How To Clean A Dog's Ears – In Detail

hi you guys this is dr. Susan and I just wanted to show you a model of a dog's ear before I get started and showing you how to clean a dog's ears a lot of people think they know how to clean the ears but actually they really don't when I show them this they're really happy that I showed them so hopefully this will help you okay first of all let me just show you this model this is a dog's right ear and his face would be coming at you this way and his mouth would be you know like right there okay so when you hold a dog's ear straight up like this there's a tube that goes straight down and that's called the vertical canal and then it makes an turn and it goes in and that's called the horizontal canal ear canal and the eardrum is actually point you know way down here the point is showing you this is that the eardrums not like right there it's further down in now before you go and you know get your might medication from the store and get your washes and stuff and sort of try to treat this yourself you really ought to have your own veterinarian if you think there's a problem you ought to have somebody who knows what they're doing with an otoscope hopefully knows what they're doing um check this ear and look down in because when you just pull your dog's ear up like that and you look down in there all you're seeing is this right here and you're not going to be able to see no one can see this right here unless they look with an otoscope and there could be something down in here you know there could be a piece of grass or a weed barb out here at this part of the world you know we get the Fox tails or a little barbed looking looks like a piece of wheat and it can get stuck in the eardrum so if that eardrum has something punctured you know if it's punctured or it has something in it you know you need to know what you're doing before you start pouring liquids and stuff so what I'm gonna show you is assuming that you were told to clean the ears properly but you have an idea of what's going on with this okay now this is the ear wash we use it's called epi otic advanced it's expensive okay now there's a lot of other products in your veterinarian it's gonna have something appropriate for you to use you know or at least he's gonna he or she's gonna tell you you know what you should use we like this stuff for the most part though I really like it been doing this for a long time so okay so anyway you guys I'm dr. Susan this is Coby Coby has an ear infection in his right ear and I want to just show you how to clean the ears because a lot of people don't know how to clean the ears he's a large dog part of this problem cleaning is you have to restrain these guys properly so what you do is you put his rear end in a corner like that he's too big to get up on the exams the vertical count canal was down in here okay it goes straight down in there there's a two but look at this infection gross well get that out of there anyway the ear canal is a tube and it goes down like that and then it makes a turn and goes in like this so the eardrums not right there so there's quite a ways down so that's why you have to hold the ear up like a Doberman to straighten that ill out okay and the bottom part of the L which is right over here is the part where a lot of these infections stay and so if you don't get it clean then it'll just come right back once you finish treating it and then the veterinarian gets blamed which I just hate this is FeO tech we like FeO dick there's a lot of good products out there but I like this stuff and this is what we use so anyway you hold the ear up like a Doberman can you see that okay you pour this stuff in Coby you pour this stuff in until there's a fluid line look at this hold the ear up all the time and and look at how see how there's fluid in there can you see that trying it again okay so anyway you hold the ear up like a Doberman do you pour the ear wash in such a good patient until there's a fluid line you keep the ear straight up like this okay and see that fluid line in there see how the air is actually full don't be afraid to overdose the ear with ear wash it's not gonna be a problem okay now kind of back up a little bit with a camera because I want to show the whole picture you hold the ear up like this and the massage way down here until you hear a snapping sound okay can you hear that that ear that is the only way without anesthesia that you're going to be able to get that bottom part of the L clean is by stirring it up by making that smacking sound yeah so most people don't see that oh and you have to get the smacking sound going and if you have to fill the ear up again Koby they get tricky and then they try to empty the ear stay but that's what you do look at this watch your arm there Jamie I hope we've gotten the smacking sound and then you take your finger like this and you kind of massage it wipe out what you can see that and then you just let the dog shake its head and empty the rest of the ear don't worry about what's left over in there it'll be okay okay you guys and so don't be afraid to fill this whole ear canal up with with ear cleaner if your veterinarian has given you the instruction to clean the ears and you know that there's not a ruptured eardrum and you're you're just doing a routine cleaning you need to fill this whole area up with ear wash okay and get the smacking sound going which means you're going to be massaging it way down here to indirectly clean this spot right here okay that's what that smacking stuff does it kind of sucks the infection out of there and up and out you know and you have to do it several times you know a couple times a day sometimes for ten days and over a period of time it'll accomplish that hopefully and then the same thing goes with the ointments you know you may have some kind of an ointment that your veterinarian gives you to treat the ears don't just get it on the outside part member you have to hold the ear up like a Doberman to straighten this thing out here and then you get your ointment and you go straight down and get it like right in there and then massage it you know you're collapsing it remember that smacking sound is really important you're gonna be don't just move the skin on the outside you have to literally just collapse that tube to cause that medication to get down in where it needs to go okay after you clean the wall you want to clean the ear first after you wipe out what you can with a gauze let the dog shake its head and don't worry about any liquid you know leftover ear cleaner that might be in there it'll drain out let him shake his head first kind of dry it off and then you put your ointment in afterwards and leave it in so it can do some good okay good luck

39 thoughts on “How To Clean A Dog's Ears – In Detail

  1. This is the best video I have seen for dog ear cleaning for someone like myself that is nervous to do it myself.

  2. Thanks for this video. They gave me ear wash and medical drops at the vet doe my dogs ear infection but did not demonstrate what to do. I wasn't doing it nearly well enough. Thank you!!

  3. My friend, I am in third world. My dogs ears are filled with dirt. Can I use a gentle hose flush, just to clear out major debris, then followup with diluted peroxide, next day with vinegar? Ty.

  4. Great video! Thank you!
    Do you think this would be a good idea to attempt on a sleeping dog? My boy (GSD/Shar Pei) is currently walking around the house in a foul mood because I just attempted this. He's really stubborn and I don't think I got as much liquid in as you did, but he doesn't have an infection, just dirt.

  5. YOU, Dr. Eyer-Anderson, have earned the gold medal in teaching and instructing all of the doggie parents out here how to EFFECTIVELY clean out a dog's ears, specifically the ear canal! I have unwittingly been performing this procedure the wrong way. Had NO idea about the actual structure of a dog's internal ear before you and this video! I owe you loads for this, and I deeply thank you for taking the time and caring enough to inform all of us of the CORRECT way to do so. My baby suffers recurrent ear infections, so I desperately needed this! "Don't be afraid to fill the whole ear drum up" and massage until you hear the smacking noise – that was invaluable information. What a teacher! If I lived in your location, I would be banging your door down to become one of your regular patients. God bless you! (Subscribed!)

  6. FINALLY!!!! Ive watched about 5-6 videos that NEVER EVER instructed me how to clean my dogs ears!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!????????

  7. Will massaging the ear to make the "smacking" sound hurt my dog? I always fee like I'm going to hurt her when I do certain things.

  8. Wait, so it's okay to just let the dog shake his head to dry it off? I always use cotton buds/balls to dry it off after cleaning but i tend to be rough so it always ended up red and irritated :(( i feel so bad for my dog…

  9. I love. this video, even though I've used it sevaral times before cleaning my dogs ears, it helps me to mke sure I do it right because I am so nervous I am going to do something wrong and hurt him…yikes! He is so much better with it now and he dosn't give me such a hard time….he just looks up at me with this "are you done yet" face 🙂

  10. My dog has been battling ear infections for awhile and we have both products you’ve shown. Your detailed video helps me be more precise when cleaning her ears. Thank you.

  11. On a scale of 1 to10 how hard is it


  12. Thank you so much. My dog has an ear infection and the vet told me to do this once a week after we were done with meds. I just told my husband they should take you back and show you. It seems easy but if you've never done it reading about it isn't the same. Thank God for YouTube

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