How to Clean Dog Teeth : How to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

Hi this is Elise McMahon with
and in this video series we are going to be talking about canine dental care. If you would
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So in this short video clip we are going to be talking about brushing your dog’s teeth.
How do you go about doing that? We have got some beef flavored toothpaste here, we have
got two brush types, we have got a long double ended brush type and we have got a little
finger brush. I am going to show you right now with the finger brush, we are going to
put some toothpaste on the finger brush. Go over to our dog, she is in a good position
to have her teeth brushed here. Just move her lips up here like this, take the toothbrush
and I am just going to gently rub it on her teeth. She’s Mmm… that was delicious.

3 thoughts on “How to Clean Dog Teeth : How to Brush your Dog’s Teeth

  1. I don't think that the finger toothbrushes are really all that effective. They're way too soft.

    I work with dogs and you can really tell the difference between a dog who has their teeth brushed and a dog that hasn't. With age, their teeth will start falling out, the teeth will be riddled with cavities and will need to be pulled or they experience pain and rotting which makes their breath terrible.
    Gum decease can also result from a lack of brushing.

  2. They also will not be able to handle eating any hard foods.
    Those nylon bones that they claim are good for teeth are bad for dogs. They ingest the pieces of nylon. Same with Greenies. The best thing you can give them are actual rawhide bones/toys. They also make this tough rubber toy that you can put toothpaste (beef flavored, chicken flavored. Do not use human toothpaste!) in and as they chew, their teeth is brushed. "KONG Dental Teeth" is one.

  3. Hello where could I buy the tooth brush and the beef flavored tooth paste could you please and thank you also please sub and comment thank you so very much

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