LED torch from amazon
I’ll leave a link to that down below and it actually shows up where all the
plaque and tartar is that you have definitely missed this is a great tool to
use I don’t have one myself but the vets did show me how to use it and how
efficient it can be so I am planning on getting one once you have scaled
your dog’s teeth go and get a toothbrush and some toothpaste and give them a good
tooth brush just to massage the gums a little bit more and get any excess
tartar and plaque that is left on the teeth off with that toothbrush as well thank
you so much for watching and if you are new here please think about subscribing
don’t forget to leave a comment in the section down below whether you would
like your vet do this or whether you would have a go at doing it yourself I
really hope to see you next time thanks so much for watching guys bye


  1. OMG what kind of dog do you have? my dog looks exactly like that and I don't know what breed she is

  2. I brush my GSD teeth but bought a scraper to use. This video is just what I needed and short enough to get right to the point. Thank you for posting.

  3. Any pointers on how to get the dog comfortable enough to let me use a scaler? I tried using it on my dog with more buildup and he kept wiggling away.

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