How to clean and disinfect dog grooming clipper blades

hello guys can see the groomer to you today I wanna show you how I clean my plate I have two different types of blades what I used this one is a five and one so it's goes from size 9 to 10 15 30 and 40 you can see how it slides out and this is the regular blade so we come in different sizes and different brands like for example I have two different ones right here you can see this is butter catalyst waffle so I will be cleaning my blazing showing you how I do it so there's different ways to clean it one of them it is a digital Tristana cleaner so what you do is fill it up with water put a little bit so you can just do it with your water is what disinfect with just the water because it's has ultrasonic so it's clean Swiss way makes like vibration I like to use berber side a little bit just wear a little bit just make water a little bit blue and you make sure before you put in the water you clean your blades so there is a hair start after clipping dogs so for example this one you can use that this actually would work better if you use some toothbrush to brush on this is a nail plastic brush and you can just wipe it up like this to take all hair out but my sharpener told is not good because you can do this way blades chew because it's hard so he recommended you get some brush like paint brush something with natural from animal or like synthetic very soft one this is much softer and it's already damaged because I always clean my blades with that so you just go like this and you just clean it you make sure you remove all hair right here you take it all out let's start from this one so you want to slide it on one side you clean it out then you want to slide it to the outer side clean it up it's very good way to create it too if you take a dryer I will be using this one just for video purposes I would use a grooming dryer and you can blow the hair out and slide over there aside there is different types of plates sure this is ceramic so you see this part is too ramming blade is still metal and this was completely metal one so you can see different ceramic will last you longer but if you drop the blade and this happens many times Jeremy will break easier in metal one so you go like this and you clean all her out you go to the other side I need clean here again all out the five and one is gets more treat here so you clean as much as you can but you cannot slide it over or anything and just slide the size here short remember so there is one trick how we get all here out you need you have some heart it doesn't matter what the one I show you just business card so it's hard cardboard so you press on this in the middle you press like this so you have more space so you open the blade like this you can see now that's so for example if you try to do it in general it doesn't go through but once you open it you can slide over here comes out take all hair out from your place just like this and then it can blow it up so sure the game press on the middle and you open it up and you push your hair up and outside you can see what I can fit it inside to give you a better idea if you want to make sure you do that we have one more I'll show you again because one is tricky you just press on it lightly press from not very hard still I have inside this brush so here we go usual personî where is this basket it's not a good idea to put too many because then they are here the first one it makes me move and they will bond for each hour this way you make them do – it's not a good idea so for this big one I will smooth and then there is function you can make water warm or you can just leave it cold you said how much you want to time there's five ten fifteen half an hour and grass well I always do it little people like it you can take some small container potatoes so today down wait wait so I did it like recently choose this both age 42 team me first responders the duty amazing when I guess between adults so if I want to disinfect my blades and I don't have time because I need to put this under water for 5-10 minutes so many treaties that make a drive with oil so long big process and between those two one of these and check my blade I bought things I can fold this age 42 in clipper I just this way it smells great the respective oils or that they have local blades who should they just sweet shrimp I'm gonna do it to work great and just like this it's very easy this is what they do between adults I don't use alcohol for blades because if you're going to dry them off but also linseed oil your boys can get rusty this is our way how you can do it they're the same thing you can buy them spray like it's all dirty like to do this training or it comes in a round container when you deep inside the Clipper but I can show them how to do big that is my story you just need a little bit blade all on your clipper make sure you keep slipping down this way oil can go inside and damage the mother so you have this liquid right here don't you shake it up you wipe it up you can just sell a paper towel or just take it like this you can see already this chewy displaced if you have so far once come to the wall you don't need to do anything else because it's weighing it down make sure you clean it up your ins't i do with the soap or digital the sonic cleaner not everyday once a month more I do that I think it's faster every day after work so you put it in the soap the bacterial soap let it sit for 5-10 minutes you rinse it with water so no soap in the morning you make sure you dry it because if you don't dry let's go get ready it's all the way dry when we talk take blade oil it's not the same like scissor soils it's just four blades it's very cheap so I really not expensive it's around five dollars I think you know but it always has this nice tip so you need to put oil on those four spots where as metal rods against the metal so you put one drop here one drop here one drop here one drop here just like this only four drops and you need to put it on your clipper and let it run for ten seconds of this if you do that every day and he will they say you suppose should do it every time you clip the dog so do it at least after every dog your blades will last much much longer I don't sharp my place very often I do it maybe every six months so yes you spent a few minutes a day but you don't need to buy the blade so often that's why I don't like to clip a dirty dog so I will be doing clean dogs I clean my blades they last me a long time depends which size often I do how many dogs they do so after we put oil you just wipe the leftover and you're all set you ready to go nice clean so this one I show you how to wash it with dish soap if you want cleaner do exactly same thing take the blades out don't leave them inside I didn't want they get blades now we need to dry them I have a towel on the table you can see sure you'd write very well you can see and then you do exactly same thing for dots they're metal our second metal here here here here just put for the ropes ready to go these guys the same thing I will do this faster that's a plan this one is easy you don't need to rinse after you just wipe it up and you're ready to go I hope this video will be helpful for you and you extend your blades life thank you for watching and see you the next video and then forget to subscribe to my channel I would really appreciate that thank you so much and have a good day bye bye

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